Treasure Breguet’s Largest Patron

Breguet is the main sponsor of the restoration project of the Louis XIV to Louis XVI exhibition halls of the Louvre. BREGUET and its President and Chief Executive Officer, Mark. Hayek at the Louvre celebrates the reopening of these spaces with the world’s largest museum and invites about 300 VIPs from around the world to attend the event.

Breguet is the main sponsor of the Louvre’s Louis XIV to Louis XVI showroom restoration project

The prestigious watch maker held this unique private banquet, worthy of the magnificence and splendor of the historic royal palace. This celebration is unprecedented: visit the new exhibition halls and collections of the Louvre, and hold a delicate reception and a unique dinner in the famous glass pyramid of the Napoleon Hall and the Louvre Museum. On this occasion, Breguet also invited the young soprano Polina Pasztircsák In the form of a unique concert, Polina Pasztircsák was the winner of the 65th Geneva International Music Competition. BREGUET has been a sponsor of this music competition since 2002.

Mrs. Hayek speaks at the BREGUET event in the Louvre

Young lady soprano Polina Pasztircsák invited to the event at the BREGUET Louvre event

This unique sponsored project was sponsored by Nicholas. Hayek implemented it in 2009, and the sponsorship involved millions of euros. It will be completed this year under Hayek’s supervision. The restoration project began in the early 1980s. The final stage of the project is several exhibition halls located in the Louvre, which will house all 18th century art collections. Closed for nearly a decade, these 2,500 square meters of showrooms have now been completely refurbished. The museum school and education lecture hall have also been completely built. This move allows the collection to be displayed in a distinctive palace building, making it particularly legible. Gorgeous collections run through European history and symbolize a glorious page of Europe’s rich cultural heritage.

 Closed for nearly ten years, Louis XIV to Louis XVI showrooms reopened

Breguet holds an unprecedented fine reception at the famous glass pyramid

 BREGUET’s unique dinner at the Louvre is an unforgettable experience

Through this sponsorship, Breguet not only continued to support European culture, but also strengthened its connection with the Louvre Museum. From 1802, Abraham. Louis. Breguet was fortunate to have his masterpiece on display at the 2nd Industrial Products Exhibition of the Louvre. A few years later, the Louvre’s first ‘customer’ and Jean. Luc. Martinez’s ancestor Vivant Denon purchased the Breguet minute repeater watch and a bisque clock in 1810 and 1811, respectively. The Louvre’s 18th-century art collection contains a huge collection of watches and clocks, including a series of outstanding BREGUET creations, partly bequeathed in 1961 by the widow of the Lyon businessman Crockett. However, the connection between the two institutions was further strengthened by the holding of ‘BREGUET and the Louvre. The pinnacle of the European watch industry’ in 2009. The exhibition was hosted by the Louvre President and Director Henry. Promoted under the Loiret initiative. Today, BREGUET is once again proud to partner with the Louvre to reopen the 18th-century art gallery to showcase its fabulous art collection to the world.

BREGUET celebrates the re-opening of the Louvre Museum from Louis XIV to Louis XVI exhibition halls. During the event, VIPs visited the Louvre collection.

Many treasures of BREGUET will also be displayed in the Louvre in France