Cindy.Crawford Debuts At Omega Moscow Gum Boutique

Cindy Crawford, the supermodel, appeared in Moscow on October 4 and was invited to participate in the brand ambassador for the watch brand Omega. Opening ceremony of the boutique. Omega President Stephen Urquhart accompanied and introduced the overview of the new Omega store.
Omega President Stephen Urquhart and Cindy & middot; Crawford
Cindy & middot; Crawford attends the opening ceremony of Omega’s GUM department store in Moscow
Cindy & middot; Crawford at Omega Moscow GUM Department Store
Cindy & middot; Crawford outside GUM in Moscow
Cindy Crawford, a supermodel actor, has been an Omega image ambassador since 1995. The extraordinary looks and unique temperament perfectly interpret the Omega brand image. In the past, Crawford also personally participated in the design of the ConstellationCollection ‘My Choice’ (MyChoice) watch.
About the Omega GUM boutique:
Located in the GUM department store, it was opened as early as 2006. The store incorporates the global design concept of Omega, which is full of decorative elements such as air, water, earth, sun, time, etc. Founded in 1893, GUM Department Store and Red Square (Moscow Red Square) are one of Russia’s most famous department stores, with a large number of luxury brand stores.