Bao Di Held A Watch Technology Exchange Event In Hong Kong

According to Watch House, November 21, 2013, the well-known Swiss watch brand Breguet and a print media magazine held a special evening for friends who love watches.

 Of course, the origin of this party is still a major breakthrough in the Breguet brand’s watchmaking technology. Take the Breguet Classique Chronométrie 7727 watch, which should be an interpretation of the latest technological breakthroughs in Breguet watches from various aspects.

 The patented Magnetic Pivot system, which became effective on November 7, 2010, is related to magnetic technology. Breguet pioneered the use of magnetic effects to improve the accuracy and reliability of watches. The launch of the new Classique Chronométrie 7727 proves that Breguet has achieved its goal, giving a new definition of perfect watchmaking.

 Breguet’s latest masterpiece uses a rose or white gold case and is equipped with a 574DR movement. It is a hand-wound time-lapse movement with the latest research and development achievements. Its excellent travel time is derived from the ultra-high frequency of 10 Hz. Its first appearance was loaded in the Chronographe Type XXII chronograph, and it proved the improvement of the chronograph balance spring. Thanks to the brand’s expertise in silicon technology, the new Classique Chronométrie watch is equipped with a specially designed silicon double balance with hairspring, silicon pallet, silicon escape wheel, making this watch not only ultra-high Vibration frequency and excellent precision. In other words, it improves the best timepiece adjustment power, which is generally between 300-400 microwatts, to 830 microwatts. With outstanding kinetic energy storage barrel technology and the use of high-quality lightweight silicon, Breguet has a high-frequency 7727 watch with a power reserve of up to 60 hours.

 In fact, the major technological breakthrough of the Classique Chronométrie watch is the application of the Magnetic Pivot magnetic system. Perhaps, in a few years, this technology will be more widely used. This also improves the accuracy of the watch.

 Of course, in the hygiene of this watch exchange meeting, a small-scale private concert was specially arranged for everyone to enjoy, and taste the essence of timepieces between food and music.