Gphg 2018 Announced The List Of 72 Timepieces That Passed The Pre-selection

On September 3, 2018, the 18th GPHG (Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards) jury made a preliminary decision, and the Foundation’s official website announced a list of 72 timepieces that had been preselected. The 72 timepieces are divided into 12 categories, with a total of 16 awards designed to pay tribute to the best timepiece creation of the year, including the prestigious Aiguilled’OrGrandPrix.

 The 18th GPHG attracted all major watchmaking groups, as well as some independent watchmakers, to record a new number of participating brands. The creation of timepieces from big and small brands adheres to the spirit of unity to compete, enhance the international reputation of industries that constantly break the boundaries of technology and art, and show impressive vitality. The 2018 jury is composed of 31 industry experts and enthusiastic devotees from different backgrounds. They will gather in early November to evaluate pre-selected watches and conduct secret ballots.
 On Friday, November 9th, the 18th GPHG winners will be announced at an awards ceremony at the Léman Theatre in Geneva. Mr. Johann Schneider-Ammann, Swiss Federal Councillor and Minister of Economic Affairs, Geneva authorities, and representatives of the international watchmaking industry will attend the ceremony to praise the art of watchmaking. French actor and producer Edouard Baer will host the event, which will be broadcast live on Euronews, and some international media cooperation sites. At the same time keeping up with the development of the Internet world, GPHG will also build a digital platform ( so that netizens can browse pictures, interviews and other information in real time.
 GPHG will bring the watches preselected by the jury to carry out a global tour, providing a rare opportunity for the international public to appreciate the diversity of contemporary watchmaking presented by more than 40 brands. On September 28, GPHG will cooperate with BMW Italy to host an event in Arsenal, Venice. Next, 72 watches will be flown to Hong Kong and exhibited at the Liangyi Tibetan Museum from October 10th to 11th. First, they will organize private events with the main partner LGT Bank, and then organize public exhibitions in cooperation with Weiyang Winery. From October 17th to 21st, 72 watches will travel to Singapore. The famous retailer Orcas will organize a tour at the Mammison Hotel Boutique and hold exclusive events during the exhibition’s opening hours to the public.
 After returning to Geneva, 72 watches will be in the Geneva Museum of Art and History from November 1st to 14th. At that time, GPHG will present a variety of exhibitions with the support of several local institutions, interpreting index art and culture.
List of 72 pre-selected watches (12 categories, 6 in each category)
Ladies’Preselected Timepiece

Ladies’Complication Preselected Timepiece

Best Men’s Watches

Best Complicated Men’s Complication Preselected Timepiece

Best Chronograph Preselected Chronograph

Best Chronometry Preselected Timepiece

Best mechanical innovation watch (MechanicalException) pre-selected timepiece?

Best Sports Watch Preselected Timepiece?

Best Jewellery Preselected Timepiece

The best craft table (ArtisticCrafts) preselected timepiece?

Small pointer award (PetiteAiguille) preselected timepiece

Best Challenge Table (Challenge) pre-selected timepieces