Earl And Dali Cross-border Cooperation ‘dali D’ Or’ Golden Magic Kingdom

Piaget, Switzerland’s top watch and jewellery brand, is both a famous watchmaker and a jewellery master. The talent and soul of dual skills allow Piaget to wander between traditional culture and the two fields created by innovation. Create successful masterpieces that perfectly blend the two. Piaget’s arrogant craftsmanship technology is reflected in its continuous and uninterrupted innovation of ancient skills, and its precious gold and jewels condense people’s hearts and stir magical art forms. The endless creative design makes Its artistic creation is fascinating and timeless.
  Piaget is the first brand to integrate professional watchmaking with jewellery, and the first dreamer to believe that “wristwatch is jewelry, and jewelry can also be a watch.” Piaget views “time” from a different perspective. And through various forms to stimulate the infinite possibilities of creation. Piaget is willing to challenge the norms, and to continuously create and enhance the artistic value of the work. In the 1960s, Piaget broke the established image attitude and shared the passion for creativity with the artist Salvador Dali, casting a series of ‘Dali d’Or’ works. It also pushed the popularity of Piaget brand to the peak of creative abundance. This series is currently part of the collection at the Geneva headquarters. This cross-border art creation will be airlifted to Taiwan for the first time from 6 / 16-9 / 30 this year, and this year’s most watched ‘Crazy Dali-Surrealist Master Special’ ‘Exhibition’, cross-border exhibition at the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, a sight for watch fans and art lovers.
Piaget’s first air shipment to Taiwan ‘Dali d’ Or’ series presented brilliantly
  This year’s most watched ‘Crazy Dali-Surrealist Masters Special Exhibition’ will feature many well-known large-scale sculptures, as well as many brilliant cross-border performances such as gold jewelry, movies, furniture … Piaget was invited to exhibit the classic art work ‘Dali d’Or’ series. It will also plan an independent exhibition area. With elegant and simple display and blue-black space, Piaget Geneva headquarters will display the classic collection of the ‘Gallery of Time’ overall space design. , Recreating Taipei with the same concept and atmosphere, invite you to experience a fantasy journey of art.
  Piaget’s ‘Dali d’Or’ series originated in the 1950s. Piaget broke the barrier of watch thickness and influenced watchmaking creativity, and successively launched the first ultra-thin movement 9P with a thickness of only 2 mm, and only 2.3 mm. The thinnest automatic mechanical movement 12P ever. Until 1967, the new ‘currency’ created by the surreal magician Salvador Dali, ‘Dali d’Or’, inspired the imagination of Piaget to challenge cross-border creation.
  Dali used four gold coins of different sizes and currency values ​​to create a variety of crazy imaginations at 5 Mao, 1 Yuan, 2 Yuan, and 5 Yuan. The front face of the gold coin has the famous beard outline of this crazy artist. It is inseparable from it. It is his creative inspiration, his wife Gala. The back of the gold coin is engraved with ‘egg’. Dali painting The periodic symbol in represents a world that is just in its incubation period, and an imagination that symbolizes the future world.
  Piaget and Dali shared their passion for creativity, and successively created a series of works including watches, pocket watches, bracelets, cufflinks, etc. with ‘Dali d’Or’ gold coins cast by Dali, from 900/1000 ‘Dali d’Or’ gold coins made of pure gold are issued in limited editions and are engraved with independent limited edition numbers. Piaget not only introduced unprecedented luxury into the traditional watchmaking industry, causing a wave of excitement. The eternal masterpiece inspired by the close and similar creative views of Dali sublimated the watchmaking process. Solemnly ascended the art hall.

Piaget and Dali 6/16 ~ 9/30 at the Cross-Border Fantasy Exhibition at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
  5 pieces of ‘Dali d’Or’ series on display, including a mysterious watch of gold coins, pendant chain, cufflinks, banknote clip and key ring, are created with Dali’s famous gold coins, creating a unique texture and detail that belong to the earl. Beauty. Among them, the most representative mysterious watch of gold coins, in addition to 24K gold engraved portraits, is equipped with Piaget’s 9P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, and puts the ultra-thin movement in the ‘coin’ case. Whether it is creativity and technology, it presents Piaget’s ultra-luxury craftsmanship and infinite imagination.
  Piaget and Dali will join hands in the ‘Crazy Dali-Surrealist Masters Special Exhibition’ from 6/16 to 9/30 and will be grandly displayed in the Jieshi Hall and Ruiyuan Hall of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Top watch and jewellery brands and The spark of art inspired by the cross-border cooperation of art masters leads you into the golden magic country of ‘Dali d’Or’.