Introduction Of Iwc Large Pilot Calendar

IWC is one of the few brands that makes watches ‘reasonably big’ because they really use large movements, and they are by no means like other brands. Little Mara Cart & rdquo ;. The diameter of this watch reaches 4 6.2 mm. The movement it is equipped with is also known as the world’s largest self-winding movement.
5 1 6 1 4 self-winding perpetual calendar movement, Bilerton woodpecker two-way winding system, power reserve 7 days, stainless steel case, diameter 46.2 mm, black dial, perpetual calendar, moon phases and power reserve indicator, black crocodile Strap, orange stitching, folding clasp, waterproof 60 meters, limited to 250 pieces.
Reference price: 215,000 yuan

Celebrating Singapore’s 50th Anniversary Audemars Piguet And Gardens By The Bay Present Giant Flower Clock

Audemars Piguet and Gardens by the Bay present the giant flower clock, combining superb timing and floral gardening to celebrate Singapore’s 50th anniversary. Singapore’s Minister of National Development Xu Wenyuan, CEO of Gardens by the Bay, Dr. Kiat W. Tan, and Mr. Oliviero Bottinelli, member of the board of directors of Audemars Piguet, attended the flower bell presentation ceremony.
   The flower bell is located at the intersection of the Cooling Greenhouse and the Optimum Grove. It is 7 meters wide and stands out in the Gardens by the Bay. The flower clock is inspired by the iconic features of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series, and incorporates traditional and modern horticultural elements. With tropical endemic vegetation and flowers, the flower species are changed regularly for public viewing.
   Dr. Kiat W. Tan, CEO of Gardens by the Bay, said: ‘On this occasion of the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence, thank you Audemars Piguet for its wonderful flower clock. For those of us who have been fortunate to have witnessed the Singapore flower clock in the past, The meaning is even more special. Now, while celebrating the independence of the country, we can relive memories and create new history in Gardens by the Bay. ‘
   Mr. Oliviero Bottinelli, board member of Audemars Piguet, said: ‘We are always looking for a meaningful way to involve Audemars Piguet in Singapore. Audemars Piguet is pleased to fulfill its solemn commitment to global forests and environmental protection Along with Gardens by the Bay, a gift to Singapore’s 50th anniversary. ‘

Benedict Cumberbatch At Jaeger‑lecoultre’s London Flagship Store To Study Master Watchmaking Courses

British actor and Jaeger‑LeCoultre brand ambassador Benedict Cumberbatch has recently appeared at Jaeger‑LeCoultre’s flagship store in London and attended a private watchmaking master course.

   Camberbach first observed the process of disassembling Jaeger‑LeCoultre 925 movement by Richard Phipps-Carter, one of Jaeger‑LeCoultre’s oldest watchmakers, and later joined the brand’s watchmaker Phipps 31 years ago. Under the guidance of Carter, Cumberbatch learned how to use traditional watchmaking tools to assemble the movement components through many complicated steps, and personally completed some detailed steps.

   ‘Richard shared his expertise with me enthusiastically,’ Cumberbatch said after the class. ‘From engraving and hand-chamfering to silk enamel, gem setting, engraving, and mirror polishing, meticulous operation It takes hours of dedication to complete. Precision in watchmaking is important because even very small errors cannot be erased. ‘

   In a series of private photos taken during the master course, Cumberbatch was sitting on the watchmaker’s workbench, carefully examining the watch components, including the balance wheel of the MasterUltraThinMoon ultra-thin moonphase master series 925 movement. . He then watched a series of Jaeger‑LeCoultre movements displayed in a glass wall cabinet. Cumberbatch wears the Jaeger-LeCoultre series of alarm clocks. This watch is limited to 1,000 pieces and is inspired by the classic original 1968 model.

   In 2019, Jaeger‑LeCoultre will continue to focus on precision watchmaking-the vision of 186 years of watchmaking history, and the brand’s leading position in the Swiss watchmaking mecca of the Jura Mountains. Jaeger‑LeCoultre is proud to invite Benedict Cumberbatch to a tailor-made watchmaking course, where he has a close look at what Jaeger‑LeCoultre watchmakers need in their daily work. Superb craftsmanship, precision and patience. Many of the components in the Jaeger‑LeCoultre movement are very tiny. If they are not observed through a microscope lens, it is easy for laymen to mistake them for dust. Some movement components are only a few millimeters in diameter, and in some cases even measured in micrometers (one millionth of a meter).

   ‘I admire the watchmakers,’ Cumberbatch said. ‘I have visited the Jaeger‑LeCoultre workshop in Switzerland. Their professionalism and meticulous craftsmanship are truly amazing.’

   The design, production and assembly of each Jaeger‑LeCoultre watch is done in Jaeger‑LeCoultre’s large workshop in the Swiss Jura. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Workshop brings together 180 professional skills, 1,250 movements and 400 patents. The quiet and stable Jura Mountains have given generations of watchmakers clear ideas, and constantly put forward the ingenious concept of ‘Dare to be the first in the world’, while focusing on precise timing, fine details, first-class craftsmanship and charming beauty.

   “Before I visited the watchmaking workshop, I did n’t know much about it, even the Vallée de Joux. I do n’t know much about it. The Jura is a mecca for Swiss watchmaking and an unspoiled green natural area.” Cumberbatch said, ‘To be honest, I didn’t know how the manual, fine production, and simulation were performed during the entire watchmaking process. But the specific operation also requires concentration and care. Making watches requires us at different levels. Make inventions and creations, but focus and dedication remain the same. ‘

Cindy.Crawford Debuts At Omega Moscow Gum Boutique

Cindy Crawford, the supermodel, appeared in Moscow on October 4 and was invited to participate in the brand ambassador for the watch brand Omega. Opening ceremony of the boutique. Omega President Stephen Urquhart accompanied and introduced the overview of the new Omega store.
Omega President Stephen Urquhart and Cindy & middot; Crawford
Cindy & middot; Crawford attends the opening ceremony of Omega’s GUM department store in Moscow
Cindy & middot; Crawford at Omega Moscow GUM Department Store
Cindy & middot; Crawford outside GUM in Moscow
Cindy Crawford, a supermodel actor, has been an Omega image ambassador since 1995. The extraordinary looks and unique temperament perfectly interpret the Omega brand image. In the past, Crawford also personally participated in the design of the ConstellationCollection ‘My Choice’ (MyChoice) watch.
About the Omega GUM boutique:
Located in the GUM department store, it was opened as early as 2006. The store incorporates the global design concept of Omega, which is full of decorative elements such as air, water, earth, sun, time, etc. Founded in 1893, GUM Department Store and Red Square (Moscow Red Square) are one of Russia’s most famous department stores, with a large number of luxury brand stores.

This Is A Nostalgia Nostalgia Prince Tissot Classic Series Centennial Commemorative Scene Real Shot

At this year’s Baselworld watch fair, we saw a very unique design of the Tissot classic series. The design inspiration of this watch was derived from the Tissot ‘Banana’ wrist launched in 1916. The watch, and the name is naturally derived from the unique curved case. A story of the original watch happened: in 1916, a watch was exported to Russia and returned to Tissot for repair in August 1917 a year later, but due to restrictions on the import of gold watches and the outbreak of the October Revolution, Tissot could not be returned. Repaired watch. Inspired by this story, this watch was born, designed to commemorate a regrettable trip that happened 100 years ago.

 The watch loops around the wrist for a week, showing a soft silhouette, reflecting the innovative art nouveau style. Its rectangular case with bold lines and digital hour markers of different sizes is subtly blended into the slim rectangular dial.

 Testified by the nostalgic and classic Tissot logo on the dial, the slightly blue delicate hands follow the original shape, and the fine texture of the crown represents a common elegance.

 It is worth mentioning that this series of watches has many styles, not only the stylish chocolate or deep black alligator leather strap, but also the smooth vintage dark brown leather strap, which has a delicate and smooth touch, adding a touch of bright color to the wrist.

Summary: Baselworld 2017 will present us a beautiful and unique visual feast, and we look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click the watch house Basel live event:

Interview With Aris Maroulis, Managing Director Of Montblanc China, Recalling The 160th Anniversary Of Glory

In 1858, Charles-Yvan Robert (Charles-Yvan Robert) founded a watchmaking workshop in a small village in the Saint-Miles Valley. For the next 160 years, Minerva Watch Factory A series of developments have been made in the field of watches, especially in the manufacture of pocket watches and chronographs, showing precision watchmaking skills and high levels of innovation. Therefore, at SIHH 2018, Montblanc’s 160th anniversary in Minerva gave the brand a new interpretation of the classic 1858 series, star series and timewalker series. Watch House spoke to Mr. Aris Maroulis, Managing Director of Montblanc China, and listen to what he said.
Aris Maroulis, Managing Director Montblanc China
Watch House: This year marks the 160th anniversary of the establishment of Montblanc’s Minerva Watch Factory. Of the many new products launched this time, which one do you most recommend? What kind of spirit does the brand hope this year’s products express?
Aris Maroulis: I think for Montblanc, what I want to recommend is not just a special watch, but the spirit of a whole series, especially the 1858 series. Because this year is the year when the Minerva Watch Factory was founded, in order to commemorate the 160th anniversary of this year, we have launched five different designs in the new 1858 series, including: self-winding watches, chronographs , A self-made Geosphere world time watch, a 40mm slim watch with a 13-way single-button chronograph movement, and a new multifunctional pocket watch with a 16-way single-button chronograph movement and a 24-hour display. In particular, this pocket watch has a very vintage style and is also inspired by mountain adventures.
In addition to the 1858 series, our product line is also very rich. The new products include the new star series, timewalker series, etc., so not to say that a particular product is our focus, but to convey the concept of the entire 160th anniversary, we hope to The 160-year tradition of excellence in watchmaking inherited from Minerva’s glory continues, and it can open a new chapter in the future.

Montblanc 1858 series single button chronograph

Watch House: Is there anything new for women’s products this year?
Aris Maroulis: You know we launched the Baoxi series four years ago, and it was so successful that it was loved by a lot of women. This year coincides with the 160th anniversary of Minerva, so we focus on the new products of the 1858, the new star and the Timewalker series. Although there are no separate women’s watches, some watch sizes are also suitable for women. For example, the green strap and retro-style 1858 single-button chronograph we launched for the first time this year. It first appeared on the Only Watch in 2017 and received a lot of collectors’love, so we launched it again this year. The limited edition of 100 pieces is slightly smaller than the previous one. It has a 40mm diameter so that both men and women can wear it. The gradient green of the dial is matched with cathedral-style hands and the green alligator strap of the Montblanc Pelletteria leather workshop in Florence, Italy It looks very good and has become a very popular watch on our SIHH.

Montblanc China Brand Ambassador Yang Yang at the 2018 SIHH

Watch House: After Yang Yang spoke for Montblanc, how is the market performance? Have you met your brand’s expectations?
Aris Maroulis: First of all, he is very popular in China, especially among young people, so he has brought the Montblanc brand to more young people, which is very important for the Montblanc brand. Secondly, Yang Yang will often challenge himself. In addition to constantly trying new skills in the field of performing arts, he is also a person who is brave to explore in life. This spirit is in line with Montblanc’s long-standing philosophy. This year, Yang Yang came to the SIHH Montblanc’s showroom for the first time. Everyone was very excited. Yang Yang visited the Montblanc’s showroom design and also wore a new Montblanc star series full calendar watch to participate in the grand dinner.
Home of Watches: Before you have rich experience in many industries such as retail, fast-selling and light luxury, then which aspects do you think watches can compare with your previous industry? What are the differences?
Aris Maroulis: Compared with previous experience, there are still many differences in the watch industry. There will be a clear trend change in the fashion industry, and it is not a five-year or ten-year change. It is a change that is refined to each year, so it is unlikely to make a plan for the next decade in the industry. However, the watch industry is different. Although it also pays attention to design, it pays more attention to heritage, history, movement and other aspects, so watch brands will have longer-term planning and will not blindly follow the trend. But the same is that the products in these several industries have different price product lines, and there are similarities in marketing methods, such as cooperation with KOL, cooperation with celebrities, and attention to social media promotion.
Watch House: Montblanc’s official e-commerce platform has been open for a long time, and what results have been achieved? What kind of relationship do you think is reasonable and balanced between the e-commerce platform and offline stores?
Aris Maroulis: Online development is fast, and I really agree with it, so Montblanc is also the first brand in the group to launch online services. Although we have not yet cooperated with Tmall or in China, but in the global field We have cooperated with well-known online malls such as NET-A-PORTER, so Montblanc is a brand that will not be afraid to try new things and new challenges. At present, the ratio of online sales of leather goods and writing instruments may be higher, after all, watches are different from other categories. This also shows that online and offline are not conflicts for the brand, but cooperate with each other. Many customers will first preview online and watch the model they want before buying in the store. How to cooperate to better promote market sales is the key.

A Set Of Four Patek Philippe Automatic Small Three-hand Watches

Estimated price: HKD 180,000 ~ 300,000
Falling mallet 650000 Hong Kong dollars (about 572680 yuan)
Including commission 812500 HKD (about RMB715860)
Accessories: watch box
Size: 33mm diameter
Condition: New unopened
Condition: Three-piece polished gold case (18 K yellow, red, white gold, 950 platinum), silver, gray, blue, and black dial, C a. 2 4 0/151
Movement, Geneva mark, 27 stones, balance weight, flat balance spring, dial, case, movement signature. Gold pin buckle.
[Comment] Or if you do n’t know, I have a “handful” of 5026. I am most proud of the 5026J Macao return version with a total output of only 50. At the 8 o’clock position of the small second dial, there is “20 DECEMBER”. 1999 ‘. Every year around December 20th, I will wear this watch as a hardcore watch fan to celebrate Macau’s return to the motherland in a special way. When my wife told me the price of this watch, I was stunned! Because a big brother once asked me if I want this set of watch, only 200,000 yuan. Because the authentic 5026 is gold quasi baozi characters and quasi baozheng needles, and this set of 5026 is printed with Roman numerals and rod-shaped needles, although limited, but I do n’t like it. Do I regret it? There is no regret medicine in the world, is it heartache? A bit. Who is fighting this? I really want to know.

Unique Jaeger-lecoultre Enamel Watch

The long and rigorous production process is already very distressing, and the enamel is easily broken. When it leaves the porcelain kiln, it may be broken due to sudden temperature changes during the cooling process, which will Waste of countless hours and pains before the enamel maker. Because of the special process of this process, each enamel dial is actually a unique and independent work of art, which looks the same but is different.

Jaeger-LeCoultre builds a limited edition of only one Lotus Enamel Master Minute Repeater watch for the China tour. The lotus on the dial is elegant and full of color. It has the aesthetic characteristics of traditional Chinese painting. The sophisticated and sophisticated minute repeater watch that reached the peak has an estimated value of nearly 3 million yuan.

Master Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin enamel painted clear flower series, a set of eight, inspired by the famous works of art of the Qing Dynasty in China. By firing layers of enamel, the dial will show a depth and three-dimensional effect rich in magical effects. You can find rich colors by gently turning the watch under the light.

Piaget’s New Altiplano Skeleton Watch

The fourth Only Watch charity auction will officially open on September 22 during the Monaco Yacht Show. At that time, 40 watches from around the world that are specially made for the auction will be auctioned. Among them, Piaget has participated in this event for four consecutive years, and this year will also donate for the first time a unique black PVD-treated Altiplano skeleton watch in the world to show its full support for charity. Piaget Piaget has always strived for excellence and is committed to the development of new movements, which fully reflects the brand’s innovative spirit. The outstanding complex clock functions combined with the original ultra-thin design and creative ingenuity make the traditional skills of the brand in watch movement reach the peak. This Altiplano Only Watch 2011 watch uses the ingenious 838P hollow ultra-thin movement, which fully demonstrates Piaget’s superb watchmaking technology and unlimited creativity.

Yao Chen Wears Longines Dai Chuo Wiener Watch

Yao Chen wore a little black dress, wearing a chic black silk feather hat, wearing a Dai Chuo Wiener series stainless steel rose gold watch, came to the Longines Diana Grand Prix to watch the race, elegant style Stunning in the audience, Yao Chen was excited to watch this internationally renowned horse race for the first time. A few days ago, it was the most beautiful early summer in Paris. The annual Grand Jockey Club-the Prix de Diane Longines Longines Diana Grand Prix kick off season, ‘Good People’ Magazine and Yao Chen went to Paris at the venue of the Prix de Diane Longines-Paris North The beautiful suburb of Chantilly Chantilly shoots the cover image of August 2011. Longines is proud to be the title partner of the Prix de Diane Grand Prix for the first time, in this elegant sporting event, it showcases precision and elegance, and reveals the latest models of the Longines Daichauvena series DolceVita.
Against the backdrop of the most beautiful castle in France
Castles, woods, lakes, racetracks …, Chantilly Chantilly, known all over the world for her ultimate fusion of art, culture and nature. Located in the northern suburbs of Paris, France, Chantilly Castle is one of the most beautiful castle buildings in France and has been named a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. At the end of the 17th century, the Duke of Conte under the Louis XIV era funded the design and construction of Renault (the main designer of the Palace of Versailles). The castle houses countless treasured paintings and books, known as the Louvre, which have made it a national museum under the name of l’Institutde France.
The majestic and magnificent architecture of Chateau de Château is made of rocks and surrounded by lakes. It is located in the center of a 7,800-hectare garden. The garden is mainly composed of geometric symmetry and statues. This unique castle is the domain of the king. Since the Middle Ages, many outstanding figures in French history have visited this place. The garden, built over centuries, is so large that few people can swim through it. Therefore, there are horse-drawn carriages, cruise ships, and tour aids in the park. Among them, the quaint atmosphere of the carriage and the castle is the most suitable, and of course it is the most attractive to tourists.
The decoration in the castle is extremely luxurious and dazzling. Among the most noteworthy is the large number of paintings owned by the former castle owner, Duke Conte. Visitors can now see at the Musée Condé. The walls are filled with precious paintings and sketches by Cluet and his sons, as well as famous artists from the 17th to 19th centuries, such as Raphael and Botticelli. s work. In addition, the Castle Library houses more than 13,000 volumes of precious ancient books from the 11th century.
之一 One of the most prestigious flat jockey clubs-Longines Prix de Diane Diana Grand Prix
And Chantilly is the horse world first, it is called the most beautiful landscape in the world for horse racing. Chantilly Castle has been an equestrian and horse racing town since ancient times, attracting many royal nobles to ride and hunt. Founded in 1834, the racetrack has been the most popular racetrack in the world. The racetrack is next to the ancient castle, and it is connected to many walking paths in the forest. The environment along the road is quiet and the scenery is very charming. If you meet a knight riding in the forest, it will add more ancient meaning. Visitors who want to learn about the history of equestrianism can visit the horse museum built in the 18th century and converted from a stable to the castle.
The Prix de Diane Longines Diana Grand Prix, held here on May 18, 1843, is one of the three most famous horse races in France, attracting more than 30,000 spectators each year. In 2011, Longines was honored for the first time with the title ‘Prix de Diane.’ The extraordinary ability of focus, precision and experience can always convey the noble and elegant style of horse racing and equestrian sports, which perfectly matches the essence of Longines watchmaking tradition and watchmaking philosophy. Therefore, Longines watches and equestrian horses around the world The movement has had close cooperation and long-standing relationships for nearly a century.
Enjoy an elegant picnic on the green grass, beautiful women wear delicate hats: ‘Longines Prix de Diane Diana Grand Prix’ is a big day on the elegant life calendar, but also the most prestigious and popular flat jockey club one. Under the colorful clouds, the magnificent Chantilly Castle, such as the horse racecourse and forest, will become the beautiful background of Longines, showing its admired style and elegance. Knight line, castle aristocracy, hat princess, Yao Chen elegantly dressed stunning Chantilly
Adhering to the philosophy of happiness, Yao Chen, with her humor, frankness and affinity between words and manners, always brings easy joy to the people around her. She was once a dancer. She also has a soft and light temperament. Her charm comes from the soul. Purity, just like Longines’s ‘elegant attitude, true personality’. ‘Jia Ren’ focuses on discovering Yao Chen’s extraordinary temperament. On June 11, using Chantilly Castle as a natural picture, he carefully crafted a set of off-white simple dresses for Yao Chen and the Longines Xinyue series watches to depict the elegance in the castle. A light red elegant skirt with Longines Dai Chuo Weiner series stainless steel rose gold watch interpretation of French freedom and romance, beige leather skirt with Longines Concas women’s diamond watch shows a Western garden style, a set of knight-style pants Equipped with a Longines column wheel rose gold chronograph stopwatch shooting at the racetrack training ground, handsome. On the evening of June 11, Yao Chenguo wore a dark blue lace sleeve retro long dress, dressing up to attend the Longines Diana Grand Prix Dinner at the Napoleon Banquet Hall in Chantilly Castle and experience the elegant life of a medieval nobleman Toast with the guests and wish the success of the next day.
On June 12, Yao Chen wore a little black dress, wearing a chic black silk feather hat, wearing a Daichaowina series stainless steel rose gold watch, and came to the Longines Diana Grand Prix to watch the race. The elegant style was stunning. At the show, Yao Chen was very excited to watch this internationally-acclaimed horse race for the first time. At the scene, she cheered on her favorite horses and riders, showing cute and elegant smiles and cheers from time to time, and together with Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China Present a prize to the owner of a final winner. At the ‘Miss Longines Diana Elegance’ selection event held that day, Yao Chen and Longines Elegance Ambassador Bollywood idol Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan presented the Longines Elegance Award for the most elegant ladies. And the guests of the brand have a glimpse of Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series of new ladies watches. Longines Watches DolceVita series DolceVita watch-a modern and elegant poem
系列 This series is like a poem, beautifully chanting the elegance and quality that Longines has been pursuing. Created in 1997, the series has been so successful around the world that it can always be captured on the wrists of elegant women. The creation of this series of works is inspired by the famous Italian film Dolce vita. The unique rectangular case and pleasing proportions create a variety of designs.
The performance of Longines is to launch a series of new products of Daichao Weiner series. The design is full of innovative charm and more perfect. The latest models use different colors of gold to brighten the brightness of stainless steel, including various versions of stainless steel and gold or stainless steel and rose gold, and some models are also adorned with diamonds. These new products add a new dimension to Longines’s watchmaking art featuring elegance.