Ephj Trade Show: Confidence Index Continues To Increase In 2013

Just three weeks after the 2012 exhibition, two-thirds of the exhibitors have already booked their booths for 2013. In particular, more than 300 sub-contractors in the watch industry have confirmed that they will continue to participate next year. This unprecedented early renewal rate is a clear sign, breaking all records before 2012 and showing exhibitors’ high confidence in the show.
Looking back at the past exhibition, after analyzing the feedback from the satisfaction survey, it is clear that the 2012 EPHJ-EPMT-SMT trade show has achieved great success. ‘We decided that it was perfectly reasonable to move the show to Geneva; in fact, the impact of the move exceeded all our expectations.’ Olivier Saenger said, ‘The number of visitors increased by more than 30% for all our exhibitors This brings significant business opportunities, which is their primary goal. ‘
A direct result of this apparent success is that many exhibitors have confirmed that they will continue to participate in the exhibition in Geneva next year. In fact, two-thirds of the exhibitors who participated in the 2012 show have already booked their booths for 2013, and more than 300 EPHJ exhibitors will continue to participate next year.
 ‘Given the current economic environment, this is a very strong vote of confidence,’ André Colard said. ‘We have clearly shown to all market participants the significance and sustainability of our trade show. There is a real reality behind all the words and propaganda: we have clearly stated our strategy Is the best way to attract more viewers and thus generate more business opportunities. ‘
Preliminary data analysis shows that this year 14,000 visitors came to Geneva from all directions: from Europe, North America and the Far East. The collaboration with microtechnology exhibitors has also produced positive synergies. We now know that exhibitors who have confirmed their EPMT booth are also interested in EPHJ and vice versa. Similarly, the visitors of SwissMedtech are also the same. Their application technology has already been used by watch subcontractors.
The next SMT EPHJ-EPMT trade show will be held from June 11 to 14, 2013.

From German Simplicity, Which Nomos Watch Would You Choose?

As everyone knows, NOMOS is a well-known German watch brand and a classic continuation of Glashütte watchmaking; it is also one of the few in the world with independent intellectual property rights and independent design, research and development, and manufacturing capabilities. One of the manufacturers. The unique and simple style makes this watch brand famous. The stylish design of the watch makes us yearn for it. Watch House editors recommend these three NOMOS watches today. Which one would you like if you like German simplicity?

Watch Series: NEOMATIK
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 35 mm
Watch details: NEOMATIK series 421 watch

Watch Series: NEOMATIK
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: horse leather
Case diameter: 33mm x 33mm mm
Watch details: NEOMATIK series 282 watch

 Watch Series: NEOMATIK
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: horse leather
Case diameter: 36 mm
Watch details: 3001, slim, precise travel time is its characteristic. With a traditional horse leather strap, and a stainless steel case constitute the classic characteristics of NOMOS, stylish and stylish, very beautiful.
Summary: three NOMOS watches, three different minimalist styles. NOMOS is a brand that makes it easy for people to wear emotions. It seems that because of the rigorous and meticulous impression that Germany generally has, people who like watches have an inexplicable impression on German watches. These three watches recommended today, which one you like small fresh and simple style will choose? (Graphic and watch home Shi Jinnan)

Diamond Watch Pearlescent Treasure On The Wrist Of A Gentleman

Even if diamonds are more attractive to women than men, it does not prevent men from jewellery watches, let alone pocket watches and watches are the rare essence of men’s accessories. Taken from the bosom of the owner of the first watch, this precision instrument carried with him is given the status of accessories, and it is doomed to share the life of the watch and jewelry.
Piaget Emperador Coussin White Gold Diamond Cushion Perpetual Calendar
    In 1813, French jewellery brand Chaumet was commissioned by Napoleon to create a series of pocket watches with pearl and enamel jewellery Francois-Regnault Nitot: round gold case decorated with blue enamel and ring pearl strings The ‘N’ in the center of the laurel wreath stands for Napoleon’s exclusive pocket watch, forming a pair with the Queen Mary-Louis pocket watch. This pair of watches appeared in the ‘Creation-Emotional Moments of the Second Century’ clock exhibition held in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza a few days ago. While letting people see the classic posture of combining jewelry with pocket watches and watches, it also made men see the gentleness of men’s love. one side.
    The first watch was born on the wrist of the Queen of Naples, and Breguet completed the production of the watch: the requirements at the time were to make the watch portable, and to show its identity with exquisite watchmaking technology. Although jewellery has been with the watch for hundreds of years since then, in the era of mechanical fanaticism, the time display technology is always the core, and jewellery always plays the icing on the cake.
     After hundreds of years of change, today, the role of the watch has begun to return to the original. Now that mobile phones are more accurate than watches, the value of the watch is reflected in the original timekeeping function, which is greatly inclined to identity tags. Some men are obsessed with technology, tourbillons are their choice, and complex functions are their pursuit. Another part of men believes in the jewelry setting that makes them feel visual impact for the first time. Fortunately, the two are not contradictory. Many times they even Simultaneously.
Piaget Limelight Garden Party Watch
    Inlaying diamonds on works that demonstrate the craftsmanship of the brand’s top movement is like a coronation ceremony. Each diamond is a sign of affirming the craftsmanship and value of the watch.
    Jaeger-Le Coultre, famous for its movement manufacturing, pays great attention to the performance of complex functions, and the brand’s master series is particularly prominent. The original body of the Master Minute Repeater FN jewellery watch, from the Master’s Minute Repeat series, is based on the original model, and the bezel and lugs are covered with square diamonds. The excellent sound quality of the movement is attributed to the crystal gong. In addition, its manual-winding mechanical movement has an impressive 15-day power reserve (384 hours) and is generously shown through the kinetic energy display. Through its hollow dial, you can see the minute repeater and clockwork torque. The excellent timepiece sound of the watch, with a volume of more than 55 decibels, a sound length of more than 600 milliseconds, and up to 7 increments of overtones, far exceed the industry standard for wristwatches-and the diamond setting also preserves the sound quality Put forward higher requirements. Also upgraded with this diamond attitude is the Master Tourbillon model.
    In 2010, Vacheron-Constantin launched a high-quality Maltese tourbillon watch, which was once stunning. The cutter cuts individual diamonds to the size measured in micrometers, so that the jewelry setter can perfectly set these diamonds in their designed position. This exacting task requires rigorous precision, and it takes more than 2,000 hours of careful work to create this amazing combination of diamonds.
    In contrast, Vacheron Constantin’s new Patrimony Traditionnelle collection of fine jewelry watches has 38 mm and 30 mm models. With extraordinary jewellery inlaying technology and smooth line contours, it still retains the male’s fortitude while releasing the light. The 18mm white gold case with a diameter of 38 mm is set with 167 diamonds weighing 1.27 carats. The dial is set with 473 diamonds weighing 1.67 carats. The crown is also set with a diamond. Its manual winding mechanism is 1400. The movement is engraved with the prestigious Geneva seal.
    When it comes to flying, sailing, and polar exploration as the iconic ‘expressions’ of Zenith, this year when the new commander series was launched, a corresponding diamond version was also launched. This series introduces three complicated function models: power reserve, moon phase display and dual time. The watch draws inspiration from the Commander collection that came out in 1952. The Commander series is the flagship of the Zenith Automatic. The watch is equipped with a crown prince-style rhodium metal faceted pointer and a hand-mounted long timepiece, which reflects the characteristics of the historical model. The case diameter has been increased to 40 mm. . The new-generation commander model is equipped with an Elite movement, the ‘C? Tes de Genève’ pattern and perlage polishing on the watch’s own movement, and a clear view through the sapphire crystal on the case back. The more than 70 diamonds set on it also make the ‘commander’ halo more clear and bright.
Piaget Limelight Party Collection
    For jewellery watches, movement craftsmanship and jewellery inlays are equally important double standards, so when choosing a jewellery watch, it’s not wrong to start with some brands that have jewellery origins-and Piaget, Chopard , Van Cleef & Arpels, Graff, Chaumet are all brands that also jewellery and watches.
    Each year Piaget launches a number of men’s jewellery watches, this year’s new style, men are more powerful. In the ‘Dragon and Phoenix Series’ pair of watches of the full series of more than 20, men’s jewelry watches with the theme of Dragon Totem occupy half of the country. Whether born out of the Altiplano ultra-thin series or modified from the Emperador series tourbillon movement, Piaget’s proud diamond setting technology remains unchanged. In a dense array of diamonds, this level is best reflected: the surface or bezel covered with diamonds is lightly stroked, and the touch is very smooth, without creating unpleasant sharpness at all. In the details of the watch, the engraving technique with precious metals is even more prominent-the embossed dragon totem appears on the active case, closed or opened to enjoy the double-sided style of ‘dragon’; the dragon pattern on the dial surrounds the tourbillon In the meantime, the subtle dragon whiskers were also exquisite.
    Clothing brands with a long history can also make excellent jewelry watches, such as Chanel. As long as it is beautiful, it has its style, and so is the wristwatch. It is clear that Chanel, the watch series that has always been marked by ceramics, has taken a step unique to Chanel in recent years. The limited edition of the new J12 high-end jewellery chronograph is issued in 12 pieces, 18K white gold with black high-tech precision ceramics, and the Swiss official observatory certified automatic winding chronograph movement. Black high-tech precision ceramic dial with 10 baguette-cut diamond hour markers and two baguette-cut diamond chronograph rings. The bracelet is set with 561 baguette-cut diamonds weighing 34 carats. Screw-down buttons and crown set with brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 0.25 carats. The 41mm diameter of the bezel and the classic black and white colors exemplify the strong masculinity.
    Chaumet has been loved by elegant, wise and casual gentlemen since the 19th century. Among Chaumet’s new men’s watches, the Dandy watch series is its flagship model. This series often introduces limited-edition models with complex functions, such as timers, GMT second time zone, time jump, off-axis second hand indication, small second hand, etc., bringing innovation to watch design. The highlight of the design of the new Dandy Arty watch is that the cushion-shaped case and colorful stripes extend the charm of a gentleman’s dress from the strap to the dial. The off-center movement design allows people to read hours, minutes and seconds from left to right. Although the surface of the entire watch is not inlaid with a diamond, the unique design has kept the brand’s jewellery genes intact, and it was immediately put into the ranks of jewellery watches.
    Diamonds make a rigid watch instantly condensed with femininity and brilliance. Diamonds are not a woman’s patent, nor are they hostile to the hostile forces that weaken men’s temperament. It can shape you into a low-key and elegant, and can also sculpt your character and highlight it. Taste and profound mind and knowledge.

Exploring The Sea Beads Of German Clocks Wempe

With the end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and other changes in the world landscape, Germany’s fine watchmaking industry has begun to return to the public eye. Among them, the three German watch brands, Lange, Glashütte Original, and Nomos, are the most well-known. German table history also has a pivotal position. The brand is-Wempe.

   Founder Gerhard D. Wempe
   Some people may question, isn’t Wempe the name of a watch store? How could it be a watch brand? That’s right, if you know Wempe is a watch store, it proves that you still know something about clocks. In 1878, the skilled watchmaker Gerhard D. Wempe opened his first shop in the northern part of Germany with a starting capital of 80 marks and superb craftsmanship. He was only 21 years old that year.

   Herbert Wempe, second generation
   In order to make the timepieces he made better, Mr. Gerhard naturally has to communicate and learn with Swiss watch brands. Finally, in 1923, many years of good cooperation with the Swiss watch industry came to fruition. Mr. Gerhard’s son, Herbert Wempe, bought a building in Hamburg, Germany as the company’s headquarters, and obtained exclusive brands in Hamburg such as Omega and Longines. Distribution rights.

   Today, the former watch shop has not only completely transformed into an international company headquartered in Hamburg, with branches in the world’s busiest cities. It has also become Germany’s largest watch and jewelry dealer, and Wempe’s watch shop opened in Beijing’s Qiaofufang Grassland the previous year also marked Wempe’s formal entry into the Asian market.

   As we all know, the impact of World War II on the German watchmaking industry was absolutely destructive. Any high-end German watch we see now appears after the end of the Cold War, and Wempe’s watches even appear later. But if you want to trace Wempe’s watchmaking history, let us go back more than 100 years. In 1910, affected by the Second Industrial Revolution, the pace of people’s lives accelerated, and the requirements for precision timekeeping increased. Therefore, at that time, the watchmakers in Glashütte asked to build a local observatory as a A place where clocks and clocks are precisely adjusted.

   In 1936, Wempe and Lange began to produce precise astronomical clocks in Glashütte. The production included aviation watches and ship clocks for marine timekeeping. Some of the ship clocks were produced in Glashütte and another part was produced in Hamburg. Used by the military. In the same year, the Glashütte Observatory opened to the public, and residents living nearby can come here to observe astronomical scenes.

   After World War II, the town of Glashütte was completely taken over by the Soviet Union because of its affiliation with East Germany. At the same time, all organizations and individuals outside the Warsaw Pact were banned from participating in any watchmaking activities. Wempe wisely kept all watchmaking forces in order to preserve its strength All withdrawn from Hamburg. It was this move that laid a solid foundation for Wempe’s comeback. Decades of flicking, with the unification of Germany, many German watch brands began to slowly revive, making Glashütte, a German watchmaking town, restored to its former vitality.

   Now that the time is ripe, everything is in place. In 2004, the third-generation successor of the Wempe family, Mr. Hellmut Wempe and the fourth-generation successor, Ms. Kim-Eva Wempe, decided that Wempe would launch its own brand of watches and return Wempe to Glashütte to continue its previous history.

   First, the Wempe family spent 2 million euros to rebuild the dilapidated Glashütte Observatory, and then a watch factory was built next to the observatory. This watch factory is built on the mountain. Although it is not large, it is the highest watch factory in Glashütte with the most beautiful scenery. Looking at it, the blue sky, white clouds and green grass are like fairyland! Working here is definitely a treat!

   At the end of this year’s Basel watch exhibition, the Watch House was fortunate to be invited by Wempe to visit this watch factory located in ‘Wonderland’ and enjoy working in ‘Wonderland’ with watchmakers. Cozy and comfortable! This watch factory in Wempe is quite exquisite. In the past 10 years, this small watch factory has only produced a total of 20,000 watches. It is precisely because of the small output that each watch is The watchmaker here assembled it by hand, and carried out precise adjustment and rigorous testing. The accuracy of each watch produced here meets the observatory certification standards and obtains the observatory certificate. It is precisely because each watch is flawless that it has won a great reputation from customers! With the continuous increase of customer demand, the annual output has reached the level of 4,000.

   Wempe currently has two product lines, with a watershed of 4,000 euros, which are the ordinary Zeitmeister series and the high-end Chronometer series. Among them, the price of the Zeitmeister series is in the range of 500 to 3600 euros. 60% are quartz watches and 40% are mechanical watches. The basic movements of this series are mainly from ETA and Selita. Everyone should note that although Wempe uses a very common universal movement such as ETA, Wempe will replace some of the key parts on these universal movements here.

  Before modification
   I do n’t know if everyone pays attention, the Glashütte / SA is printed on the dial of each Wempe. The word means “Made by Glashütte”, which means that it can be called “Glashütte”, and its movement must be 50% The parts are to be produced from Glashütte. We see that the most critical escapement on these movements has been upgraded and replaced. To know that the bezel has a sentence, changing the escapement is equivalent to changing the movement.

   After modification
   Someone has always talked about how rough the ETA movement is, how cheap it is, and how not worth buying. And my point is that although the ETA movement is very common and has no personality, the key is to see what standards you need to transform it and perfect it. If handled properly, the ETA movement can also become the best. Just like Master Klaus of IWC at that time, he added an ETA7750 movement to the super complicated functions of three questions, tracking needle, tourbillon and perpetual calendar. Although Wempe’s ETA movement cannot be compared with that super-complex, Wempe’s approach to the ETA movement also made me feel great sincerity. The perfected movement is definitely a boutique . Let’s think about it carefully. We only need to spend more than 20,000 yuan to buy this one. What a great value for an observatory watch equipped with a unique semi-produced movement!

   After talking about Wempe’s approachable Zeitmeister series, let’s take a look at Wempe’s most high-end Chronometer series. At present, most of the watches in this series are made of precious metal. They use a completely self-produced movement with tourbillon and other complex functions. Assembly, production and assembly are carried out in a separate studio. From 2004 to 2008, the high-end parts of this series of movements were produced by Nomos with the help of Wempe, but after 2008, Wempe achieved full self-production. At present, the watch factory has a total of 63 staff members, of which 32 are responsible for production. At the same time, there is also a watch school in the watch factory. There are now 11 students studying here.

   In this episode, we mainly give a general introduction to the history, factories and products of Wempe. In the following articles, we will reveal the manufacturing process of these exquisite watches for everyone, so stay tuned! (Text / picture watch house Mao Zhuang)

Fighting Champion: Hublot Classic Fusion 45mm Chronograph Ggg Special Edition

Dominated the four professional boxing circles, 37 wins without failure, ranked the middleweight apex champion, Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, also known as Kazakh Thunder In 2017, it officially became the global spokesperson of HUBLOT Hublot, and once again joined hands to launch a new classic fusion series GGG fighter chronograph, a magnificent black ceramic case, GGG gold name and gold gloves, again aroused Global watch fans and boxing enthusiasts are passionate.

Kazakh boxer and Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin (GGG), the Hublot brand ambassador.
 Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said: ‘As early as 2012, Hublot has become a partner of the World Boxing Council (WBC) and officially entered the boxing world. Today, the brand continues its cooperation with the boxing world to join hands with Gennady.・ Gennadyevich Golovkin, we want to see him stick to his true colors and stick to values. It is these qualities that lead him to victory in a series of incredible battles. Golovkin is an extraordinary and extraordinary The champion. ‘

Kazakh boxing champion Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin has a record 37 victories, including 33 K.O. knockout wins.
 Middleweight world champion Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin. Many boxing fans call him GGG by his initials. He is from Kazakh and therefore has the title of ‘Kazakh Thunder’ ( KazakhThunder). At present, he has dominated the four major boxing organizations of WBA, WBC, IBO, and IBF. He also has three middleweight championship belts (IBF, WBA, WBC) in four competitions. His record has shown everything: 37 wins, of which 33 KO knockout victory, has not failed so far! Today, Golovkin officially became the global spokesperson for Hublot. In 2017, he put on the Hublot banner and defeated the American boxer Daniel ‘The MiracleMan’ Jacobs in New York City. The boxing embroidered with HUBLOT The pants accompanied him to win the victory. At this unforgettable moment, the center of the boxing ring is also shining brightly with the Hublot logo.

ClassicFusion45mmChronographSpecialEdition ‘GennadyGolovkin’ black ceramic case, 45mm diameter, hours, minutes, small seconds, date, chronograph, HUB1155 self-winding movement, 42 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal mirror and case back, waterproof 30 meters, crocodile Leather lined with rubber strap, limited to 100 pieces.
 This time, Hublot and Golovkin jointly launched a new classic fusion series GGG King Chronograph, limited to 100 pieces, to commemorate the glorious moment of this great boxer. 45 mm black polished ceramic case with 42-hour brand-made movement. The small gold dial, hands, and H-shaped screws contrast strongly with the black ceramic case. GGG gold lettering stands proudly at 12 o’clock. In addition, the gold gloves symbolizing his boxing status are placed in the small seconds at 3 o’clock. Hublot’s classic symbolic composite material strap is sewn from black crocodile leather and black rubber. The yellow and blue stitching on the strap comes from the national flag of Kazakhstan, the hometown of GGG. It is also a mark on his boxing shirt Sexual colors. GGG and Hublot jointly attacked, will once again capture the hearts of global watch fans.