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Radar has been seeking breakthroughs in watch technology. Today, the editor will introduce a radar ultra-thin watch-Radar True Thinline series, this watch reflects a remarkable ultra-thin beauty, refreshing.
Disdain the Group’s technological breakthrough

 With an ultra-thin beauty of less than 5mm (some styles), the Swiss Radar True Thinline series has pushed high-tech ceramic materials to another peak that can be proud of the industry. Since 1986, the Swiss Rado has been the pioneer of high-tech materials in the watch manufacturing industry. Today, it has also created ultra-thin high-tech ceramic watches. The Swiss Rado True Thinlin series.
Uncompromising design style

 Radar The True Thinline series has a simple and elegant case, with golden dazzling scales (real diamonds are diamond scales), placed under the sapphire crystal arched mirror, showing its charm. The case is made of high-tech ceramic material, which shows sensual fashion and excellent comfort.
Modern style

 The ultra-thin high-tech ceramic case, whether it is paired with a smooth and light rubber strap, or a moist and delicate ceramic strap, shows a unique and delicate aesthetic, with a modern style. In order to achieve this new ultra-thin structure, all watch components have been thoroughly re-engineered to ensure perfect integration, including the ultra-thin quartz movement unique to Swiss Rado. With precision and rigorous manufacturing processes, the Swiss Rado True Thinline watches not only possess all the superior characteristics of high-tech ceramics, such as top comfort and hardness, but also have the advantages of extreme lightness.
Intimately fit the temperature of true love

 The pioneer of Swiss watch innovation, Swiss Rado condenses beyond contemporary watchmaking technology to create ultra-thin high-tech ceramic watches. Swiss Rado True Thinline series is dedicated to the most intimate lovers. With its breathtaking ultra-thin beauty, the True Thinline watch brings the most intimate and comfortable wearing experience on the wrist.
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