Charming Celestial Watch Chasing The Stars And The Sea

The fascinating celestial watch always attracts people’s gaze for a long time, and everyone radiates their imagination from the map of the stars and the moon. In addition to the romantic poetry that makes people linger, the human mind contained in the starry watch is the positive interpretation of the courage to face the unknown world.
Everyone emits their imagination from the map of the stars and the moon
Few people can resist the energy of the celestial watch that changes between the stars and the moon. A watch enthusiast posted a high-definition picture of the [celestial chart watch] on Weibo, and many people responded that it was too ‘toxic’! The Patek Philippe 5002P watch, the sought-after Patek Philippe 5002P watch, is difficult to surpass, but the latecomers have taken a different approach. Hermes Attelage Céleste enamel models will be fascinated by the debut of this year; Independent watchmaker MB & F will break through the ‘Big Impact Hypothesis’ Reflected in the new MOONMACHINE watch.
Patek Philippe 5002P watch
The Patek Philippe 5002P, hailed by collectors as the best work in existence, is Patek Philippe’s most complicated watch product since its founding. The movement is rich in 686 parts to form the 12 most important watch complications: tourbillon, perpetual calendar , Monthly calendar, leap year cycle, week, month, date, flyback, three questions, sky map, moon phases and moon track. Because of its technical complexity and ingenious design, only one of 180 Patek Philippe master watchmakers can make this model.
The sky map on the front and back of the 清晰 clearly shows the activity of the stars. The sky map of the northern hemisphere (or optionally the southern hemisphere) rotates counterclockwise, showing the movement of the stars and the moon, the moon and Sirius’ mid-sky and moon phases profit and loss. The two hands in the center display the stellar time on a twenty-four hour scale. Use the oval line to show the range of night sky visible at a specific location. The sapphire glass display disk has 279 teeth. It keeps running to keep track of the moon’s angular operation. The moon phase is displayed in a small circular hole. The bottom cover also supports a 24-hour stellar time display and golden oval lines, which can frame the sky range visible at a certain location.
Hermès Attelage Céleste enamel watch
望 Looking at the stars Hermes Attelage Céleste enamel watch
Hermes watches are based on the brand’s 2012 theme ‘The Gift of Time’. They are drawn from the cosmic starry sky and incorporate the elements of the galaxy into the Arceau pocket watch series, including an Attelage Céleste enamel watch with a little starlight.
Arceau Attelage Céleste watch is a beautiful star map
Arceau Attelage Céleste watch is a beautiful star map, under the starry sky, Hermes’ carriage pattern is still unique. The watch is equipped with a H1928 self-winding movement developed exclusively by Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier. The solid gold oscillating weight is decorated with the H-mark texture dedicated to Hermes. The round white gold case exudes beautiful natural beauty, with asymmetrical lug design and indigo blue alligator leather strap, echoing the brand’s horse leather tradition.
Seven-Star Arch Moon MB & F MOONMACHINE
The idea of ​​MB & F, an independent watchmaking laboratory, is always shocking and impressive. Following the previous models of HM3, HM3 Frog, and HM4, together with Finnish independent watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva, based on HM3 Frog, launched a MOONMACHINE watch with a unique seven-star arch moon and moon phase indication.
MOONMACHINE watch with unique seven-star arch moon and moon phase indication
According to the ‘Giant Impact’ 4.5 billion years ago, a celestial body about the size of Mars, named ‘Theia’, was attracted by the newly formed earth’s gravity, colliding with the earth, and impacting the force. Throw a part of the ground letter and the ‘Ziaia’ fragments into space, but the gravity of the earth pulled these fragments and let them move along a fixed orbit. After some time, these fragments formed the brightest that people look up to today. Celestial Moon. It was this beautiful collision that inspired Stepan after the disaster, and created the superb MOONMACHINE on MB & F HM3 Frog.
Towards dark blue limited edition Athens Blue Sea
Athens watch’s new Blue Sea watch is suitable for water sports and designed for extreme situations. Blue Sea is both a diving tool and an exquisite timepiece. The two functions are perfectly combined. It is equipped with an automatic movement, equipped with a 42-hour power reserve display, an oversized second hand and a large date window.
The entire Blue Sea movement is covered with a layer of blue steel with a thickness of only one micron.
Blue Sea is a symbol of youth and vitality, as it showcases the watch’s continuous improvement in watchmaking technology. Its 45.8 mm diameter stainless steel case is specially treated through a complex Vulcanization Process, so that the surface of the case is covered with a blue rubber coating, highlighting the extraordinary appearance and comfort. The transparent case back design allows you to admire the blue movement. The main plate of the movement is made of blue steel titanium alloy, and the main plate and the blue automatic plate cooperate with each other. The entire Blue Sea movement is covered with a layer of blue steel with a thickness of only one micron. Although lightweight and thin, it has a hardness of 1500 HV.
Band and dial are decorated with brand-specific ripple patterns, which greatly enhances the beauty of the watch. The hour markers, hour and minute hands are made of blue luminous material, and the time is clear and easy to read. Blue Sea’s rubber strap with black enamel components and unique blue enamel folding buckle clings to the wrist of the wearer, enhancing the reliability of the watch.
影像 Moon image Piaget Emperador coussin moon phase watch
The Earl’s Emperador coussin moon phase watch represents the unique symbolic meaning of the moon phase dial to the art of watchmaking. In a huge case with a diameter of 46.5 mm, a movable cover slowly reveals the platinum moon phase disk underneath, and then repeatedly covers it, repeatedly repeating the operation principle of the moon. And the moon phase dial which is processed by baking process, its uneven pits make the transformation of the moon come to life in the alternating black and white image.
星 Astral map of Paris night sky Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris watch
The astrological map of the Paris night sky cleverly combines the flying time with the bustling city. The unpredictable astrological map is sprinkled on the circular arc dial of aventurine. Each star is composed of gold dots painted by hand. The dial rotates on a 365-day cycle, with subtle changes barely noticeable. In addition, according to your preference, you can position the starry sky map on a specific date, such as birthday, and set ‘exclusive sky’.