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Radar has been seeking breakthroughs in watch technology. Today, the editor will introduce a radar ultra-thin watch-Radar True Thinline series, this watch reflects a remarkable ultra-thin beauty, refreshing.
Disdain the Group’s technological breakthrough

 With an ultra-thin beauty of less than 5mm (some styles), the Swiss Radar True Thinline series has pushed high-tech ceramic materials to another peak that can be proud of the industry. Since 1986, the Swiss Rado has been the pioneer of high-tech materials in the watch manufacturing industry. Today, it has also created ultra-thin high-tech ceramic watches. The Swiss Rado True Thinlin series.
Uncompromising design style

 Radar The True Thinline series has a simple and elegant case, with golden dazzling scales (real diamonds are diamond scales), placed under the sapphire crystal arched mirror, showing its charm. The case is made of high-tech ceramic material, which shows sensual fashion and excellent comfort.
Modern style

 The ultra-thin high-tech ceramic case, whether it is paired with a smooth and light rubber strap, or a moist and delicate ceramic strap, shows a unique and delicate aesthetic, with a modern style. In order to achieve this new ultra-thin structure, all watch components have been thoroughly re-engineered to ensure perfect integration, including the ultra-thin quartz movement unique to Swiss Rado. With precision and rigorous manufacturing processes, the Swiss Rado True Thinline watches not only possess all the superior characteristics of high-tech ceramics, such as top comfort and hardness, but also have the advantages of extreme lightness.
Intimately fit the temperature of true love

 The pioneer of Swiss watch innovation, Swiss Rado condenses beyond contemporary watchmaking technology to create ultra-thin high-tech ceramic watches. Swiss Rado True Thinline series is dedicated to the most intimate lovers. With its breathtaking ultra-thin beauty, the True Thinline watch brings the most intimate and comfortable wearing experience on the wrist.
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Iwc Hamilton Ambassador Hamilton Wins The F1 Championship Again Special Series Of Engineers Presents

No fear of danger, no challenge, it is the competitive attitude of every racer; skilled car skills, top-level performance, and the spirit of racing to break the limit are the keys to competing for the championship. With the same spirit of racing, IWC Schaffhausen’s pursuit of top performance and watchmaking excellence, the engineer series (INGENIEUR) has become synonymous with rigorous engineering design, high performance and technological innovation. Recently, the 2016 special edition of the IWC engineer series came to China. The brand store is decorated with the theme of racing and reproduces the speed and passion on the track. At the same time, congratulations to IWC brand ambassador Hamilton for winning the F1 US championship, which is also the 50th victory in his career.

   No matter inside or outside the arena, being adventurous and constantly surpassing is a positive attitude that should be in life. This is why the IWC engineer series chose to draw inspiration from motorsport, because both of them adhere to the same philosophy and interpret the same attitude to life. .

   Since October 2004, IWC has established a cooperative relationship with Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One ™ Team. Due to the two parties’exploration of perfection and pursuit of top performance, they also established a partnership In 2015, IWC became a global partner, and IWC became the team’s ‘Official Precision Engineering Partner’. Since then, it has competed in countless Formula 1 motor sports and classic car events. The F1 American station, the fourth-to-last stop of this season, just ended last week. IWC Hamilton brand ambassador Hamilton broke the record with 1 minute 34.999 seconds to win the US station victory, and ushered in 50 career victories.

   Out of love for motorsport and classic racing, this year IWC engineer series launched three special editions, inspired by classic racing, to create a new retro look. The traditional Gérald Genta case design has been changed, and the elegant and simple appearance gives the new watch a classic charm. Implementing the watchmaking concept of excellence, IWC is a special edition of three engineers, equipped with the latest homemade 69370 chronograph movement, while bringing the charm of classic racing into the wrist, bringing the engineer’s art back to the classic racing Golden age.
Engineers Chronograph ’74th Goodwood Member Meeting’ Special Edition

   The world-renowned racing festival Goodwood Speed ​​Festival is a super event to commemorate the history of motor sports. This special edition of the engineer series is inspired by the elegant case made of pure red gold and matched with a retro brown small Leather strap. The dial’s accumulator, small seconds and speed scale on the outer edge are very similar to sports car dashboards. The special edition of the IWC Engineers’ Chronograph ’74th Goodwood Member Meeting’ has been issued 74 pieces worldwide, paying tribute to the golden age of classic racing in a classic low-key luxury style.
Engineer’s Chronograph ‘Rudolph Gallasona’ Special Edition

   This special edition of the engineer’s chronograph ‘Rudolph Gallasona’ is a tribute to Europe’s most successful racer in the 1930s, who was at the peak of his career He has won numerous victories, including three European Grand Prix titles. The dial is based on the appearance of the dashboard of a historic racing car. The gray-gray chronograph dial matches the stainless steel case. It is equipped with a brown calfskin strap, which gives the watch a sense of technology and elegance. Qualities. This dynamic and elegant timepiece is limited to 750 pieces worldwide, highlighting its uniqueness.
Engineer Chronograph ‘W 125’ Special Edition

   In the late 1930s, the Mercedes-Benz W 125 Silver Arrow racing car built by Rudolf Uhlenhout dominated the field. This engineer’s special edition is inspired by this legendary racing car. The case is made of tough titanium, with a silver-plated dial, black hands and built-in hour markers, and a black calfskin strap. In the cockpit of a W 125 car. The special edition of the engineer’s chronograph ‘W 125’ is also limited to 750 pieces worldwide, which is very precious.

Gong Li, Piaget, Chairman Of The Shanghai International Film Festival Jury, Accompanied By Witnessing The Moment Of Glory

The 17th Shanghai International Film Festival kicked off. Piaget’s global brand spokesperson Gong Li, a famous international film star, was invited to be the chairman of the jury of the film’s ‘Golden Jazz Award’ and became the first female filmmaker to hold the ‘Gold Jazz Award’. As a supporter and promoter of the global film art, Piaget Piaget will also be accompanied by Gong Li this time to witness the bright interweaving of time and light and shadow art.

The Shanghai International Film Festival is known as the ‘Oriental Oscar’ and has always been a film industry event that brings together many well-known filmmakers at home and abroad. Shining stars of the night, Gong Li appeared on the red carpet with beige and Piaget high-end jewellery, exposing the atmosphere and becoming the focus of the night. Piaget’s rose pavé is set with brilliant diamonds, and beautiful flowers come to life, telling stories of light and shadow; Magic Gardens of Piaget necklaces and Piaget’s brilliant Huashang series earrings shine brightly, with unique style and delicately set diamond Echoing perfectly, the elegant aesthetics of this movie night complement Gong Li’s temperament.

As the first Chinese star to appear on Time Magazine in the United States, Gong Li repeatedly won international awards for her films such as ‘The Red Lantern’, ‘Farewell My Concubine’ and other films. So far the only Chinese movie star who has won personal honors in the three major international film festivals. At the just-concluded Cannes Film Festival, Gong Li brought new attention with her new work ‘Return’

global. After the official screening, audiences from all over the world praised Gong Li’s superb acting and artistic talents with warmest praise, and the live applause lasted for ten minutes. At the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Film Festival, the organizing committee paid special tribute to Gong Li’s outstanding achievements and professional spirit in film art.
This time he is in charge of the ‘Golden Baron Award’, after Gong Li returned to Cannes with the Count Piaget. Count Piaget adhering to the concept of ‘Always do better than required’, he cherishes Gong Liyi, and tirelessly pursues the ultimate path. Originating from the respect and love for film art, Earl Piaget sponsored a series of heavyweight film festivals from the American Independent Spirit Awards, the Hong Kong Golden Awards to the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, dedicated his efforts to help outstanding filmmakers and promote film art. Flourish.

Piaget Limelight Gala
32 mm
18K White Gold Watch
Case set with 62 round diamonds (approximately 1.8 carats)
Dial set with 228 round diamonds (approx. 1 carat)
18K White Gold Time Scale
Bracelet and folding clasp with 451 round diamonds (approx. 16.4 carats)
Piaget 690P quartz movement
Ref. G0A38164

Piaget Funny Heart necklace
18K white gold with 38 round diamonds (approx. 0.35 carat)
Ref. G33L2300

Piaget Rose earrings
18K white gold with 178 round diamonds (approx. 2.8 carats)
Ref. G38LJ200

Jacques Presents The Outstanding Traditional Master Series Tourbillon Starry Sky Watch At The Venice International Film Festival

In 2019, Jaeger-LeCoultre ushers in the 15th anniversary of cooperation with the Venice International Film Festival, one of the global film events. For more than ten years, Jaeger-LeCoultre has been the main sponsor of the film festival, and has paid tribute to filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to the contemporary film industry by presenting the Jaeger-LeCoultreGloryToTheFilmmakerAward.

   This year, the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop brings the bright stars in the night sky to the film festival, and the movie superstar Zhu Huiyu gathered on the red carpet. From August 28 to September 7, 2019, during the 76th Venice International Film Festival, the new Jaeger-LeCoultre MasterGrandeTraditionTourbillonCéleste tourbillon star watch will be unveiled at this oldest film event.

   Extraordinary films can redefine ordinary life and elevate it to the art of light and shadow. The Jaeger-LeCoultre MasterGrandeTraditionTourbillonCéleste superb traditional master series tourbillon starry watch adheres to the same philosophy and interprets the passage of time in a unique way. The orbital flying tourbillon carried by this model orbits the dial for a full week every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. This time unit is a stellar day. It uses a more distant star instead of the sun as a reference for calculating time.

   On the dial is the gorgeous night sky in the northern hemisphere, and the symbolic signs on the outer circle correspond to the signs of the zodiac. Outside the orbit of the flying tourbillon is a small gold mark, which rotates around the dial once a year, representing the place of the earth in the evolving ancient ephemeris.

   The new Jaeger-LeCoultre MasterGrandeTraditionTourbillonCéleste tourbillon starry watch is different from previous models in its striking and modern design. At first glance, the dial’s texture and display functions are more concise, while in the dark it presents another attractive side. The hour markers and constellations are coated with Super-LumiNova ™, like stars shining brightly in the clear night sky.

   The elegant and modern case of the Jaeger-LeCoultre MasterGrandeTraditionTourbillonCéleste tourbillon starry watch, borrowing from the MasterGrandeTraditionGyrotourbillonWestminsterPerpétuel ballistic tourbillon Westminster Belle Perpetual Calendar watch launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre in January this year. Case design, equipped with a 946 movement composed of 334 parts. The 43mm white gold case incorporates a variety of retouching treatments, including satin retouching, micro-sandblasting, and mirror polishing, which complement the dark blue dial and rose gold balance wheel.

   The Jaeger-LeCoultre GrandeTraditionTourbillonCéleste tourbillon starry sky watch with mechanical and aesthetic charm, the universe is subtly integrated into the rhythm of daily life, making ordinary daily life unique.

Extraordinary skill

   Since its establishment in 1833 at LeSentier, Jaeger-LeCoultre has continuously developed many outstanding watchmaking techniques. Today, more than 180 watchmaking techniques are passed down in the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop in Rugu, and many long-established techniques have been innovated and developed.

   The orbital flying tourbillon in the Jaeger-LeCoultre GrandGrandeTraditionTourbillonCéleste Tourbillon Starry Sky Watch first appeared in the MasterGrandeTraditionGrandeComplication watch, which was introduced in 2010. The latter is an extraordinary timepiece with a timekeeping function. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s superb watchmaking skills and pioneering spirit in the field of outstanding complex functions.

   The flying tourbillon also incorporates Jaeger-LeCoultre’s other watchmaking technology, the stellar time display, which is used in the men’s and women’s series of Jaeger-LeCoultre workshops.

Cartier Tank Watch Under The Lens Of David Bailey

Cartier has a great idea. He invited David Bailey to take photos of several famous celebrity friends of the brand wearing the famous ‘Tank’ watch and talk about time. And the topic of watches.

This resulted in a beautiful set of works and interesting ideas about time.

   For photography, David Bailey explained, ‘Photography is fun. It’s always fun if you don’t take it too seriously. It’s not just about taking pictures, it’s trying to evoke people every time Certain characteristics of it. It has to have personality and have its own point of view. They are all great! Cartier has always been the best watch, a classic. ‘

Celebrities photographed wearing their watches include:
Rupert Everett

I think the Tank de Cartier watch is very beautiful. Chic, not showing off, but very present.


What makes time stop for you?

This is a complex issue. Time is given to reason by thought, and if we do not think, there is no concept of time. Time is neither a friend nor an enemy.

It is a fact of existence.

What’s your favorite time?

At about 6 or 7 in the afternoon, before the night comes, all work has been completed at this time.

Lucy Liu

Do you usually wear a watch?

Yes, I always have the habit of wearing a watch and always wear it on my left hand.

For you, do watches have to be passed down? Or a collection?

Actually, I never thought that much when I bought a watch.

All my watches are gifts. I always think that giving a watch is a classic and beautiful way of expression. As you get older, the watch you send will become more special and more valuable, with historical significance.

When I was doing art, time seemed to stop. Whenever I perform, time flies, because at that moment you have no sense of time, you just live that moment with that emotion and feeling. If you want to do a lot of things and want to go through more wonderful processes, then time is not always with you. So I always wear a watch so I can make sure I can do my best to integrate into every day.

Alice Dellal

What’s your favorite time?

Definitely 4.20 PM!

Time is both a friend and an enemy! I like to spend more time on myself and have time to do what I want, but then again, I have to go to many places when I work … Sometimes, I need more time.

I can say that time is love and hate, which is quite interesting. Whenever I have fun, time will stop. I like music. When I play drums, time flies.

Sihh 2015 Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Skeleton Hollow Watch

Pursuing diligently, the Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Skeleton full skeleton watch will reveal the amazingly complicated mechanical devices and characteristics of ultra-thin watches. Tonda 1950 Skeleton full skeleton skeleton watch PF705 movement, each bridge and the main splint are open-cut hollow, the eye can see the extremely fine internal angle. This work is entirely hand-made, reflecting the important content of Parmigiani’s brand concept: with a keen eye for detail, it exhibits outstanding handicraft skills. The ultimate glory of the Tonda 1950 skeleton movement is a tribute to simple and ultra-thin watches, showing a insistence on the watchmaking tradition: a insistence on the use of simple lines to create timeless beauty.

   The skeletonized movement design allows the Tonda 1950’s platinum micro-rotor (pearl tortoise) to be seen on the watch surface. The drop-shaped lugs, which have been rooted in the design genes of the Parmigiani brand, gracefully decorate this new ‘face’. The swirling decoration on the micro-rotor enhances the extraordinary look of the movement. Between the wrists, you can see the charm of machinery.

   To everyone’s expectations, the Tonda 1950 Skeleton full skeleton watch has a dial: the sapphire dial makes the dial perfect in appearance. Only a slight metal is applied to the bezel, which makes the movement elegant when embedded in the case. As for the Parmigiani logo on the dial, the usual arrangement and placement will destroy the harmonious beauty of the openwork movement. Therefore, the form of inlay on the top of the dial is intimately used.

   In terms of dial details, the Tonda 1950 Skeleton men’s and women’s watches are easily distinguished in a very interesting way: the dials of men’s watches are carefully polished to create a perfect transparency. Thanks to this, the men’s watches show the beauty of the movement in a subtle way, and also show the extraordinary skills of Parmigiani; the women’s models are characterized by the fine frosted dial, showing the looming beauty. This design starts from the exquisite and delicate feelings of women, and the tough edges and corners of the movement are visually blurred, thus showing a soft feeling. This layer of hazy ‘veil’ is also reminiscent of the unique wood grain white dial of the Tonda 1950. This unique decoration greatly enhances the texture of the dial, making the Tonda 1950 among the most successful models of Parmigiani.

   The Tonda 1950 Skeleton men’s watch is available in white or rose gold with a black or tan Hermès strap; women’s models are in white gold or rose gold with diamonds and a red or beige beige Hermès strap.
   Every Tonda 1950 Skeleton watch bears witness to the unwavering pursuit of beauty and the extraordinary attention to detail, which is the value concept of Parmigiani watches.
TONDA 1950 SQUELETTEPFC280-1060100-HA3921
Movement number: PF705
Winding: Automatic
Power reserve: 42 hours
Frequency: 3 Hz-21,600 vibrations / hour
Dimensions: 13 ¼ ” ‘-30.0 mm diameter
Thickness: 2.6 mm
Number of parts: 144
Number of jewels: 29
Number of barrels: 1
Decoration: hand-chamfered main splint, hand-painted stripe decoration
Function: hours and minutes
Case shape: three-section round case
Size: 39 mm diameter
Thickness: 8.4 mm
Material: 18K rose gold
Number of diamonds: 84
Carat: 0.6460
Retouching: Diamond
Water resistance: 30 meters
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire
Crown: 4.3 mm diameter
Case back: Sapphire
Case back cover engraving: individually numbered
Dial material: Sapphire
Color: Sapphire
Hour markers: rose gold plated appliqued hour markers
Finish: Matte
Hands: triangular hands with luminous coating
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Color: Beige
Brand: Hermes
Buckle type: pin type
TONDA 1950 SQUELETTEPFC280-1200100-HA1441
Movement number: PF705
Winding: Automatic
Power reserve: 42 hours
Frequency: 3 Hz-21,600 vibrations / hour
Dimensions: 13 ¼ ” ‘-30.0 mm diameter
Thickness: 2.6 mm
Number of parts: 144
Number of jewels: 29
Number of barrels: 1
Decoration: hand-chamfered main splint, hand-painted stripe decoration
Function: hours and minutes
Case shape: three-section round case
Size: 39 mm diameter
Thickness: 7.8 mm
Material: 18K white gold
Finish: Polished
Water resistance: 30 meters
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire
Crown: 4.3 mm diameter
Case back: Sapphire
Case back cover engraving: individually numbered
Dial material: Sapphire
Color: Sapphire
Time scale: rhodium-plated applied time scale
Finish: Polished
Hands: triangular hands with luminous coating
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Colour: Black
Brand: Hermes

Buckle type: pin type

Huang Xiaoming Incarnates A Cool Driver And Interprets The Tissot Sports Series Watch

Asian handsome sportsman with full film work, under the hope of fans, finally came to Taiwan as the brand’s global spokesperson for the second time on the Tissot table, wearing cool 2012 The new racing style watch brings a refreshing surprise to Taiwan fans! On the day of the press conference, he matched the ‘TISSOT T-Race MotoGP 2012 Limited Collector’s Edition’ with a handsome figure next to the heavy-duty locomotive, allowing fans to frantically capture the charming style of idols. On August 29th, in addition to attending a press conference on the launch of Tissot watches at the Xihua Hotel in Taipei, he also appeared in the East District of Taipei and personally cut the ribbon for the opening of the famous Zhongxiao Tissot watch store in Taipei, wherever he went, he caused a commotion. Everyone wants to see the personal charm of superstars. Huang Xiaoming also kindly helped fans sign autographs to show the personal charm of Asian superstars. Guests gathered at the press conference, including: Peter Szabo, general manager of Swatch Group Taiwan Branch, Maria Ahnebrink, global public relations director of Tissot Watch, Li Qian, deputy general manager of Tissot Watch Taiwan, etc., all attended the congratulations and jointly launched the launching ceremony with the brand spokesperson Huang Xiaoming Foresee the brilliant vision of the new stage of Tissot. The brand also presented Huang Xiaoming with a ‘Tissot Glory, Continue Mingming’ trophy. Congratulations to Tissot for renewing the contract with Huang Xiaoming and working together to create another peak, and encouraged Huang Xiaoming to continue to challenge and break through in the performing arts. Affirmation of getting more awards on. Huang Xiaoming visits Taipei to perform Tissot’s racing fashion
The trend of personality revealed in the fast-moving brand spokesperson trendy recommendation
    Huang Xiaoming came to Taiwan for the second time to participate in endorsement activities for the beloved Tissot watch. He appeared in a strong outfit, causing a lot of turmoil everywhere, showing the charm of the big stars. Huang Xiaoming raised his hands and wore a style Becoming an indicator of fashion taste, when it comes to styling, Huang Xiaoming also shared his preferences: in the low-key Suixing, with individual accessories to highlight personal characteristics, with an exquisite watch that has both practicality and styling. Is the first choice. Tissot watches are famous all over the world for their professional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship, and their lively and innovative styles are widely loved by the world! The Tissot watch series launched in 2012 continued the craze of the annual Olympic Games. It perfectly integrated the spirit of sports and racing into the design of the watch, showing a unique dynamic aesthetics. ‘T-Race MotoGP 2012 Limited Collector’s Edition’, the bright yellow and black two-tone design is amazing, and inspired by the design elements of motorcycle racing to create a watch shape, people can create any unique highlights full of style.

    Tissot strongly recommends a number of sports-style watches this year. The stunning trend design perfectly reflects the core spirit of the brand’s ‘extraordinary creativity, derived from tradition.’ The press conference also announced the ‘TISSOT T-Race Nick Hayden 2012 Limited Edition’ Watch ‘,’ TISSOT T-Touch Expert 2012 Special Edition ‘,’ TISSOT T-Race 2012 Limited Diamond Watch ‘,’ TISSOT T-Touch II Touch ‘ Inductive Women’s Watches ‘and’ TISSOT Couturier Automatic Constructor Series Automatic Women’s Watches ‘. Both men’s and women’s watches are eye-catching masterpieces with unique styles. They are dazzling and dazzling. Elegant Temperament!

Huang Xiaoming appeared in the East District of Taipei. Celebrating the opening of the Taipei Zhongxiao Tissot Watch Store
The charm of superstars hits the whole Taiwan, fans are warmly waiting
    In the past, when filming in Taiwan, Huang Xiaoming was quite familiar with Taipei. He appeared in the eastern district of Taipei’s fashion trend indicator in the afternoon and felt very happy. Not only was he surrounded by a large number of media and movie fans, but he also caused a lot of commotion in the eastern district. In the mid-summer afternoon, Huang Xiaoming handsomely arrived at the Taipei Zhongxiao Tissot Watch Store, performed the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony with the brand representative, and kindly signed the fans. Huang Xiaoming said: The Taipei Zhongxiao Tissot watch boutique shop reopened in the East District where celebrity fashion converges. It is the fifth direct-selling boutique in Taiwan. The trendy and bright store design attracts stoppers of boutique consumers. The brand-new boutique not only has independent and comfortable stores. Professional watch appreciation space, dazzling and exquisite new watches deserve to be tasted carefully, adding a new fashion focus for Taipei City, watch fans are welcome to come and watch.

    Recently, the filming of ‘Great Shanghai’ has just ended, and then another new film ‘Chinese Partner’ has been performed. Huang Xiaoming’s variety of attempts and variety of styles have always surprised fans. In recent years, in addition to the continuous introduction of different types of In addition to his work, he is also actively involved in the investment and planning of movies. His attitude of pursuing innovation and not setting limits for himself is in line with the brand spirit of Tissot. This year, he renewed his contract with the brand and hopes to work together in a spirit of positive innovation. Create another peak.

Mingshi Releases A New Series Of Image Blockbusters ‘meet Chen Kun, Interpretation Of Gentleman Style’

Swiss fine watch brand with a history of 186 years
Join hands with the global image ambassador, a model of contemporary celebrity Chen Kun
Introduced a new series of image blockbuster ‘Meet Chen Kun, interpretation of gentleman style’

Blockbuster highlights
Contemporary Baume & Mercier in the eyes of Baume & Mercier CEO Alain Zimmermann
Interpretation of famous men, Chen Kun, and contemporary famous men
Passionate and pursuit of excellence
Happy to share emotions
This is “ Contemporary Master ”

Tag Heuer Launches Calera Heuer 02 Aston Martin Dbs Superleggera Special Edition Limited Edition Watch

To celebrate the partnership with Swiss luxury watchmaker TAGHeuer, Aston Martin has launched the eye-catching special edition of DBS Superleggera. This stunning sports car is built to luxurious specifications, decorated with black paint and red lines from Monaco, and is limited to 50 units worldwide.

   Each sports car is equipped with a TAGHeuer limited edition watch-Carrera series Heuer02 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Special Edition (CBG2080.FT6165). This exclusive timepiece is driven by TAGHeuer’s self-made Heuer02 self-winding movement, adhering to the brand’s commitment to Swiss avant-garde technology, providing a DBS grille-inspired hexagonal pattern hollow dial and black embossing that emulates the interior of the DBS car Grained calfskin strap. Like a sports car, the watch is embellished with red details and is limited to 50 pieces.

   DBSSuperleggera is the perfect choice for cooperation with TAGHeuer. Aston Martin SuperGT uses a 5.2LV12 twin-turbo engine with modern materials and precision technology to achieve the perfect combination of fashion and power. This model offers an unforgettable driving experience with superb gear acceleration, innovative aerodynamics and striking curves that blend seamlessly. Aston Martin DBS Superleggera nicknamed ‘Wild Gentleman’, perfect style, excellent engineering, strong performance.

   The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Special Edition features Monaco black paint and satin black carbon fiber roof, rearview mirrors, vents, shutters, splitters and spoilers. Custom specifications include satin black 21 ”double spoke wheels, Pirelli PZero tires with red lines, and red brake calipers. The TAGHeuer badge is adorned at the front fenders to highlight the special identity of this model.

   In the interior design, DBSSuperleggera uses black pure leather and Alcantara seats, decorated with red lines, TAGHeuer custom stitching and logo. The use of carbon fiber and dark chrome trim highlights the clean lines of the cab. It is reported that the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Tiger Heuer Special Edition is priced at 295,000 pounds, equivalent to about 2.6 million yuan. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Radar True Series Constellation Limited Watches Arrive At The Store

Tell everyone the good news, the Radar True Series Zodiac Limited Edition has begun to go on sale. After a few days of incubation, a limited-edition radar representing the zodiac constellation has been put on the shelves. Is it that the constellation-controlled watch friends can’t wait? Recently, when I visited the Beijing Dongfang Xintiandi Radar store, the author found that the new constellation limited edition watches were already listed. Although the styles were roughly the same, 12 radar-set diamond watches representing different personalities and different houses were full of corresponding constellations Unique charm. (Watch price: RMB 17,000)

   Using a delicate 30mm black high-tech ceramic case, the mother-of-pearl dial inspired by the deep night sky is full of endless charm, like a little starry, four diamond scales shining on it. The lower half of the dial is a constellation pattern outlined by shining diamonds and star decoration. The fantastic pattern and the 9 o’clock constellation name complement each other, and it is stunning under the star-like dial. This watch showcases the ingenious fusion of the brand’s modern watchmaking craftsmanship with the mystery of the vast galaxy. The bracelet is a three-row black polished high-tech ceramic material connected to the titanium tri-fold clasp, which adds a unique charm to the watch as a whole. Let me take a look at it below.

RADO Swiss Radar True Series Zodiac-Leo

   ‘July’s tail is Leo and August’s prelude is Leo’, Zeng Yike’s ‘Leo’ shows a unique aspect of this constellation, from July 23 to August 22 is the time of Leo. Self-confident, ambitious, generous and full of leadership style Leo most have grand ideals, always want to rely on their own efforts to become a leader who can truly stand alone, yearning for superior superiority, and looking forward to being admired and admired, a bit Children are a little arrogant. The big man of the lion man is very strong, loves face, the lion woman is warm and sunny, and tells the morality to friends. The Leo gas field in the workplace is more powerful. Whether it is an OL dress or a dress, or leisure, this watch can make a Leo lady wear her unique charm while improving her taste.

Display of other models

Summary: The classic design style of radar is inherited. In addition, the constellation of higher status among ladies is used as the decoration of watch dials. The appearance is stylish and comfortable to wear. It is a more suitable choice for both workplace and leisure occasions. Wear this Watches allow you to immerse yourself in the vast universe and forget the passing of time. The soft texture of the watch is another masterpiece of the brand’s ladies’ watches. It is reported that the Sagittarius watch of the Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Radar Specialty Store has been sold. If you want, you need to make a reservation. So cousins ​​who like RADO True Zodiac limited edition, please hurry up in the store for details!
For more watch information, please click here: [Dealer Name]: Beijing Dongfang Xintiandi Radar Store
 [Dealer Address]: Dongfang Xintiandi, No. 1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
 [Contact]: 010-8518-6588