Jacques Dro Ceramic Mother-of-pearl Large Second Hand, Praise Christmas Pure Love

Pleasant elegant winter dance of snow and ice. In this warm Christmas, the courtesy full of deep love and wishes will also come on schedule. GrandeSecondeCeramic of Jacques Dero ceramic pearl mother-of-pearl flows in the ticking sound, the crystal white snow echoes the color of mother-of-pearl, and a pure Christmas gift is warmed in the palm of your hand.

Gifts of Time Gift to Friends

The ceramic mother-of-pearl large second hand is a smart choice for gifting friends. Through the magical pattern of the dial, it reflects the growth process of mother-of-pearl, as if reflecting the precious moments shared with friends. The soft halo emanating from the mother-of-pearl contrasts with the ceramic case, showing the extraordinary craftsmanship of Jacques Dero in the field of mineral dials.

Today’s Gifts Thank you family

Christmas time should be with family and bring the best gifts to the family. Jacques de Ronaldo’s classic icon, the large second hand, allows the current time to flow into each other’s heart and fill the joy of reunion. The large second hand ring and the hour and minute hand ring are divided and intersected in a golden ratio. The extremely beautiful design has been used ever since. It has not changed through the four centuries, allowing each minute to infiltrate affection and flash light.

Tomorrow’s gift to myself

Rewarding yourself is especially important throughout the year. The white ceramic case of Jacques Dro Ceramic Large Seconds watch has a unique shape and is self-contained, which embodies the brand’s extraordinary production technology and innovative spirit. Careful, perfect, just like you want to be a better yourself.

Wan Ranran, listening to the Christmas bell, Jacques Dro ceramic large second hand watch, praise this warm festival. Whether it’s a gift to friends, family, or yourself, this night will be the perfect Christmas time.

Ceramic mother-of-pearl large seconds

Mother-of-pearl dial
White ceramic case
Automatic movement
68-hour power reserve
White rubber strap
Set with 4 diamonds (0.12 carat)
44mm in diameter
Suggested retail price: RMB142,000