Zenith Conquers Space And Travels To Space Inspiration

400 kilometers above us, a huge object weighing about 400 tons is rotating. This huge flying object is not a lost asteroid, but is orbiting around the earth. International Space Station (ISS). The International Space Station is a research laboratory with six astronauts stationed. In December 2010, a Swiss watch, Zenith’s El Primero Striking 10th watch, left the earth on a Soyouz rocket launched at the Baïkonour base in the Kazakh patriarch. According to a study plan from the European General Book of Space, this highly accurate chronograph stopwatch was worn by a European astronaut, entered the Columbus laboratory, and orbited the earth.
From the beginning, Zenith has always proved that it has a forward-looking vision and pioneering spirit. Zenith is accompanied by adventurers and founders from beginning to end. For example, the Zenith Zenith Marine Chronograph was used to calculate the position of the ship in the ocean and used to navigate sailors during marine adventures. The watch has also accompanied pilots on polar adventures with polar explorers. Therefore, it is natural for Zenith to take part in this great adventure in the history of humankind, ‘Conquer Space.’

El Primero 1 / 10-second Jump Stopwatch: The first El Primero automatic chronograph stopwatch with 1 / 10-second jump seconds display

 The El Primero 1/10 second chronograph stopwatch reflects the great return of the technical quality of the Zenith watch factory, creating the brand’s achievements. The legendary El Primero movement is the world’s first automatic chronograph movement equipped with a 1 / 10-second jump-second display. To this day, no chronograph movement can match it. It has the most advanced mechanical movement, with the most precise structure, and most other mechanical movements can beat up to 8 times per second. The movement exhibited in Basel achieved one of the most important technological advancements in the watch industry: it allowed people to see for themselves 1 / 10th of a second, that is, each extraordinary beating of this movement. This advancement has greatly improved the timing of skip-second performance. This best record of watch quality is loaded into the annals of history.

 The faster the balance oscillates, which can be determined very clearly based on the speed of the tick, the higher the quality that determines the precision of the movement. The El Primero movement, developed in 1969, can swing 10 times per second. To this day, this is also one of the greatest challenges in the watch industry. Other movements can only swing at most 8 times per second. Direct display of 1/10 second El Primero 1/10 second jump chronograph can display each beat of the movement, the central chronograph hand directly connected to the speed regulating mechanism, beat every 1/10 seconds, showing the mechanical movement The shortest time interval. Being able to time in such short time intervals is a great breakthrough. And being able to see clearly with the naked eye is another breakthrough. To this end, ZENITH has greatly improved the timing standard for jumping seconds. The dial is divided into 100 scales, and the chronograph indicator rotates around the dial for 10 seconds, and it can accurately display 1/10 seconds for each step. For the wearer of this chronograph, the 1/10 second display is an easy-to-read fractional unit, while the traditional 1/8 second or 1/5 second display of the traditional skip seconds performance is more difficult to read. With this watch, Zenith has once again established the brand’s leading position in the field of precision timing.

El Primero Striking 10th chronograph stopwatch, stainless steel case, 42 mm diameter, hours, minutes, small seconds, calendar, chronograph stopwatch, sapphire crystal and back case, waterproof 100 meters, El Primero 4052B automatic movement, 50 Hours

El Primero 1/10 Seconds Chronograph Chronograph Heartbeat Random Core Acceleration

 The chronograph worn on the wrist highlights extraordinary elegance. The perfectly harmonious case highlights the masculine qualities of this watch. Three counters consisting of a total timer and a second hand are arranged below the dial in a V shape. The three counters have very different colors and can read the timing time very clearly. On the watch, ZENITH’s five-pointed star glitters, demonstrating the superior technology of this movement to show every beat.