Parmigiani New Tourbillon Chronograph Black And White Dial Balance Beauty

Tondagraphe watches from Parmigiani’s advanced complex watch series added two powerful functions last year: chronograph stopwatch and tourbillon at 6 o’clock. In 2013, the new beautiful and charming tourbillon plus chronograph with extraordinary technology, driven by a 72-hour power reserve homemade movement, the watch seemed to be given life. The black-and-white dial is even more brand new.

 The Tondagraphe watch, which was incorporated into Parmigiani’s advanced and sophisticated watch series in 2009, added two major functions that year: chronograph stopwatch and tourbillon at 6 o’clock. It is an ultra-complex watch with an elegant white gold case, showing the iconic style of the Swiss brand. Following the success of the succession, Parmigiani launched two new watches, each limited to 10 pieces, and is also preparing to provide the 2013 new models that keep pace with the times.

 Parmigiani’s new Tondagraphe watch (black dial)

 Beautiful and charming tourbillon plus chronograph with extraordinary technology. Driven by a 72-hour power reserve homemade movement, this watch seems to be given life. The PF 354 is made up of 295 components, which is evident from the rich and superb skills required by the craftsmen who make it. The final assembled product is both accurate and beautiful, which is the crystallization of all the knowledge and skills of the manufacturer.

 The chamfering process of two tourbillon slab bridges alone takes 20 hours, only to achieve the required quality of modification, and the tourbillon frame takes nearly 40 hours. But the most demanding process is the tourbillon itself, a complex device dedicated to timepieces; the device itself is an appropriate comparison of time. The tourbillon frame around the adjustment mechanism stands perfectly at 6 o’clock on the dial and rotates around its axis at a speed of one revolution per minute: the center of the watch seems to have a heartbeat, giving the entire watch the rhythm of life.

 Parmigiani’s New Tondagraphe Collection (White Dial)

 The main improvement in appearance of this model is reflected in the style of the dial, which presents a new balance of beauty. It retains the structural arrangement and material combination of the original style, but at the same time it shows a clearer and return to the original design trend. The newly added low-key and elegant Parmigiani numerals make the watch easier to see, with the seconds and minutes precision chronographs facing each other in the center of the dial. The power reserve at 12 o’clock also shows the same style, and echoes the decoration on the tourbillon. The chamfers of Itabashi and the ornamentation of the barrel are sure to make you wear them with appreciation. All these features that follow the same stylistic features and modified quality are presented on the snailed dial, a combination that is both fresh and vibrant.

 Tondagraphe has two dials to choose from, one with a black dial and the other with a white dial. Parmigiani hopes to bring a new era face to the field of fine watchmaking, and Tondagraphe watch is one of the new faces.