Swiss Plum Watch Sponsors Chinese Chess Masters To Play In Switzerland

The prestigious chess festival kicked off in Biel, Switzerland, at the end of July 2011. The chess festival with a history of more than 40 years brings together chess elites from all over the world. Among them, two outstanding chess masters from China-Bu Xiangzhi and Ni Hua, were sponsored by the famous Swiss watch company TITONI. Participated in this year’s competition. Bu Xiangzhi and Ni Hua ranked third and fourth respectively in China’s chess rankings.
   Ni Hua from Shanghai said that this is his first visit to Switzerland and he also visited the headquarters of Plum Blossom. Headquartered in the town of Greenken, not far from Bill, he smiled after the visit: ‘What impressed me most was the fresh air there, and there were far fewer pedestrians on the street than in China.’ On the contrary, Bu Xiangzhi from Qingdao arrived Been to Switzerland many times. Both masters thank Plum Blossoms for sponsoring their trip to Europe. Although the two chess masters are already very famous in China, they still hope to accumulate more experience in the fiercely competitive international competitions to improve their skills. Chess has not been included in the Olympics so far, and its awareness is not as high as other sports, but they are confident that this sport will become more and more popular in China. Chess differs from Chinese chess in many ways. It only became popular after China’s reform and opening up in the 1980s. To this day, thousands of Chinese chess players have been trained in this area. I believe that Chinese chess players will become stronger and stronger in the international chess arena.
   Ni Hua and Bu Xiangzhi came into contact with chess at the age of six and eight. When asked about the tips for success, Ni Hua, the captain of the national team, pointed out that in addition to talent, the most important thing is hard work and continuous practice every day. In addition to the frequent discussions between the two masters, they will also use computer simulation games to practice. In their free time, they like to play football, badminton and basketball.
   As for the internationally renowned watch brand of plum watch, two Chinese chess players have heard of its success story a long time ago. When visiting the headquarters of Plum Watch, they showed great interest in the history and management methods of this traditional family watchmaking company. What surprised them most was the brand’s rigorous watch making process, the accuracy of the watch and the Attention to the application of science and technology. Probably because their specialty is closely related to time control, both masters have raised many questions related to watch functions and quality control. At the end of the visit, Plum Watch presented two Master Series watches as gifts and a letter to Switzerland.
Ni Hua (left) and Bu Xiangzhi (right) take a group photo at the Plum Blossom headquarters in Grinchen, Switzerland
Chess master Ni ponders intently at the chess festival in Bill