Fresh And Stylish Tasting Movado Serena Series 0606624 Watch

Since its establishment, Movado has been pursuing excellence in design, devoting itself to Swiss watchmaking and technological innovation. The elegant whiteness of ceramics contrasts with the pure coolness of stainless steel, and the softness of the watch’s dial contours shapes the fresh and elegant temperament of Serena series watches, and gives this series of watches a striking sense of fashion. Today’s Watch House brings you a Movado Serena series watch, the official model: 0606624.

   Movado means ‘perpetual motion’ in Esperanto. It can be seen from the mission established by the brand founder Dietzheimer for the company. The Movado word was created in 1881 and has created a watch Many classic masterpieces in the history of the altar. The dot at twelve o’clock on the dial of the watch is the most legendary design still in use since 1947.

Serena 0606624 watch

   The watch case is made of stainless steel, surrounded by two rows of 120 diamonds, the watch diameter is 36 mm, white and white. The strap is composed of elegant milky white ceramic and pure stainless steel in a three-row chain structure. The soft contours shape the fresh and elegant style of the watch, while at the same time having a very fashionable sense. Inside is equipped with a quartz movement.

Crown in cream white ceramic and stainless steel

   The crown of the watch is made of stainless steel and inlaid with white ceramic, which is round and smooth, which is more beautiful and delicate. The crown can be used to adjust the time of the watch.

Ceramic and stainless steel strap

   The strap of the watch is made of pure stainless steel and is made of milky white ceramics. It is made into a three-row chain structure. It is comfortable to wear, stylish and not monotonous.

Round and smooth diamond case

   The stainless steel case is polished to give it a beautiful, smooth, rounded and soft contour. The watch is surrounded by two rows of diamonds, making the watch more beautiful and stylish.

Folding clasp

   The watch buckle is a folding buckle. This kind of buckle is easy to open and close. After closing, the straps on both sides fit naturally, which is comfortable and beautiful to wear.

Stainless steel upright lugs

   The watch’s lugs are also made of stainless steel, which is cast in one piece with the case. The shape is upright two ears, and the three-row chain stainless steel-ceramic bracelet necklace is beautiful and firm.

Elegant white dial

   The dial of the watch is white, using silver hour markers and silver crown prince hands, with the iconic sun dot at twelve o’clock, and a date display window at six o’clock.

Date display on the dial
   At the six o’clock position of the white dial of the watch, there is a circular date display window displaying the date in Arabic numerals.

Stainless steel case back

   The watch uses a stainless steel case back with a dense bottom design, which can effectively protect the movement, which is engraved with the watch brand.

Summary: This Movado Serena series 0606624 follows the usual style of this series, with a round contour case and a three-row chain strap. The simple dial, crown prince hands, round case and stylish strap of this watch create a fresh and stylish style, which is very suitable for women.