Brilliant Light Earl High Jewellery Watch

Dazzling, eye-catching, gorgeous … Piaget has fully integrated this charming light into its high-end jewelry watches, adding infinite embellishment to this year.

 PIAGET Limelight Party Disco Ball face plate set with a total of 114 diamonds (about 2.1 carats) / folding clasp set with 10 diamonds / sapphire crystal / black silk strap
At the Grand Watchmaking Awards in Geneva, the PIAGET Limelight Party Disco Ball women’s watch has won the best female jewelry watch award. Piaget has always been an important indicator of the top clock industry. It is worth mentioning that the watch masterpieces that can be affirmed in this award must be produced by all top watch studios, watchmakers and brands. Only the best choice can win, such glory is very rare.

PIAGET Limelight Party Disco Ball
This PIAGET Limelight Party “Disco Ball” series watch is inspired by the most legendary Disco mirror ball in the 1970s. The case and face plate are made of 18K white gold with multiple angles to create the outer surface of the hemisphere. Model, and pavé set with 114 diamonds (weighing about 2.1 carats), only to create this very pleasing female watch.
独 This original design not only has a strong symbolic meaning of the times, but also challenges PIAGET’s craftsmanship to create jewelry watches, which is worthy of collection by female players.