Tang Yixin Meets Da Vinci: The Mystery Of Blue And The Beauty Of Pink

Ancient and strange, sweet and fresh, Tang Yixin entered the public’s field of vision with her personal TV series ‘Harem • Zhen Zhuan’, and then dedicated a lot of ‘sweet and salty’ characters to the screen. From Zhong Qing, who dares to love and hate in The Legend of the Green Hill Fox, to Guo Zhao, who is in danger in the Army Division, Tang Yixin persistently uses acting skills to prove that he is a ‘changing sugar’.

 Tangtang loves life, travel, and clothing. The calm blue and crystal powder that once intoxicated everyone was chic and unique with the interpretation of Tangtang.

 Blue symbolizes quiet freedom. In the adult world, Tang Yixin, who does not follow and does not follow blindly, has a refreshing and smart summer look. He chooses to wear IWC 36 Vinci automatic watch (model: IW458312). The simple and restrained blue dial perfectly complements women’s independence. temperament. Blue is also a smart symbol. The playful candy with the overall dark blue tone of the IWC IWC Express Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch 36 (model: IW459306), heals the world with a smile, conquers the midsummer with a bleak, and declares with a jumping blue, I The freedom I define.

IWC Express Vinci Automatic 36 (Model: IW458312)

IWC Express Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch 36 (Model: IW459306)
 Pink symbolizes Tianmei mood. In the women’s world, the most charming color is bright pink, which is infinitely gentle. Pink is also a shining color, as if a touch of softness on the sky at sunrise is refreshing. Warm sugar in the summer IWC IWC express watch 36 (model: IW458308), eye-catching berry pink Santoni crocodile leather strap, a touch of freshness tied to the wrist, plus sugar sweet and fresh, full Full of freedom.

IWC Express Vinci Automatic 36 (Model: IW458308)
 The mystery of blue and the beauty of pink, which is your most true color? Unique taste of you, let us decode the beauty of time together.