Unique Jaeger-lecoultre Enamel Watch

The long and rigorous production process is already very distressing, and the enamel is easily broken. When it leaves the porcelain kiln, it may be broken due to sudden temperature changes during the cooling process, which will Waste of countless hours and pains before the enamel maker. Because of the special process of this process, each enamel dial is actually a unique and independent work of art, which looks the same but is different.

Jaeger-LeCoultre builds a limited edition of only one Lotus Enamel Master Minute Repeater watch for the China tour. The lotus on the dial is elegant and full of color. It has the aesthetic characteristics of traditional Chinese painting. The sophisticated and sophisticated minute repeater watch that reached the peak has an estimated value of nearly 3 million yuan.

Master Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin enamel painted clear flower series, a set of eight, inspired by the famous works of art of the Qing Dynasty in China. By firing layers of enamel, the dial will show a depth and three-dimensional effect rich in magical effects. You can find rich colors by gently turning the watch under the light.