A Bohr Watch With Deep Water Resistance And High Antimagnetic Performance

BALL watches are watches that have just entered the domestic market in recent years, but they are one of the most popular imported watch brands among consumers, especially young people. The reason is that Bol watch is a watch with distinctive personality and characteristics, which can be summarized into the following points:
(A) its night light
Bol watches generally adopt the method of controlling the night light (also called self-luminous miniature gas light), including the characters on the dial and the hands of hours, minutes, and seconds. The luminous effect is very good, and the color of the night light is in addition to the green and orange, and the life of the night light can last more than 25 years.
(Two) its waterproof performance

The waterproof performance is generally better, and basically it is made into deep waterproof, and the waterproof index is generally 50 ~ 300 meters. Through disassembly analysis (the 300-meter water-resistant model), it was found that two waterproof sealing rubber rings were installed at each joint of the case. (Three) its antimagnetic performance
Ball watches generally use soft iron magnetic shielding, that is, it adds a cover (both soft iron materials) on the lining ring around the movement and the movement, so that the entire movement of the watch is wrapped. Therefore, its antimagnetic performance can reach more than 12000A / M, which is much higher than the standard of antimagnetic 4800A / M for general watches.
(Four) its sturdy case
Ball watches mostly use a stainless steel case, which is quite large in diameter and thickness. Sapphire watch glass, some watch crowns and lock safety devices, shock resistance has also passed the 5,000Gs impact test; the straps are stainless Solid core with steel buckle or high quality crocodile or leather strap with pin buckle. With such a match, I feel that both the technicality of the engineer and the rough style of the field adventure are not lacking.
This watch in the photo is a typical Bohr watch, and its dial is also printed with ANTI-MAGNETIC (anti-magnetic). You know, current watches are not written with anti-magnetic logo. If you write, It shows that it is deliberately emphasizing the super antimagnetic ability of the watch. If your work is often in a high magnetic field environment, it is undoubtedly suitable to bring such a watch.
There is also a line of English letters ENGINEER-HYDROCARBON, which should be translated into a chemical engineer, right? ‘Engineer’ is a favorite word used by Ball watches, it is more enthusiastic than IWC watches, and ‘chemical engineer’ may be the extraordinary sealing performance of this watch.
This watch is quite weighty, it has reached 217 grams! It is enough to bring it down the wrist. It has a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 14.5mm. It uses the ETA 2893-2 movement and has a GMT time zone indication (or 12/24 hour indication) function. Watch model: X000000765285, the market retail price is 19600 yuan.