The Degree Of Art And Craftsmanship Is Dazzling

In the past two years, the watch market has regained its glory after the baptism of the financial turmoil. New technologies, materials, ideas and designs are commonplace, which constantly makes viewers shout ‘incredible’. Many inventions and creations are not just the brand’s ‘refreshing their achievements’, but have a major impact in the entire field of watches and clocks, and the beauty of art and craftsmanship is stunning. Whether you want to be unique in function or find scarcity in design, after reading these watches with us, you will find that it is all a matter of hand!
Left: Bucherer Plavier watch right: Blancpain vintage enamel dial watch
Patek Philippe Ref. 5960P watch
    The watch itself comes from the update of the two most popular models. The new movement uses two modern and improved designs, which are very aesthetically pleasing. The dial has a polished platinum case and a matte blue sunburst dial, which is both classic and modern. For anyone who has quality requirements, it is definitely a flawless choice.
Dior Diamond Watch ‘8’ Series Gold and Fine Jewellery
    Some people think that this watch is not easy to control without a ‘weird coffee’. Equipped with the brand’s first ‘Dior 8 time zone Dior 8 Fuseaux Horaires’ movement, it can display the time of 8 cities at the same time, extraordinary. The highlight is the incredible combination of dial, gold foil, mother-of-pearl and jewellery. Satellites marked with 8 time zones make one revolution every 24 hours, the dial rotates once every 12 hours, and the round second hand rotates once every 60 seconds on the dial. It sounds complicated and high-profile. IQ and EQ are needed.