Cartier Tank Watch Under The Lens Of David Bailey

Cartier has a great idea. He invited David Bailey to take photos of several famous celebrity friends of the brand wearing the famous ‘Tank’ watch and talk about time. And the topic of watches.

This resulted in a beautiful set of works and interesting ideas about time.

   For photography, David Bailey explained, ‘Photography is fun. It’s always fun if you don’t take it too seriously. It’s not just about taking pictures, it’s trying to evoke people every time Certain characteristics of it. It has to have personality and have its own point of view. They are all great! Cartier has always been the best watch, a classic. ‘

Celebrities photographed wearing their watches include:
Rupert Everett

I think the Tank de Cartier watch is very beautiful. Chic, not showing off, but very present.


What makes time stop for you?

This is a complex issue. Time is given to reason by thought, and if we do not think, there is no concept of time. Time is neither a friend nor an enemy.

It is a fact of existence.

What’s your favorite time?

At about 6 or 7 in the afternoon, before the night comes, all work has been completed at this time.

Lucy Liu

Do you usually wear a watch?

Yes, I always have the habit of wearing a watch and always wear it on my left hand.

For you, do watches have to be passed down? Or a collection?

Actually, I never thought that much when I bought a watch.

All my watches are gifts. I always think that giving a watch is a classic and beautiful way of expression. As you get older, the watch you send will become more special and more valuable, with historical significance.

When I was doing art, time seemed to stop. Whenever I perform, time flies, because at that moment you have no sense of time, you just live that moment with that emotion and feeling. If you want to do a lot of things and want to go through more wonderful processes, then time is not always with you. So I always wear a watch so I can make sure I can do my best to integrate into every day.

Alice Dellal

What’s your favorite time?

Definitely 4.20 PM!

Time is both a friend and an enemy! I like to spend more time on myself and have time to do what I want, but then again, I have to go to many places when I work … Sometimes, I need more time.

I can say that time is love and hate, which is quite interesting. Whenever I have fun, time will stop. I like music. When I play drums, time flies.