Strap Cloud Covering The Moon Tasting Jacques Dross Majestic Beijing Watch

The famous watch brand Jacques Dro has a long-standing brand history. It was founded in 1738 and has a history of more than 200 years. In addition, this brand has a special relationship with China. As early as the 18th century, the Chinese royal family and noble officials had begun collecting Jacques De Lo clocks. Now, in the Palace Museum in Beijing, you can still see Jacques De Lo collections collected by the royal family at that time. Clocks. Based on this special relationship with China, Jacques DeRoaches also launched a number of watches with a Chinese complex. This time let us enjoy this moon phase watch of the Majestic Beijing series and appreciate the moon in the eyes of Westerners. Full profit and loss. Official model: J012633203

   The bright and bright moon in the vast night sky has been chanted by countless people. Li Bai once wrote poems that compared the moon to a jade plate, giving mankind infinite reverie. Jacques Dross Moon Phase Watch invites the bright moon again this fall. The round face of the watch is like the most poetic dream, and it has the most elegant interpretation of the moon-showing its quality and being shocked.

   The watch has a large dial of 43 mm. On the dial of the ivory white large fire enamel, the time, date, month and year are displayed. Beyond that, there is the most noticeable elegant and romantic moon phase surrounded by eight twinkling stars.

   The display of the month and year is at 12 o’clock, and the black and white information is displayed from two symmetrical rectangular windows, as if two bright windows reveal the secrets inside. The date display is special and clear, and the crescent-pointed serpentine hands move over the dial.

   The moon phase is displayed in a different way. A smiley moon phase disk inspired by a 19th-century engraving is hidden behind a white disk, like a full moon hidden in the clouds. Fascinating. The watch displays the mechanical moon phase, interpreted so romantically and charmingly, which brings us pleasing visual enjoyment.

   The 18k red gold case, with a rich color, looks like an old-fashioned wine with a charming fragrance. The black alligator leather strap adds a calm texture to the watch.

  The movement of the movement can be clearly seen through the sapphire crystal on the case back. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement with a power reserve of 68 hours.

Summary: This Jacques Dro Majestic Beijing series J012633203 moon phase watch has a beautiful dial pattern and a poetic moon phase display. The entire watch exudes a refined elegant charm, allowing people to enjoy quietly in silence Every detail of it. The faint, half-covered moon phase display, and the 8 stars dotted around, take you to such a beautiful starry sky. The 8 stars are derived from the lucky number of the brand, which is also the favorite number of the Chinese people. I believe that this elegant moon phase watch will win the favor of many Chinese people. (Watch home picture / text source)
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