Benedict Cumberbatch At Jaeger‑lecoultre’s London Flagship Store To Study Master Watchmaking Courses

British actor and Jaeger‑LeCoultre brand ambassador Benedict Cumberbatch has recently appeared at Jaeger‑LeCoultre’s flagship store in London and attended a private watchmaking master course.

   Camberbach first observed the process of disassembling Jaeger‑LeCoultre 925 movement by Richard Phipps-Carter, one of Jaeger‑LeCoultre’s oldest watchmakers, and later joined the brand’s watchmaker Phipps 31 years ago. Under the guidance of Carter, Cumberbatch learned how to use traditional watchmaking tools to assemble the movement components through many complicated steps, and personally completed some detailed steps.

   ‘Richard shared his expertise with me enthusiastically,’ Cumberbatch said after the class. ‘From engraving and hand-chamfering to silk enamel, gem setting, engraving, and mirror polishing, meticulous operation It takes hours of dedication to complete. Precision in watchmaking is important because even very small errors cannot be erased. ‘

   In a series of private photos taken during the master course, Cumberbatch was sitting on the watchmaker’s workbench, carefully examining the watch components, including the balance wheel of the MasterUltraThinMoon ultra-thin moonphase master series 925 movement. . He then watched a series of Jaeger‑LeCoultre movements displayed in a glass wall cabinet. Cumberbatch wears the Jaeger-LeCoultre series of alarm clocks. This watch is limited to 1,000 pieces and is inspired by the classic original 1968 model.

   In 2019, Jaeger‑LeCoultre will continue to focus on precision watchmaking-the vision of 186 years of watchmaking history, and the brand’s leading position in the Swiss watchmaking mecca of the Jura Mountains. Jaeger‑LeCoultre is proud to invite Benedict Cumberbatch to a tailor-made watchmaking course, where he has a close look at what Jaeger‑LeCoultre watchmakers need in their daily work. Superb craftsmanship, precision and patience. Many of the components in the Jaeger‑LeCoultre movement are very tiny. If they are not observed through a microscope lens, it is easy for laymen to mistake them for dust. Some movement components are only a few millimeters in diameter, and in some cases even measured in micrometers (one millionth of a meter).

   ‘I admire the watchmakers,’ Cumberbatch said. ‘I have visited the Jaeger‑LeCoultre workshop in Switzerland. Their professionalism and meticulous craftsmanship are truly amazing.’

   The design, production and assembly of each Jaeger‑LeCoultre watch is done in Jaeger‑LeCoultre’s large workshop in the Swiss Jura. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Workshop brings together 180 professional skills, 1,250 movements and 400 patents. The quiet and stable Jura Mountains have given generations of watchmakers clear ideas, and constantly put forward the ingenious concept of ‘Dare to be the first in the world’, while focusing on precise timing, fine details, first-class craftsmanship and charming beauty.

   “Before I visited the watchmaking workshop, I did n’t know much about it, even the Vallée de Joux. I do n’t know much about it. The Jura is a mecca for Swiss watchmaking and an unspoiled green natural area.” Cumberbatch said, ‘To be honest, I didn’t know how the manual, fine production, and simulation were performed during the entire watchmaking process. But the specific operation also requires concentration and care. Making watches requires us at different levels. Make inventions and creations, but focus and dedication remain the same. ‘