Appreciation Of Rare Tourbillon Watches At The Auguste Of Antiochouren

Antiquorum Auctioneers, one of the world’s largest auction companies, will hold an ‘important modern and antique timepiece auction’ at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong on August 25 Will ‘(Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces). Collectors from all over the world will have the opportunity to bid for up to 211 unique modern and antique timepieces with rare tourbillon functions. The pre-auction preview will be held from August 22 (Wednesday) to 24 (Friday) in the Antigrum Hong Kong showroom. Let’s take a look at some of the fine watches that will appear at the auction. In the 18th century, when pocket watches were still the mainstream, the first generation of watchmaking master Abraham Louis Breguet invented the tourbillon device in order to offset the azimuth error of the balance caused by the gravity of the pocket watch in the pocket. Improve the accuracy of pocket watch travel time. Time has come to the 20th century, and watches have gradually replaced pocket watches as the mainstream of the market. With the advancement of escapement materials and watches that are not as pocket watches, they have been placed in the pocket for a long time and have a vertical attitude. It is so large, but the tourbillon continues to exist in some high-end watches, becoming an important symbol of the watch factory’s extraordinary craftsmanship and respect for tradition. The theme and most striking focus of this auction is the tourbillon watch, which includes the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 watch, model number: Ref.233.64.20. This watch was produced in 2009, with only 75 pieces in the world, which is quite rare. The case is a brand’s unique two-sided flip design, built-in Jaeger-LeCoultre Cal.174 movement, a complex tilting dual-frame multi-axis spherical tourbillon structure, with a 50-hour power reserve and 24-hour day and night indication function. Estimate: HK $ 1.2 million to 1.6 million. The watch experts at Antigoulin are also proud to recommend the HARRY WINSTON Ref. 400-MAT44W Ocean Tourbillon 110 Hours. This model was launched in 2006 with a limited number of 80 pieces. The auction target number is 34. Designed for a rare large-diameter case, the case is made of 18K white gold, with a one-minute tourbillon movement, 110 hours of power reserve, and an 18K gold HARRY WINSTON buckle, original watch case and warranty. Estimate: HK $ 400,000 ~ 600,000. The last thing that might make collectors bid for it is the OMEGA De Ville 18K yellow gold tourbillon watch. This auction is numbered 11. It was launched in 1994 and is the world’s first automatic winding. The tourbillon watch is also a classic commemorative masterpiece launched to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the OMEGA brand. This watch is quite rare and in good condition. It has a one-minute tourbillon device and is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). It comes with an OMEGA original 18K gold folding buckle and a watch box. Estimate: HK $ 200,000 to 250,000.

Amy Long Yuan Series New ‘fate’ New Women’s Watches Wrist Watches Will Be Released

In the eyes of Westerners, the relationship between people is like a mysterious chemical reflection, and in China, we call it fate. Fate exists not only between people, but also between people and things, and between things. The encounter of all things begins with fate, and while we marvel at the wonder of fate, we should cherish every fate.
   The Amy Longyuan series integrates this strange and wonderful concept into the design of the watch. Turning watch parts into a beautiful watch is like the process of turning iron into gold; the encounter between parts is not a simple mechanical addition. The touch of the watchmaker’s fingertips gives life to mechanical elements. The design of the Yuan series sublimates the fate of the watch parts, making the watch not only a beautiful jewelry, but also the ‘fate’ that carries our dreams and beauty.

   The simple and pure design of the Yuan series highlights the metallic luster of the dial. Just as fate doesn’t need to be deliberately arranged, all encounters are doomed.
   The slender Roman numerals on the dial bring the simplicity of the watch to the end, exquisite but not complicated. The men’s dial is available in black and white for business versatility.

   Women’s dials are more colorful, with three colors to choose from, champagne, wine red and silver white. The dial with metallic luster reflects different light as the angle changes. It is like a moment of miracle, dreamy and full of charm. Wine red retro noble, silver white classic wild, champagne elegant and stylish, three colors each have their own style.
Marriage Ballet
   The annual Swiss International Ballet Competition in Lausanne (Prix de Lausanne) is where young ballet rookies aged 15-18 gather around the world. The 45th Lausanne International Ballet Competition (the Prix de Lausanne) in 2017 was held from January 29th to February 5th. Amy Long watch is proud to be the sponsor of this competition.
   It is the common wish of Lausanne International Ballet Contest and Amy Long to let the art treasures be passed on in the long river of time. Although the forms of expression adopted in the two fields of dance and horology are different, their pursuit of charm and skill coincides.

   The encounter with ballet is the ‘fate’ between Amy Long and ballet. This ‘fate’ with ballet inspired the designer of Amy Long, showing fate in a new way on the dial of the new watch series of fate. The new series of men’s watches of the Yuan series attracted everyone’s attention at the Basel Watch Fair, and were well received by everyone. The new series of men’s watches of Yuan series have been listed, and they are available in offline stores and Emilon’s e-commerce platform.

   The new series of Yuan series is classic and simple, which represents the original pure ‘fate’ between people. The calendar window is like the drops of water falling on the calm water surface, which has stirred the ripples of ‘fate’. In the design of the new series of Yuan series men’s watches, the emphasis is on emphasizing the feeling of lightness, more comfortable wearing and thinner visual effects.

   After the introduction of the new series of men’s watches at the Pakistan exhibition in 2017, Amy Long again launched the new series of women’s watches with the pairing. The fate series shows beautiful meanings, suitable for the loved ones around you. All encounters are fate, and all hands are due to fate. The Yuan series blesses the people in the world with its unique meaning.

Sailing Sails Recommended Three Nautical Watches

When it comes to sports watches, most people think of diving watches, but marine watches are also less concerned. At the beginning of the 20th century, various marine watch technologies were incorporated into the design of watches, and various brands began to produce precise, sturdy, durable and wear-resistant military marines for the national navy service. In the peaceful era, marine watches gradually got rid of the ‘army’ shelf, and became more and more related to sports. Today, the Watch House recommends three marine watches for you to appreciate their ultimate charm in more detail.
Breguet Marine Series 5817ST / 12 / 5V8

Model: 5817ST / 12 / 5V8
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Rubber
Case diameter: 39 mm
Watch details: Breguet invisible signature. The indication of the junior hand and the large calendar display at 6 o’clock are clear and easy to read. Cal.517GG self-winding movement, 11½ minutes, 35 rubies, with a power reserve of 65 hours. Provides 100 meters of water resistance.
Athens Marine Series 263-10-7M / 93

Model: 263-10-7M / 93
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 44 mm
Details of the watch: DIVER 2014 series watches are made of stainless steel, the crown and the bottom are screw-in, water-resistant to 300 meters, and the unidirectional rotating chronograph bezel design can also effectively avoid accidental adjustment of the diving chronograph. . The small seconds at 6 o’clock is clearly recognizable even in the dim dark water. Equipped with UN-26 automatic winding movement, the power reserve can reach 42 hours. In addition to the basic time display, the 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions also have a date display window and power reserve display function.
Rolex Yacht-Master II Series 116680

Model: 116680
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 44 mm
Watch details: II is specially developed for professional navigators. It is the world’s first wristwatch equipped with a patented mechanical memory setting countdown function, which allows sailing participants to start the timing completely with the official timing. The watch is made of 904L stainless steel with a diameter of 44 mm. In addition to the sturdy oyster case and triple-locked crown, it is equipped with a Ring Command outer ring, and it is the first to combine the outer ring with a mechanical device and directly connect the movement. , Making the outer ring the core component of the function of adjusting the countdown, so that participants wearing this watch can reset according to the ranking of the event. Equipped with a Rolex cal. 4160 self-winding movement, with a mechanical memory countdown function, it is more suitable for timing the regatta.
Summary: Nowadays, marine watch has gradually transformed into another concept in the mass consumer market. It is a kind of non-daily cultural experience. Let us use the crown and bezel to adjust the clock to obtain the experience of using marine instruments. If you think that diving watches are too much, sailing watches are a good choice and can bring you a different experience.

A Bohr Watch With Deep Water Resistance And High Antimagnetic Performance

BALL watches are watches that have just entered the domestic market in recent years, but they are one of the most popular imported watch brands among consumers, especially young people. The reason is that Bol watch is a watch with distinctive personality and characteristics, which can be summarized into the following points:
(A) its night light
Bol watches generally adopt the method of controlling the night light (also called self-luminous miniature gas light), including the characters on the dial and the hands of hours, minutes, and seconds. The luminous effect is very good, and the color of the night light is in addition to the green and orange, and the life of the night light can last more than 25 years.
(Two) its waterproof performance

The waterproof performance is generally better, and basically it is made into deep waterproof, and the waterproof index is generally 50 ~ 300 meters. Through disassembly analysis (the 300-meter water-resistant model), it was found that two waterproof sealing rubber rings were installed at each joint of the case. (Three) its antimagnetic performance
Ball watches generally use soft iron magnetic shielding, that is, it adds a cover (both soft iron materials) on the lining ring around the movement and the movement, so that the entire movement of the watch is wrapped. Therefore, its antimagnetic performance can reach more than 12000A / M, which is much higher than the standard of antimagnetic 4800A / M for general watches.
(Four) its sturdy case
Ball watches mostly use a stainless steel case, which is quite large in diameter and thickness. Sapphire watch glass, some watch crowns and lock safety devices, shock resistance has also passed the 5,000Gs impact test; the straps are stainless Solid core with steel buckle or high quality crocodile or leather strap with pin buckle. With such a match, I feel that both the technicality of the engineer and the rough style of the field adventure are not lacking.
This watch in the photo is a typical Bohr watch, and its dial is also printed with ANTI-MAGNETIC (anti-magnetic). You know, current watches are not written with anti-magnetic logo. If you write, It shows that it is deliberately emphasizing the super antimagnetic ability of the watch. If your work is often in a high magnetic field environment, it is undoubtedly suitable to bring such a watch.
There is also a line of English letters ENGINEER-HYDROCARBON, which should be translated into a chemical engineer, right? ‘Engineer’ is a favorite word used by Ball watches, it is more enthusiastic than IWC watches, and ‘chemical engineer’ may be the extraordinary sealing performance of this watch.
This watch is quite weighty, it has reached 217 grams! It is enough to bring it down the wrist. It has a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 14.5mm. It uses the ETA 2893-2 movement and has a GMT time zone indication (or 12/24 hour indication) function. Watch model: X000000765285, the market retail price is 19600 yuan.