Green Beret, This Is Perhaps The Most Cost-effective Swiss Watch

The word ‘cost-effective’ always seems to be incompatible with Swiss watches. It gives people a sense of how expensive a Swiss watch is: how often is it 40,000 or 100,000? If you tell me that a Swiss watch with a cool shape, strong water resistance, and functions in two places only needs more than 7,000, what is your first reaction? Certina DS Action GMT Powermatic 80 watch Do not doubt, this is a pure Swiss watch. Founded in 1888, the brand belongs to the world’s largest professional watch group-Swatch Group. And this watch is Certina DS Action kinetic energy series GMT Powermatic 80 watch, nicknamed green beret. Green Belle first referred to the US Army Special Forces. This is the first regularized special force in the United States, specializing in unconventional warfare and special reconnaissance. Because the tasks performed are relatively special, the quality of the team members is relatively high. Not only does each team member have his or her own specialty, but he must have at least one foreign language. And Certina’s green beret, in addition to normal travel time, also has a new ability-GMT. Its function is completed by a special GMT pointer. The most direct benefit of GMT is that when you travel abroad, you don’t always have to count the time in China. As long as this hand is set, the domestic time can be grasped at any time. Moreover, the watch uses a 24-hour display, so we can easily know whether the second time zone is day or night. Green Belle uses a stylish and eye-catching design, but compared to the GMT function of this watch, the design of the watch is more my heart. This is an age that pays attention to beauty, and looks good and is popular everywhere. Take the mobile phone as an example, Liu Haiping’s screen ratio is already high enough, but some people feel that it is not fun and thinks that the water drop screen is more pleasant to look at, even the best is a full screen, and it requires hyperboloids. The same goes for watches. Although the movement parameters are also important, if it is not good-looking, no matter how powerful the technology is, it will be difficult to attract people’s interest. After all, technology is for people. Only when it is combined with aesthetics can it really attract attention and stimulate people’s desire to buy. Taking a purely technical route may cater to a small number of people, but it is difficult to get the majority’s approval. So sometimes I see brands that focus on technology but don’t mind the ‘look’, and I’m really anxious for them. Already spent so much time on technology, isn’t it a bit more work to design? The watch uses the three main color technologies of green, black and white to make it even better. If you are sorry, the market performance is bleak, so how can you invest your money in future research and development? No matter how deep the feelings or the best technology, no one can help but become a cloud of smoke. Therefore, the watch design department is actually a very important department, but its importance is often overlooked. How to make a watch look good is impressive, and willing to pay for it is really a science. Unlike a car, a watch has very limited space. To make various changes in a square inch of space, it is best to have a distinctive mark of your own brand, and it must not be copied, otherwise people will look down on it, which is really not easy. The famous actor Li Guangjie is a recognized faction in the entertainment industry. He usually likes music and photography, and has always supported the cause of environmental protection. In addition to his role as an actor, he is also the PADI Marine Health Ambassador, the first Chinese PADI scuba diver to receive this award. The picture above shows Li Guangjie wearing a green beret watch. Certina’s green beret starts with the appearance and pays close attention to the design. It not only retains the classic features of the brand, but also adopts a new and more eye-catching new design, which impresses people with high-value. The entire watch has three main colors-green, black and white. The three classic colors are interwoven and blended to create a fashion that is astonishing. The watch uses a stainless steel case and is plated with black PVD, adding a touch of toughness to fashion. The unique triangular hour hand complements the GMT hands, which are also triangular. The front end of the second hand is round and embedded with white luminous material. The other pointers and time markers are covered with green luminous material. In addition, in the lower half of the outside of the dial, the green main color is also used. The black dial with white numbers presents a ‘black and white’ pattern. The only exception is the text GMT Powermatic 80, which is still displayed in green font. When everyone is negligent, if you accidentally cause the watch to enter the water, especially the very expensive watch, it will definitely hurt. At this time, a watch that is extremely waterproof and durable is particularly important. Since Green Belle belongs to the DS Action kinetic energy series, it naturally inherits the fine traditions of the series, such as waterproof, shockproof, etc. It is a watch that makes people wear very worry-free. The watch uses a back-through design, with a power reserve of 80 hours. The watch is water-resistant to 200 meters. The overall style is more casual and sporty. Although it is 43 mm in diameter, it is not very large when worn on the hand. In terms of power reserve, Green Belle also keeps up with the trend of the times. It has a strong 80-hour power, and with a canvas strap, it has a smart temperament at a glance. Talking about watches and not talking about prices are hooligans. Finally, I would like to say that the price of this green beret of Certina is only 7250 yuan.