Wanguo New Retro Series Tongqing Brand’s 140th Anniversary Birthday

In the IWC’s pivotal Portuguese watch family, the Portuguese manual winding watch born in 1939 witnessed the passage of time. On the occasion of the brand’s 140th anniversary, the IWC Vintage Collection was launched to reinterpret classic watch masterpieces in a contemporary style.

The new Portuguese manual-winding watch once again bridges the past and the present, and writes a brand new chapter in this time-honored watch story. The concise Portuguese collection combines timeless and elegant design language with the watchmaking craftsmanship that has been regarded as perfect even when it was founded, becoming the few recognized by many industry experts and collectors to stand in the ever-changing One of the watches that truly represents noble taste in the trend. Because real gold is not afraid of fire, only real value can last. Its iconic design elements, such as the shape, size and dial design of the case, are uncompromising.

小 In a Portuguese rose gold model with a black-gray dial, rose gold-plated Arabic numerals and iconic leaf-shaped hands, the small seconds dial is particularly eye-catching. The signal red ’60’ number is even more unique. In terms of driving mechanism, IWC-manufactured 98295 calibre, which echoes the original Jones movement, such as nickel-silver alloy 3/4 plate and extended trimmer, is used to precisely adjust the effective length of the spring. The watch factory recalls its origins with this quiet and restrained exquisite watch, while at the same time praising the original Portuguese watch again-because even in the distant past, they are so close to the ideal model of perfect mechanical watches.

98295 hand-winding movement, balance arm with high-precision fine-tuning cam balance balance, Breguet balance spring, 3/4 wheel system bridge plate, nickel-silver alloy machine plate and bridge plate, extended precision trimmer, characteristics Decoration (Geneva stripe), small second hand with stop, 46-hour power reserve.