Radar True Series Constellation Limited Watches Arrive At The Store

Tell everyone the good news, the Radar True Series Zodiac Limited Edition has begun to go on sale. After a few days of incubation, a limited-edition radar representing the zodiac constellation has been put on the shelves. Is it that the constellation-controlled watch friends can’t wait? Recently, when I visited the Beijing Dongfang Xintiandi Radar store, the author found that the new constellation limited edition watches were already listed. Although the styles were roughly the same, 12 radar-set diamond watches representing different personalities and different houses were full of corresponding constellations Unique charm. (Watch price: RMB 17,000)

   Using a delicate 30mm black high-tech ceramic case, the mother-of-pearl dial inspired by the deep night sky is full of endless charm, like a little starry, four diamond scales shining on it. The lower half of the dial is a constellation pattern outlined by shining diamonds and star decoration. The fantastic pattern and the 9 o’clock constellation name complement each other, and it is stunning under the star-like dial. This watch showcases the ingenious fusion of the brand’s modern watchmaking craftsmanship with the mystery of the vast galaxy. The bracelet is a three-row black polished high-tech ceramic material connected to the titanium tri-fold clasp, which adds a unique charm to the watch as a whole. Let me take a look at it below.

RADO Swiss Radar True Series Zodiac-Leo

   ‘July’s tail is Leo and August’s prelude is Leo’, Zeng Yike’s ‘Leo’ shows a unique aspect of this constellation, from July 23 to August 22 is the time of Leo. Self-confident, ambitious, generous and full of leadership style Leo most have grand ideals, always want to rely on their own efforts to become a leader who can truly stand alone, yearning for superior superiority, and looking forward to being admired and admired, a bit Children are a little arrogant. The big man of the lion man is very strong, loves face, the lion woman is warm and sunny, and tells the morality to friends. The Leo gas field in the workplace is more powerful. Whether it is an OL dress or a dress, or leisure, this watch can make a Leo lady wear her unique charm while improving her taste.

Display of other models

Summary: The classic design style of radar is inherited. In addition, the constellation of higher status among ladies is used as the decoration of watch dials. The appearance is stylish and comfortable to wear. It is a more suitable choice for both workplace and leisure occasions. Wear this Watches allow you to immerse yourself in the vast universe and forget the passing of time. The soft texture of the watch is another masterpiece of the brand’s ladies’ watches. It is reported that the Sagittarius watch of the Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Radar Specialty Store has been sold. If you want, you need to make a reservation. So cousins ​​who like RADO True Zodiac limited edition, please hurry up in the store for details!
For more watch information, please click here: [Dealer Name]: Beijing Dongfang Xintiandi Radar Store
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