New Chanel J12-365 Series Watch Launch Conference

On April 16, 2014, the launch of Chanel’s new J12-365 series watch was grandly held at Beijing Today Art Museum. The J12 365 watch is the first J12 watch specifically designed for women in Chanel’s history. It changed from the previous rotating outer ring to a fixed outer ring with pit pattern decoration. The classic small three-pin design makes it instantly An elegant dress watch with a sports gene, as its name suggests, can accompany the hostess every 365 days.

   Today’s art museum is avant-garde and distinguished. The remnants of the old industrial era and the integration of contemporary ideas make it present a unique aesthetic character, which seems to fit well with Chanel’s style.

The construction of the site was all completed by the French team, and the white awning reproduced the style of 31 Campon Street in Paris.

The white tables and chairs are much more elegant just because of the bouquet of camellia.

This huge logo tells us the theme of this event.

   Entering the main exhibition area of ​​this event, against the backdrop of three camellia chandeliers, a ring surrounded by 365 screens surrounds today’s protagonist-eight different color J12 365 watches.

   Each small screen or picture, video, or text on the ring tells us about different scenes we experience every day, 365 days of the year, including dating, dinner, travel, festivals, in short, this watch is To accompany the hostess through every wonderful 365 days.

In addition to watches, Chanel’s classic surfboards, bags and books also add a lot to the theme of 365.

   The protagonist appears, as the first J watch specifically designed for women in the history of Chanel, the case diameter is the same as its name, an exclusive 36.5 mm, in order to make this watch more unique, designers Especially with the 18K Beige beige gold material exclusively created by Chanel this year, the elegance and luxury index of this watch has taken it to a new level. Beige gold seems to have a magic power, and the titanium ceramic watch with it is also blooming. A different glory than ever.

   J12 365 has 8 watches in different colors, 4 black ceramics and 4 white ceramics, all equipped with mechanical movement. Each color ceramic is divided into beige gold, beige gold diamond models and stainless steel and stainless steel Diamond, I personally recommend white ceramic beige gold.

The white ceramic stainless steel model seems to look more glamorous.

Diamond-set watch with 69 diamonds on the inner bezel and 68 diamonds on the ivory guilloché dial.

   The J12 black watch was launched in 2000 and immediately became the first iconic watch masterpiece of the 21st century. The birth of black J12 has made high-tech precision ceramics a precious watchmaking material, and deep black has also become the mainstream color of new generation watches.

If you are still struggling with whether it is black or white, then black and white are all.

As can be seen from the side, the J12 365 watch is of medium thickness and extremely smooth lines, perfectly integrated into the bracelet.

   In the art gallery of this event, Chanel showed us 15 photographs of his watch. These works were created by French temple-level photographers. The pose of the model on the picture is in harmony with the position of the needle. Three of the more representative works were specially selected for everyone to enjoy.

   Of course, the most exciting part of the activity is to try it on in person. In this part, I personally experienced the extraordinary charm of J12 365. Although I am a male, I also love him and eagerly hope that 365 hastened Let’s have a male model.

   Finally, Chanel has prepared interesting table football games for everyone. Only black and white football machines have once again perfectly interpreted Chanel’s unique Feel! Finally, I wish that J12 365 will get everyone’s recognition and great success.