Huang Xiaoming Incarnates A Cool Driver And Interprets The Tissot Sports Series Watch

Asian handsome sportsman with full film work, under the hope of fans, finally came to Taiwan as the brand’s global spokesperson for the second time on the Tissot table, wearing cool 2012 The new racing style watch brings a refreshing surprise to Taiwan fans! On the day of the press conference, he matched the ‘TISSOT T-Race MotoGP 2012 Limited Collector’s Edition’ with a handsome figure next to the heavy-duty locomotive, allowing fans to frantically capture the charming style of idols. On August 29th, in addition to attending a press conference on the launch of Tissot watches at the Xihua Hotel in Taipei, he also appeared in the East District of Taipei and personally cut the ribbon for the opening of the famous Zhongxiao Tissot watch store in Taipei, wherever he went, he caused a commotion. Everyone wants to see the personal charm of superstars. Huang Xiaoming also kindly helped fans sign autographs to show the personal charm of Asian superstars. Guests gathered at the press conference, including: Peter Szabo, general manager of Swatch Group Taiwan Branch, Maria Ahnebrink, global public relations director of Tissot Watch, Li Qian, deputy general manager of Tissot Watch Taiwan, etc., all attended the congratulations and jointly launched the launching ceremony with the brand spokesperson Huang Xiaoming Foresee the brilliant vision of the new stage of Tissot. The brand also presented Huang Xiaoming with a ‘Tissot Glory, Continue Mingming’ trophy. Congratulations to Tissot for renewing the contract with Huang Xiaoming and working together to create another peak, and encouraged Huang Xiaoming to continue to challenge and break through in the performing arts. Affirmation of getting more awards on. Huang Xiaoming visits Taipei to perform Tissot’s racing fashion
The trend of personality revealed in the fast-moving brand spokesperson trendy recommendation
    Huang Xiaoming came to Taiwan for the second time to participate in endorsement activities for the beloved Tissot watch. He appeared in a strong outfit, causing a lot of turmoil everywhere, showing the charm of the big stars. Huang Xiaoming raised his hands and wore a style Becoming an indicator of fashion taste, when it comes to styling, Huang Xiaoming also shared his preferences: in the low-key Suixing, with individual accessories to highlight personal characteristics, with an exquisite watch that has both practicality and styling. Is the first choice. Tissot watches are famous all over the world for their professional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship, and their lively and innovative styles are widely loved by the world! The Tissot watch series launched in 2012 continued the craze of the annual Olympic Games. It perfectly integrated the spirit of sports and racing into the design of the watch, showing a unique dynamic aesthetics. ‘T-Race MotoGP 2012 Limited Collector’s Edition’, the bright yellow and black two-tone design is amazing, and inspired by the design elements of motorcycle racing to create a watch shape, people can create any unique highlights full of style.

    Tissot strongly recommends a number of sports-style watches this year. The stunning trend design perfectly reflects the core spirit of the brand’s ‘extraordinary creativity, derived from tradition.’ The press conference also announced the ‘TISSOT T-Race Nick Hayden 2012 Limited Edition’ Watch ‘,’ TISSOT T-Touch Expert 2012 Special Edition ‘,’ TISSOT T-Race 2012 Limited Diamond Watch ‘,’ TISSOT T-Touch II Touch ‘ Inductive Women’s Watches ‘and’ TISSOT Couturier Automatic Constructor Series Automatic Women’s Watches ‘. Both men’s and women’s watches are eye-catching masterpieces with unique styles. They are dazzling and dazzling. Elegant Temperament!

Huang Xiaoming appeared in the East District of Taipei. Celebrating the opening of the Taipei Zhongxiao Tissot Watch Store
The charm of superstars hits the whole Taiwan, fans are warmly waiting
    In the past, when filming in Taiwan, Huang Xiaoming was quite familiar with Taipei. He appeared in the eastern district of Taipei’s fashion trend indicator in the afternoon and felt very happy. Not only was he surrounded by a large number of media and movie fans, but he also caused a lot of commotion in the eastern district. In the mid-summer afternoon, Huang Xiaoming handsomely arrived at the Taipei Zhongxiao Tissot Watch Store, performed the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony with the brand representative, and kindly signed the fans. Huang Xiaoming said: The Taipei Zhongxiao Tissot watch boutique shop reopened in the East District where celebrity fashion converges. It is the fifth direct-selling boutique in Taiwan. The trendy and bright store design attracts stoppers of boutique consumers. The brand-new boutique not only has independent and comfortable stores. Professional watch appreciation space, dazzling and exquisite new watches deserve to be tasted carefully, adding a new fashion focus for Taipei City, watch fans are welcome to come and watch.

    Recently, the filming of ‘Great Shanghai’ has just ended, and then another new film ‘Chinese Partner’ has been performed. Huang Xiaoming’s variety of attempts and variety of styles have always surprised fans. In recent years, in addition to the continuous introduction of different types of In addition to his work, he is also actively involved in the investment and planning of movies. His attitude of pursuing innovation and not setting limits for himself is in line with the brand spirit of Tissot. This year, he renewed his contract with the brand and hopes to work together in a spirit of positive innovation. Create another peak.

Mingshi Releases A New Series Of Image Blockbusters ‘meet Chen Kun, Interpretation Of Gentleman Style’

Swiss fine watch brand with a history of 186 years
Join hands with the global image ambassador, a model of contemporary celebrity Chen Kun
Introduced a new series of image blockbuster ‘Meet Chen Kun, interpretation of gentleman style’

Blockbuster highlights
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Interpretation of famous men, Chen Kun, and contemporary famous men
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