Elegant Masterpiece 97sk.6.394.21 Skeleton Watch

The Emperor was a watchmaking factory founded in 1860 by the watchmaker Jaude Didison from Alsace, France, in the small town of Saint-Elia in the valley of the watchmaking sanctuary, and later the watch factory Relocated to Dallashoed, Switzerland, where it flourished, until 1910 the emperor officially became a registered trademark in the field of watchmaking and jewelry supply. In its 146-year watchmaking history, Zunhuang brand has continuously pursued breakthroughs. Its long history has made it rich in cultural value and exuded the noble temperament that has been refined by the times.
 Elegant 9 series watches, as the name suggests, are indeed very elegant. All the models are almost simple in appearance and simple in design, but the materials used, the details of the processing and the use of the movement are not simple. Therefore it is considered a low-key aristocracy.
However, as mentioned above, the models of this series are almost simple. Yes, it also has a very special style, that is, the 97SK.6.394.21 skeleton watch.

The Zhuanghuang Elegant 9 Series 97SK.6.394.21 watch continues the simple style of the series, but also breaks through the series’ ‘closed’ dial.
This watch from Zunhuang uses rose gold to create the entire watch, not only the case, but also the crown, buckle and movement components. The materials are full, which is also the tradition that Zunhuang has always used only precious metals in the elegant 9 series. Each watch under the elegant 9 series uses gold materials to highlight the high-end line of the series.
The 41 mm diameter is not that big, it is a size suitable for most men’s wear. In the 36 mm dial diameter space inside, the operation of the machine seems to be at ease.
The hands on the dial are very classic, and the blued-steel hands on the top of the hollowed-out arrow design are very expressive and elegant.
Of course, in addition to these, what should really be appreciated is the hollow design. The beauty of hollowing out is like a person telling you the truth, it reveals everything, waiting for you to appreciate and listen. Hollowing needs to remove all the excess parts of the traditional splint that may block the view, which is very time consuming. At the same time, the structure and layout of the movement must be considered, so these will be designed in advance, and then outline the outline, and then the excess Partial culling. After these steps are over, the most important thing is to polish each part as carefully as possible in order to present the best results.
In addition to the beauty of craftsmanship, full hollowing can fully present the mechanical structure in front of the user’s eyes. This is a kind of self-confidence and a challenge. Any imperfection in details may be seen through by experts, so hollowing out requires not only technology but also courage.

 The movement is the core of a watch. There is no doubt that to understand a watch, the most important thing is to understand its movement. The Zhuanghuang Elegant 9 series 97SK.6.394.21 watch uses the brand-made CAL.16 1/2 2698-2 movement. This movement has a diameter of 36 mm and is a relatively large movement. For 3hz, it is okay. The 46-hour power reserve is unavoidable. After all, the manual-winding movement only has a power reserve of less than two days, which means that it needs to be wound every day. This is a common one for most people. It’s more troublesome, and of course it will be fun for absolute fans of watches.
Apart from this, the hollowed-out movement is a work of art worthy of appreciation. Regardless of which angle you look at, the Emperor will not let you feast your eyes, because it basically has few blind spots. In addition, the hollow design allows the watch friends to pass from the winding to the mainspring energy storage to the gear to the escapement, and finally the whole process is clear at a glance, showing the wonderfulness of the mechanical origin to the greatest extent. The Zunhuang brand is a brand full of aristocracy, and its models show a subtle temperament in a simple and low-key style, but low-key never means being ignored. In many cases, it will be a flash point. Zunhuang Watch is such a style, it is subtle and unpretentious, but the taste is so compelling.
The Respected and Elegant 9 Series 97SK.6.394.21 watch uses the noble and elegant rose gold as the material to set the high-end and elegant tone of the table below, and presents the beauty of machinery and art with full hollow, which is a particularly prominent one in the series. The shape of the hands and the internal structure are modeled after a pocket watch produced by the Emperor in the 1920s. This pocket watch can be said to be the representative of a few minimalist hollow-out watches at that time, showing the unique beauty of strength.