Exotic Leather Manufacture Strap-news Swatch Group

Recently Swiss TV strongly reported the unacceptable situation of purchasing exotic animal leather. The senior management of Swatch Group took the following measures:
If leather from the Far East proves usable and all raw material sources can be inspected on-site, then the Swatch Group FEPS Far East Procurement Services will immediately decide to purchase. Swiss television reports that products made from questionable raw materials have no place in the products supplied by the Swatch Group.
With its FEPS, Swatch Group has maintained an effective quality control system for many years. The responsibility of this system is to inspect and regularly monitor all suppliers (including parts, packaging, various equipment, etc.) that supply the group. ), This is done to ensure that the supplier’s products meet the requirements of the Swatch Group. The standards to be implemented include: child labor use, social and environmental conditions acceptable to relevant suppliers, and take effect immediately, animal handling requirements and animal supplies that can be carried out by leather suppliers and local sources, in fact foreign leather only accounts for the The proportion of leather used is very small, and nearly 100% of the leather used comes from domestic animals that are monitored in the United States.
Original source: SWATCHGroup