The Spring Festival Is Coming And Amy Long Gives New Meaning To Your New Year

The Spring Festival refers to the traditional Chinese New Year, commonly known as ‘New Year’. The traditional names are New Year, New Year, and New Year, but it is also verbally called New Year, New Year and New Year. The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation. At the same time, it is also an important carrier for the Chinese people to release their emotions and satisfy their psychological aspirations.
   Traditional customs pay attention to the new year and new weather, Vientiane updates to welcome the happy new year. Amy Long also launched several new watches in 2018. The new watches welcome the new year and add icing on your good life.
Challenger Ice Peak watches help renew

   The design of the Challenger series is inspired by deep sea diving and extreme mountaineering, showing people’s exploration and persistence in unknown fields. At the beginning of the new year of 2018, the Challenger series Bingfeng watch launched two new products, which continued the masculine and dynamic genes of Bingfeng watch, and polished the current trendy blue and green dial with the sun sand process, which fully reflects the watch’s fashion and persistence Together, they equip strong armour for the uninhibited soul who is creative, and they have no way to go on the way forward. The beginning of the new year is a good time to break through innovation, Bingfeng helps you.

Laimeng series firm original intention

   Everyone hopes that the new year will have a new look and transform into a better one. In addition to changes, there are always some beautiful things in life that are worth sticking to. Just like the original ideal of elegance and purity, even if time flies, it still adheres to it. The Laimeng series launched a mechanical women’s watch in January 2018, continuing the classic and elegant design of the Laimeng series, focusing on the elegant temperament through exquisite details; the unique shell structure design stickers and the women’s soft and slender wrists give people More comfortable wearing experience. The surface of the plate is made of sun sand, with a rich and exquisite texture. Like the ideal dawn, the low-key and delicate light is like a hope worthy of firm pursuit.

Jingya series ballet watches accompany you to embrace a better life
   At the beginning of the new year, facing the sea, spring blossoms. In the new year, we must embrace life with a positive state and full spirit. The new quartz watch from Jane Ballet launched in January. The white strap is made of smooth top layer cowhide, which is soft and comfortable to touch, simple and textured. The romantic wave pattern on the pure white dial symbolizes the ballet dancer’s dancing skirt. With noble golden hands, it reflects the noble and extraordinary temperament. The 3/6/9/12 point is dotted with golden diamond scales, just like a warm sun in the snowy winter, representing all new hope. The brand new beginning of 2018, Jingya series ballet gives you warmth and energy, open your arms and embrace a beautiful life together.

   The Spring Festival is approaching, making 2018 a more ceremonial experience, making every moment of the year full of surprises and expectations; it is very meaningful to choose a watch for yourself and friends to welcome the new year Things, let this first gift of the new year, record the next minute of growth and moving!