Limited Edition Of Panerai 1999

Case size 44 × 44 mm, thickness 16 mm, number A 0397/1500, case number BB973257, model OP 6506, manufactured in 1999, limited to 1500, large size, stainless steel back cushion type Case, three-piece, polished and frosted, self-winding, waterproof, screw-in case back, unidirectional rotating bezel, push-rod crown protection, sapphire crystal with date magnification, black dial, Luminous material Arabic numerals and dots hour markers, small seconds at 9 o’clock, date display window at 3 o’clock, luminous material filled hollow hands, stainless steel Panerai buckle, with case, instruction manual, label, COSC certificate, warranty certificate (Expired) and Panerai spare straps with signatures on dial, case and movement.
Estimated price: CHF 4000-6000
Commission price included: 6875 Swiss francs (about RMB 47094)

[Movement configuration]
7750-P1 rhodium-plated movement, polished fish scales, 21 rubies, linear lever escapement, single metal balance, shock absorber, self-compensating spring, fine-tuning device, stop-second device.

    Today, the wind of the big watch is very prosperous, so many people have realized this battle-tested Italian military watch-Panerai. The huge watch path, powerful and capable style, caters to the hearts of many people. The unique bridge-type crown ensures excellent waterproof performance.

    This limited edition Panerai diving watch produced in 1999, the design style is still classic, very capable, and the diving features are outstanding. of. This watch captured a high price of more than 40,000, which shows the market recognition of Panerai watches.

Pilgrimage, The Place Where The Legend Was Born

La Chaux-de-Fonds, a high-end watchmaking town in Switzerland, is quietly hidden in the valley of Ru in the southwestern part of Switzerland. To get here, whether from Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel or Bill, you have to cross the mountains and travel between the fields and the valleys. In this almost one and a half hour drive, no matter how hard I was, I often didn’t want to fall asleep and always stared at the beautiful scenery passing by the window. It is white in winter and covered with silver; in summer, it is full of green and clear. And at the turn of spring and summer, yellow and canola fields of rapeseed looked radiant.

In the past 12 years, I can’t remember how many times I visited La Chaux-de-Fon, because there are countless watch factories here, and some have a long history of more than 100 years, or even more than 200 years. A sudden rise, each leading.

Liu Wen

Chen Weiting

Not long ago, Chen Weiting and Liu Wen visited this place together, the destination is the Chanel watch factory G & F Châtelain.

There are several important points in the history of Chanel’s fine watchmaking. First, in 1987, Chanel launched the brand’s first watch series PREMIÈRE, which at the time relied on Châtelain’s expertise in case, bracelet manufacturing and gem setting. With the business gradually expanding, in 1993, Chanel decided to acquire Châtelain, but just like Chanel’s acquisition of many workshops to create high-end custom dresses-embroidery, buttons, feathers, pleats … Châtelain still operates as an independent watch factory model. Continue its autonomy with other businesses.

G & F Châtelain SA was founded by Georges and Francis Châtelain in 1947. After more than 70 years, G & F Châtelain SA has developed into a top local watch factory with 350 employees. It combines traditional watchmaking technology with contemporary high-end technology to undertake high-end watches in all aspects Manufacturing, all watchmaking procedures are completed in a 18,000 square meter workshop.

With the Châtelain watch factory as the backing, Chanel launched the J12 watch which will become a classic in the 2000 millennium. Now everyone is familiar with the J12, and it has a high degree of recognition, but when it was launched, this watch was still a bit shocking. Made of precision ceramics, unisex, wearable for both men and women, exudes a mysterious black luster, and is waterproof to 200 meters.

Precision ceramic bracelet

Precision ceramics are not new materials in the watch industry, but Chanel is bringing precision ceramics to the fashion stage, and the J12 watch has become a pioneer widely accepted by consumers. The birth of J12 made precision ceramics a widely used material and set off a whirlwind in ceramic watches. It inspired the design inspiration of all major brands in the field of ceramic watches and is a model in the field of watchmaking. In order to formulate the mysterious black of ceramics, and later introduced pure and elegant white in 2003, it took a lot of effort to develop the black and white, which has always been highly respected, leading the new trend of watch design. It is the new classic of 21st century watches, and it opens a new chapter for modern watchmaking.

Precision ceramic production process chart

Precision ceramics are extremely ideal watchmaking materials. They are lightweight, anti-wear, anti-allergic, and do not fade, but it is not easy to burn the texture and beauty of jade, such as jade. Chanel is undoubtedly one of the best. The raw materials of ceramics are from the natural minerals zirconium dioxide and yttrium. The powder is purified with water and added with pigments. After drying, it is fired in a kiln at 1,000 ° C. After plasticity, it is carved, perforated, polished and used. The special polishing technology can finally present an extremely smooth and smooth texture, which can be described as the artistic crystal of the perfect fusion of earth, air, water and fire.

Next, J12 developed many great works. In addition to different sizes, it also equipped with chronograph, dual time, moon phase, tourbillon and other functions, becoming a watch family with a lot of choices. The most impressive one is to celebrate J12. The 10th anniversary of the J12 Rétrograde Mystérieuse. In addition to a floating tourbillon, 237 hours of extra-long power, a magic vertical adjustment crown, and a 10-minute minute hand retrograde design, it became one of the most explosive topics of the year.

After years of operation, watches have become a very important product line of the Chanel brand, and are highly sought after by fans. To reach the forefront of the first-class high-end watchmaking industry, Chanel also needs to cross a strict threshold-homemade movement. Chanel, full of ambition, is ready.

For three consecutive years since 2016, Chanel launches a self-made movement at the Basel Watch Fair each year. These movements are very distinctive, full of brand DNA, and unforgettable. The movement is engraved with a lion pattern, which is the mark of Chanel’s own movement. As for the watches equipped with these three movements, two of them have won the Geneva Watch Award (GPHG), which is known as the ‘Oscar in the Watch Industry’. The achievements are impressive.

Calibre 1

Calibre 1 is on the Monsieur de Chanel watch. This is the brand’s first collection exclusively for men, with two complex functions: hourly jump and minute hand retrograde. The main splint of the movement is hollowed out, coupled with the ring-shaped bridge of the balance wheel and many circular gears. The layers overlap and are treated with ADLC coating to show a mysterious black tone.

Calibre 2

Calibre 2 is mounted on the Camellia skeleton watch of the Premiere series. The highlights are the hollow-out process and the iconic camellia element. The movement bridge is presented in a completely hollowed out posture, and a 3D three-dimensional camellia is constructed, which is highly visually ornamental. This watch won the 2017 Women’s Watch of the Year award at the Geneva Watch Awards.


Calibre3 is mounted on the Boy · Friend watch. The skeletonized movement is suspended in an octagonal beige gold case, showing a series of interconnected, intersecting, geometrically symmetrical circles from top to bottom. The movement can be appreciated from the front and back. This watch also won the Best Women’s Watch of the Year at the Geneva Watch Awards 2018.

In addition to these unique homemade movements, Chanel has also been looking for a basic movement that is more in line with the brand’s own positioning and more reliable sources, that is, the Caliber 12.1 automatic mechanical movement mounted on the newly remodeled J12 watch. .

Chanel new J12

Most of the former J12 case backs were made of stainless steel. The new J12 watch movement introduced this year is so beautiful that it is justified if you don’t let everyone appreciate it. This movement comes from the Kenissi movement factory. For better cooperation, Chanel has also acquired some shares of this movement and parts manufacturer that will be moved to Le Locle.

Caliber 12.1

Caliber 12.1 has hour, minute, second, and date display functions, stop-seconds device, calendar flash, 28,800 vibrations per hour, two-way automatic winding, a single barrel, 70 hours power reserve, and has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). This movement is exclusive to Chanel and is completely in line with Chanel style.

From the brand’s home-made movements Caliber 1, Caliber 2, Caliber 3, we will find that there are many circular geometric structures, which is a unique feature of Chanel fine watchmaking. Therefore, the automatic oscillating weight of Caliber 12.1 has also been hollowed out into a circle. In this way, the beauty of the movement can be presented to the watch fans to the maximum. To solve the problem of the automatic oscillating weight reduction caused by the hollowing out, Tungsten metal is added to the oscillating weight, which realizes a back-through design while maintaining effective winding power.

For legends to last, we must continue to interpret and innovate. After 20 years of hot sales, the model J12 in the field of watchmaking welcomes a change this year. The new watches are more compact and spiritual, both beautiful and durable. The new movement built makes the charm of J12 come from the inside.

Liu Wen

Chen Weiting

At the Châtelain factory, Chen Weiting and Liu Wen, the two ambassadors of Chanel watches, felt how a watch took shape from scratch. With the assistance of computer modeling software, the designer tested the coordinated operation of each part of the watch exactly. The carefully selected ceramic powder and pigment materials were fired in the kiln, fused and shaped, and finally appeared perfect. Flawless color luster and hardness comparable to diamonds; Jewelers inlay all kinds of cut diamonds with a magnificent magnifying glass, and inlay them one by one; watchmakers work on the work table under a large window glass to concentrate on polishing Decorate the parts, assemble and adjust the movement, put them on the case with the dial and hands, then go through various tests, and finally attach the bracelet …

It’s all about seconds, exploring the story behind the minutes. Only when we go to the watch factory to witness the entire watchmaking process in person can we truly admire and admire the fine watchmaking from the heart, because this is a magical process and a ‘pilgrimage journey’. (Text / contributing An Keqiang finishing / Echo)

Become Your Own Master Rado Swiss Radar 2019 Commercial Is Brand New

(April 2019, Shanghai, China) Recently, the 2019 advertising film deduced by Tang Wei, the global brand spokesperson for RADO, was launched. In the film, Tang Wei is not only an outstanding actor, but also a photographer, a cook, and a yoga master, performing different roles in life. At any time, RADO is always on the wrist to accompany every highlight. time.

RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster Ceramos ™ Cermetos Automatic Watch
  With continuous focus, pursuit of perfection, and obedience to heart, Tang Wei has gradually become his master with these beliefs. Rado has also won the reputation of ‘Material Master’ for its unremitting investment and persistence in material innovation and design.

RADO Captain Cook Automatic Limited Edition
  For RADO Swiss Rado, material innovation and design are the soul of the brand. Adhering to the cherishment of high-quality materials from the heart, and making it both beautiful and durable, RADO Swiss Rado is not a watch design. The original intention and desire for change; this persistence and original intention has made today’s ‘Master of Materials’, which is also the spirit of this RADO Swiss Rado brand new advertising film.

RADO DiaMaster Diamond Master Watch
  Life is multi-faceted, and RADO will accompany you to explore the scenery along the way and become your own master.

Continuation Of The Beauty Of Classics Dedicated To Christmas Gifts Yibo Road Wuhan Romantic Tour

On December 21, 2014, ‘Continue to write the beauty of classics and offer Christmas gifts’ The romantic tour of Swiss ERNEST BOREL was held in Wuhan Grand, bringing the latest brand launch to the guests Yali automatic series couple watch. The brand has a long history of 158 years. Traditional Swiss watchmaking technology and noble and elegant lifestyle brands have jointly launched this romantic journey. Mr. Su Da, CEO of Asia-Pacific Region, Switzerland, and Mr. Lin Feng, the spokesman for the brand, attended the event , And unveiled a new series of Evolu Yali automatic series couple watches.
Mr. Su Da, CEO of Asia-Pacific Region of Ebola, Switzerland, presented Mr. Lin Feng with Alice Automatic Series Lovers Watch

Group photo of Mr. Lin Feng, the Asian spokesperson for Swiss Ebolus
   Wuhan, as the largest city in central China, is the birthplace of Chinese Chu culture, and has profound cultural heritage. Swiss Ebolus Watch launches a romantic parade in Wuhan on Christmas Eve, aiming to share the unique romantic feelings of Ebolus with consumers in Wuhan, and to bring more surprises to those who seek high quality of life with the most professional services. Swiss Ebolo watch, after 158 years of baptism and precipitation, has always adhered to the romantic and elegant mechanical aesthetics, with ‘romantic moments, lifelong companion’ as the brand concept, while keeping abreast of the times, is committed to the pursuit of fashion lifestyle for people Dedicated to the noble and elegant art of watch and clock. On the day of the event, Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia-Pacific Region, Switzerland, said: ‘Wuhan has become the largest economic center in Central China by virtue of its thousand years of historical heritage and high-speed economic development. We hope that with this new product release, Switzerland will Buluobi’s romantic and elegant attitude to life is passed on to every consumer. ‘

Swiss Emporio Asia spokesperson, Mr. Lin Feng, and the model perform the new Emporio watch

   Romantic Christmas, deer bells. On the day of the event, the presence of the brand’s Asian spokesperson, Mr. Lin Feng, attracted a lot of attention and pushed the event to a climax. As a well-known artist in the Asia-Pacific region, the popular Lin Feng is a popular idol in the hearts of millions of fans, and is also a spokesperson of elegance and romance. Mr. Su Da, CEO of Asia-Pacific Region of Ebola, Switzerland, and Mr. Lin Feng jointly unveiled the launch of the Yali Automatic Series Lovers Watch and presented it to Mr. Lin Feng. Swiss Ebola watch Yali automatic series couple watch is equipped with Swiss-made high-end mechanical movement, pure and simple design, such as the beginning of love, is a warm Christmas gift. Mr. Lin Feng also said: ‘Epo Road Watch is a Swiss brand with a long history of 158 years and a profound cultural heritage. It is also a brand that can evoke people’s innermost feelings and longing for a beautiful and romantic life.’
Live crowd
Mr. Lin Feng, the Asian spokesperson for Swiss Ebola Group, took photos with lucky fans
   Swiss Ebolo watches, remembering every romantic moment with 158 years of exquisite craftsmanship, not only occupy an important position in the watch industry, but also provide an irreplaceable lifestyle for those who constantly pursue perfection, fashion and romance. After the event, Mr. Lin Feng went to the Swiss watch counter in Ebola to sign and commemorate and interact with the fans. The atmosphere was warm. As Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia-Pacific Region of Switzerland Ebolu said, “Since its establishment in 1856, Swiss Ebolu has been committed to spreading romantic feelings and noble and elegant living tastes to all corners of the world.” I wish Ebolu, Switzerland Watches can ride the waves and continue to write the legend of the famous watch era!
Introduction of Swiss Ebolo watch brand

   In 1856, Swiss Ebolo watch was founded by JULES BOREL in the sacred place of watches and clocks-Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The brand has always respected the brand concept of ‘romantic moments and lifelong companionship’. It perfectly combines romantic and elegant culture with rigorous and high-quality watchmaking technology. Prestigious in the field of watches.
   The trademark of this century-old classic romantic brand was born from a beautiful and romantic legend. At a noble ball, the second-generation leader ERNEST BOREL and the beloved girl danced romantically at the ball. The momentary touch became a lasting touch of the soul. The silhouette of the dance was designed as the Ebolu brand trademark, leaving a glance in the hearts of the world. The unforgettable romantic plot vividly interprets the meaning of ‘romantic moments, lifelong companions’. No matter how little time passes, even in the turbulent years of the two world wars, the silhouette of a dancing couple in Yibo Road left an unforgettable romantic complex in the hearts of the world and won an international reputation.
   In the course of a century and a half, the Swiss Ebola has won numerous awards in the world. In 1866, Switzerland’s Ebola watch won the first place in the competition of similar products organized by the most authoritative organization of Swiss timepieces at the time. Sole gold medal. In 1937, Ebolus won the Grand Prix honor in Greece. From 1945 to 1959, the Neuchatel Observatory in Switzerland issued a ‘BULLETIN DE MARCHE’ certificate to 4,172 Ebol watches. Especially in 1958, the Neuchatel Observatory awarded first prizes to two Ebol watches. Lay the solid position of this rare watch.
   In 1903, the sales staff of Yibo Road Watch came to China after a six-month trip and sold 388 Yibo Road Watches, which had an inextricable bond with China, an ancient oriental civilization. After China’s reform and opening up, Yibo Road Table quickly merged with China’s extensive and profound traditional culture and fashion tastes, creating a brand-new consumption concept for the majority of Chinese consumers. In the 21st century, Yibo Road Watch has designed more trend-leading fashion boutiques, which are deeply loved and respected by consumers.
   For more than a century and a half, Yibo Lubiao has been known as the ‘Swiss Couple Watch Model’ for its mechanical aesthetics with both romantic and elegant style. It has witnessed moving beautiful moments for countless couples in the world and inherited the love of one and a half century.
Yali Automatic Couple Watch
  Pure and simple design, like the beginning of love, is equipped with Swiss-made high-end mechanical movement. The snow-white and smooth dial has no vain and complicated decoration, and the soft and delicate wave curve shading is the heart wave of the time. The 12 tadpole-shaped nail scales create a sense of space depth and the axis of concentric time. A pen-shaped hour and minute hand that records every bit of love. The 12H bit has a unique design, like two heart doors that are slightly open, leading to the hall of happiness. Green fluorescence appears on the pointer at night, indicating that the day and night synchronization, even if the two ends of the world are separated, will eventually meet and overlap.

Model: GS-LS5680-25121
Swiss-made automatic movement
3H calendar display
Stainless steel case and strap
Sapphire crystal glass
Perspective table bottom
50 meters waterproof
Case size: Men’s watch diameter 41.00 mm
Women’s watch diameter Ф34.50 mm
Iris Butterfly Automatic
   The Iris pansy series always expresses the romantic style of Yibo Road with a naturalistic tone. The latest representative interpretation is a fine porcelain white dial lined with a pattern of fragrant grass and colorful butterfly cymbals, which means ‘butterfly love’. In 1898, the LOGO of Yibolu couples born of love echoed them, as if a couple danced softly in the flowers, and the centuries of romantic time flowed smoothly between the square dials. Swiss-made high-end automatic movement, classic three-pin 6H calendar display, IP rose gold case and Arabic numerals moment, Seiko shapes every detail. Eight double-enclosed natural diamonds, like a couple embracing each other, are paired with willow-shaped hands, a see-through case back and a high-grade leather strap to open the fairy tale of love on the waterfront bridge.

Model: LGR6001-27291WH
Swiss made 2671 automatic movement
6H-digit calendar display
Literally set with 8 natural diamonds
Stainless steel case
Ion plating rose gold
Premium leather strap
Sapphire crystal glass
Perspective table bottom
50 meters waterproof
Case size: 33.50 mm diameter
Zuls 18K Gold Couple Automatic Watch
   Zuls 9288 series, writes a winter love song with simple design strokes. The dials of pure white, pure black, and natural mother-of-pearl are reminiscent of the high scenes of the winter sky. The 12 square-set diamonds are always set like snowflakes dancing in the air. It is also a string left by a couple on the snow or Light or dark traces. The classic three-pin dial with 3H calendar window, the clever layout implies ‘true love unforgettable.’ The case is distinguished by high-quality steel and 18K rose gold plating. The fortitude of steel is not afraid of snow. The tenderness of gold is borrowed from the heart. On the wrist is the watchfulness and concern that is as quiet as snow, no matter where they are, they fall and melt into each other’s hands anytime, anywhere.

Model: GBK9288H-28291 / LBK9288H-49291
Swiss premium automatic movement
3H calendar display
Literally set with 12 natural diamonds
Stainless Steel Case / Bezel and Strap 18K Rose Gold
Sapphire crystal glass
Perspective table bottom
50 meters waterproof
Case size: Men’s watch diameter Ф40.00 mm
Women’s watch diameter Ф30.00 mm
Zuls 9338 skeleton automatic watch
   The Zuls 9338 series, named after Mr. Jules Borel, the founder of the Ebolu brand, represents the essence of centuries of craftsmanship. It is equipped with a Swiss-made SW300 high-end fully-worked movement, set with 11 natural diamonds, representing a lifetime commitment. The 12 o’clock position is the LOGO of Yibolu couples who danced in 1898, which means that no matter how time passes and where the lovers are placed, they can perfectly coincide with each other and always follow their heart. In the classic three-needle pattern, the precise and complicated structure of the movement can be seen at a glance, and the tooth chain transmission has exquisite craftsmanship.

Model: GGR9338-33291BR
Swiss-made premium skeletonized automatic movement
Literally set with 11 natural diamonds
Stainless steel case
Premium leather strap
10MIC plating rose gold
Sapphire crystal glass
Perspective table bottom
50 meters waterproof
Case size: diameter Ф40.00 mm