Baume Mercier Sponsored Movie & Quot; The Zen Of Bennett & Quot; Screening

During the Hampton International Film Festival (HIFF) summer show last week, in a private estate in East Hampton, New York, Michelle Peranteau, director of Baume & Mercier marketing communications, co-hosted with Alec Baldwin and Tony Bennett ‘The Zen of Bennett’ screening sponsored by Baume and Mercier.

Karen Arikan (Executive Chairman of HIFF), Michelle Peranteau and Tony Bennett, Baume & Mercier Director of Marketing Communications

‘The Zen of Bennett’ is a first-person narrative documentary film that reflects the 85-year-old singer’s creative process and his 60-year career. After the film was shown, ‘The Zen of Bennett’ directors Danny and Tony Bennett participated in a Q & A quiz hosted by Alex Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin, Tony Bennett and Danny Bennett (son of Tony)

The 20th Hampton International Film Festival will be held from October 4-8.
Source: H & M Media for Baume & Mercier

Bvlgari, Italy’s Top Jewellery And Watch Brand, Presents A Number Of Superb Watches

Bulgari, Italy’s top jewellery and watch brand, presents a number of exquisite watches, with the representative Endurer Chronograph All Blacks special models, stainless steel ceramic OCTO four retrograde chronograph wrist Watches and Serpenti series watches show the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship to domestic watch fans.

Bulgari Endurer Chronograph All Blacks Special Watch
    This watch is a classic collaboration between the brand and the legendary New Zealand football team All Blacks. A 56.51 mm DLC-processed (diamond-like) steel case is made of stainless steel. The case is oval in shape and is engraved with the Totem symbol of New Zealand Maori-Yin Jue Koru. The two built-in coaxial coaxial hands with different lengths measure the time through the display of hours and minutes, plus the hour markers that have been treated with a super luminous agent, which can be easily read no matter day or night. At 6 o’clock, there is a concise small dial with a chronograph function. It uses a dual track scale to display the time. It is refined according to 12 hours and 60 minutes respectively. And unlike the standard timer, the small dial can not stop the timing function. But you can reset the chronograph hands and restart the chronograph function by pressing the chronograph button at 7:30. There is also a date display window at 12 o’clock. Through the translucent sapphire crystal case back, the watch’s top craftsmanship can be seen at a glance. DR1306-one-way self-winding oscillating weight mechanical movement, round grain-treated surface, Geneva wheat spike relief, beveled polished steel parts, etc. Its quality reflects. Power reserve is up to 45 hours and waterproof to 100 meters.
Bulgari stainless steel ceramic OCTO four retrograde chronograph watch
    Launched at Baselworld 2011, this watch features a crocodile leather strap, a 45mm stainless steel case and ceramic bezel, and a stainless steel crown set with goose-shaped onyx. The cloisonne craft dial is peculiarly shaped, presenting a classic octagonal shape. The different display areas are constructed with exquisite visual effects. The black lacquered surface, silver partitions and white arcs are integrated into a stable and generous one. In addition to its distinctive sportsmanship and avant-garde modern styling, the new Octo quad-retrograde chronograph also has a sophisticated top-of-the-line watch movement that drives various mechanical movements-Calibre GG7800. Combining sophisticated craftsmanship and brand style, this movement provides four retrograde functions: minute display at 12 o’clock, date display at 6 o’clock, chronograph hour display at 9 o’clock, and 3 o’clock The seconds display of the position. It can also display jump time through the window at 12 o’clock. In addition, the two timing buttons at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock also have functions to control stop / start and zero. 45-hour kinetic energy reserve. 100 meters waterproof.
Bulgari Serpenti watch
    This stunning 7-round snake-wound watch features a gold or polished stainless steel strap, a curved polished case shaped like a snake head, and a bezel set with 38 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.29 carats. The shape-cut pink gemstone crown contrasts sharply, and the silver brushed dial set with 190 0.82 carat brilliant-cut diamonds enhances its charm to an unprecedented level. The gorgeous and exquisite snake-shaped appearance must have an extraordinary inner. The Swiss quartz movement Calibre B033, which is customized for Bulgari, is the most powerful manifestation.

Bulgari Mediterranean Eden Jewellery Watch
    The case is made of rose gold or white gold with a diameter of 40 mm. The case is provided with a hollow cover of the same material. The cover is engraved with arabesque motifs inspired by Mediterranean architecture. Among the simplest rose gold models, the watch The cover is inlaid with 1 pearl, and the crown is also embellished with 1 pearl; in the white gold model, 6 pearls, 4 round brilliant-cut diamonds (0.58 carats) and 58 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.45 carats), The crown is also embellished with 1 pearl; in the colored gemstone rose gold model, it is set with 3 round brilliant-cut diamonds (0.34 carats), 132 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.1 carats), and 10 colored gemstones. The crown is decorated with goose eggs. Shaped cut tourmaline. Mother-of-pearl dial with hour and minute display. The forged silk strap has a three-fold buckle. In terms of power, the watches are equipped with Bulgari’s customized quartz movement. Water resistant to 30 meters.

Zenith Conquers Space And Travels To Space Inspiration

400 kilometers above us, a huge object weighing about 400 tons is rotating. This huge flying object is not a lost asteroid, but is orbiting around the earth. International Space Station (ISS). The International Space Station is a research laboratory with six astronauts stationed. In December 2010, a Swiss watch, Zenith’s El Primero Striking 10th watch, left the earth on a Soyouz rocket launched at the Baïkonour base in the Kazakh patriarch. According to a study plan from the European General Book of Space, this highly accurate chronograph stopwatch was worn by a European astronaut, entered the Columbus laboratory, and orbited the earth.
From the beginning, Zenith has always proved that it has a forward-looking vision and pioneering spirit. Zenith is accompanied by adventurers and founders from beginning to end. For example, the Zenith Zenith Marine Chronograph was used to calculate the position of the ship in the ocean and used to navigate sailors during marine adventures. The watch has also accompanied pilots on polar adventures with polar explorers. Therefore, it is natural for Zenith to take part in this great adventure in the history of humankind, ‘Conquer Space.’

El Primero 1 / 10-second Jump Stopwatch: The first El Primero automatic chronograph stopwatch with 1 / 10-second jump seconds display

 The El Primero 1/10 second chronograph stopwatch reflects the great return of the technical quality of the Zenith watch factory, creating the brand’s achievements. The legendary El Primero movement is the world’s first automatic chronograph movement equipped with a 1 / 10-second jump-second display. To this day, no chronograph movement can match it. It has the most advanced mechanical movement, with the most precise structure, and most other mechanical movements can beat up to 8 times per second. The movement exhibited in Basel achieved one of the most important technological advancements in the watch industry: it allowed people to see for themselves 1 / 10th of a second, that is, each extraordinary beating of this movement. This advancement has greatly improved the timing of skip-second performance. This best record of watch quality is loaded into the annals of history.

 The faster the balance oscillates, which can be determined very clearly based on the speed of the tick, the higher the quality that determines the precision of the movement. The El Primero movement, developed in 1969, can swing 10 times per second. To this day, this is also one of the greatest challenges in the watch industry. Other movements can only swing at most 8 times per second. Direct display of 1/10 second El Primero 1/10 second jump chronograph can display each beat of the movement, the central chronograph hand directly connected to the speed regulating mechanism, beat every 1/10 seconds, showing the mechanical movement The shortest time interval. Being able to time in such short time intervals is a great breakthrough. And being able to see clearly with the naked eye is another breakthrough. To this end, ZENITH has greatly improved the timing standard for jumping seconds. The dial is divided into 100 scales, and the chronograph indicator rotates around the dial for 10 seconds, and it can accurately display 1/10 seconds for each step. For the wearer of this chronograph, the 1/10 second display is an easy-to-read fractional unit, while the traditional 1/8 second or 1/5 second display of the traditional skip seconds performance is more difficult to read. With this watch, Zenith has once again established the brand’s leading position in the field of precision timing.

El Primero Striking 10th chronograph stopwatch, stainless steel case, 42 mm diameter, hours, minutes, small seconds, calendar, chronograph stopwatch, sapphire crystal and back case, waterproof 100 meters, El Primero 4052B automatic movement, 50 Hours

El Primero 1/10 Seconds Chronograph Chronograph Heartbeat Random Core Acceleration

 The chronograph worn on the wrist highlights extraordinary elegance. The perfectly harmonious case highlights the masculine qualities of this watch. Three counters consisting of a total timer and a second hand are arranged below the dial in a V shape. The three counters have very different colors and can read the timing time very clearly. On the watch, ZENITH’s five-pointed star glitters, demonstrating the superior technology of this movement to show every beat.

Within Ten Thousand, What Handsome Big-name Watches Besides Tissot Mido Can Choose

A budget of 10,000 yuan is a hurdle for friends who have just started to watch and want to buy entry-level watches. Above 10,000 yuan, they can often buy a lot of big-name watches, at least it is the beginning of Longines. And within 10,000, watches like Longines, Tag Heuer, Montblanc basically have limited choices, of course I am talking about mechanical watches. So, within 10,000, what handsome big brand watches can you choose, we have found a few for you.

Oris Air Series 01 735 7641 4263-07 4 22 05G

Product Model: 01 735 7641 4263-07 4 22 05G
Domestic public price: ¥ 9800
Watch diameter: 42.00 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: cal.735
Case material: Stainless steel gray PVD coating
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details:
Product model: R22860205
Domestic public price: 9100
Watch diameter: 37.7 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details:
Model: NM3098C-L1J-BKBR
Domestic public price: ¥ 11000
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Case thickness: 13 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: RR1103
Case material: Stainless steel case treated with Diamond-Like Carbon technology
Watch details: ball / 57363 /
Watch Reviews: It is also a high-end entry-level watch. Boer has not done well in China in the past two years, but you must know that Boer’s popularity abroad is still very high. First of all, it does not belong to any group. , Not much advertising, so the ‘moisture’ in the price of the watch will be relatively less. In addition, we all know that Boer is very good at making luminous, it should be said that its luminous is very beautiful, the luminous of most other brands of watches, basically lose effect at night, but Boer can still watch the time. This watch is also a stainless steel case, but the case is treated with diamond-like carbon DLC technology, which is generally only used in advanced watches. Equipped with a universal movement. Although it is more than 10,000 in the public price, you can rest assured that Ball is discounted at the dealer, and it will not be more expensive than the previous two models.
In summary: these three watches are more advanced than the mainstream brands Tissot, Mido, Hamilton, Certina, etc. within 10,000 yuan. The high level is not reflected in brand awareness, but in brand workmanship and quality In terms of history and other aspects, of course, the most rude way of judging now is the average price. These three watches, at a price of less than 10,000 yuan, are obviously very competitive products.

46mm Cartier Ballon Bleu Slim Watch

Cartier Ballon Bleu Slim Watch

Similar to Reverso, Cartier has also produced a paper-thin watch for the blue balloon series that we are most familiar with. More interestingly, this ultra-thin watch also adopts the design idea of ​​a large dial, even for The radian created by fitting the wrist is so similar. The 46mm dial is definitely quite enjoyable to wear, and thanks to the super thin body, the round sapphire on the grooved crown of the watch is more prominent and exquisite.
Here, I have to mention a watch enthusiast. He couldn’t hold back a while ago, and fashioned a trend, so I bought a sports watch with complicated functions and wear it when I go out in the morning. At the end of the dinner, I showed it in front of my friends. I never thought that it was just after 3 pm, because his left hand was really overwhelmed, and he was not a delicate skin person. “His fingers were a little numb and his wrists were pressed. & rdquo; In order to ensure blood circulation, he had to take off his watch and put it in his clothes pocket. And because I was wearing an old suit, and I was afraid that the cloth in my pocket would not be strong enough, I would accidentally drop the watch, so I had to put it in the car, and naturally my friends would find it difficult to see. At that time, he made up his mind. In the future, watches with a diameter of more than 42 mm, a thickness of more than 12 mm, and a weight of more than three or two (150 grams), would not be bought expensively, and would no longer accept the foreign crime.
It is precisely in recent years that the trend of large watch sizes has intensified, and many large watches can be used as alarm clocks. Women’s watches are now 44mm, and men’s watches are less and less below 40mm. The most exaggerated is the thickness of the watch, which is almost not measured in millimeters but in centimeters. However, there are several people in the world like the NBA star Shark O’Neal who have a height of two meters and seventeen and a weight of more than two hundred kilograms. How about it? His old man can grab a basketball with one hand, and the 47 mm diameter watch endorsed by us, how common are we ordinary people to bring it to the wrist? It would be too big to bring it on the ankle. Later, Kobe, who was also an NBA star, in order to express his gratitude after getting the most valuable player, specially customized some Jaeger-LeCoultre watches and gave them one piece for each team member. The size of this watch is only 43 mm, more than two meters A group of buddies, although they are tall and big, also know the weight of the big shark and their wrists, but why do we ignore the heavy watches around us?
However, it is precisely because of the above-mentioned that most people (especially men) have enthusiasm for more complex functions, and have to bear the thickness and weight of these complex functions. Taking an ordinary complicated watch as an example, we can see that the design of the watch is impersonal: 1.5 cm, which is 15 mm thick and weighs 165 grams, which is three or two! One or two dumplings are only 6, and 165 grams is 20 dumplings. Because of the cohesive force of precious metals, it is like an iron block. Like a scale, it is worn on the hand from morning to night. For fashion, it is relatively not so much. Comfortable leather strap with metal folding buckle, I believe that after a day, you are overwhelmed, the first thing to go home is to quickly take off the watch, at that time, you will definitely feel a sense of relief. There are also so-called complex functions, perpetual calendar and sports car speed measurement. How many people need it in real life? But we really feel the weight they bring. China has a history of thousands of years. Even during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, no perpetual calendar watch had appeared, nor did it affect the slow development of China for thousands of years! The great people have said that 10,000 years are too long, so let’s just fight for it. We do n’t want to predict things after 10,000 years, and the Lord who can arrange things for next month will be all human. Elite.
For this reason, more and more people are beginning to understand this, and they are also subtly changing the trend of this market. Watch manufacturers have begun to realize that if they develop their watches in the direction of alarm clocks arbitrarily, the day will sooner or later they will not be sold, the designer can bear no matter how great they are, and they must also be responsible for the money in the pockets of the company’s shareholders. Direction. The thin and light trend of watches has already begun to emerge at this Geneva exhibition, which also makes us realize that it is time to give our wrists a good burden.
So, as a man, what kind of watch do we need?
In the words of the enthusiast, ‘To be able to basically meet daily wear needs, the diameter is between 38 and 41 mm, the thickness is below 12 mm, and the weight is not more than three or two (150 grams). In addition to hours, there is a The second hand has a calendar. If you can increase the remote time and energy display, you are a business person flying all over the world, and you have business and investment in other countries. It is enough to have these functions. On this basis, precious metals, gems, and diamonds can be added, and the price and variety can be completely separated. It can definitely meet people with different needs, different incomes, and different classes. & rdquo;
I believe that at the next watch exhibition, various watch manufacturers will start to see who can make cost-effective 3 to 6 mm thick precious metal watches. Under this thin and light premise, high technology, materials science, and precious metals, such as titanium or ceramics, can also give watch designers a great deal of design space, which is also in line with 30 years of Hedong and 30 years of Hexi’s watch industry. development trend.
I talked about men’s watches, and naturally I have to say something for the ladies. However, in general, women wear watches for their lightness and comfort, and now most women buy watches will focus on quartz watches and even high-end jewelry watches. They are not obsessed with the mechanical beauty of watches. I just want to use the watch to perfectly match my clothing.
Because of this, the wind of big watches will not spread to this field. Ladies only need to continue to choose their favorite small models to wear, they will certainly not cause any burden on the wrist. However, since most ultra-thin mechanical watches are designed for men, as those women who love mechanical watches, it is also good to choose a suitable men’s mechanical watch to wear. Try things like Hamilton’s slim watch or Audemars Piguet’s jules audemars ultra-thin watch. Of course, when Jaeger-LeCoultre released the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin large-scale ultra-thin watch, it also launched the Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin diamond-designed watch for women. The charming charm of women is also a good choice.

Meidu Watch When Architecture Becomes Time Coordinate

Mido area at the Basel Watch Fair. Profile picture

 Commander’s Limited Chronograph: A commemorative model to mark the 95th anniversary of the brand, with red hands and chronograph scales on the black sunray dial. The perfect curve from the spire to the base of the Eiffel Tower is subtly used in the design of this watch’s round steel case.

 Commander series three-eye multifunction chronograph watch: This watch retains the classic characteristics of the Commander series while being given a new look. Three small chronograph dials have been treated with bituminous gray satin, and the middle lines of the hour and minute hands are White Super-LumiNova luminous treatment makes the night reading more clear and convenient.

 Helmsman series double crown diving watch: two crowns are located at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock, of which the crown at 2 o’clock is used to adjust the diving bezel set in the mirror, record the diving time, beauty The iconic orange color is reflected on the rotatable bezel and the second hand.

 Commander Series Fritillary Lady’s Watch: This series is the first time to launch a women’s watch. The 33 mm diameter case is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement. The dial features mother-of-pearl with a mother-of-pearl dial. Rational temperament. The weekly calendar display at three o’clock is large and practical.

 Great Wall Series 2: The Great Wall series launched last year was inspired by the Great Wall of China. The wall tiles on the dial and the seconds hand in the shape of an ancient bow and arrow are all details. This year’s Great Wall Series 2 added a leather strap to last year’s models, making the case thinner and more comfortable to wear.

 The Berencelli multifunctional chronograph watch: two snailed chronograph windows are arranged vertically on the silver dial, the 60-second chronograph hand made of blue steel and the second hand at 9 o’clock are the new highlights.

 The new women’s watch of the Belem Sairee series: the small silver dial presents two clear levels, and the sun light decoration shines brightly. This model uses a back-through design to see the movement of the automatic movement.

进入 Since entering the Chinese market in 2000, Mido has gone through 13 years in China, and it has also ushered in its 95th birthday. But I wonder if anyone remembers the ‘meter / rudder’ that appeared on the Chinese market from the 1930s to the 1960s? In fact they are the same brand: MIDO. At Baselworld this year, Mido presented its unique architectural aesthetic with three new series.

Amami is a very fun brand. This ‘fun’ is not something that can be seen at a glance or you can get started with the game. You need to have a deep understanding of the logic of its design to see some meaning on the dial. In short, it is necessary to figure out the relationship between the series and some buildings.

Each of the Amami watches has an architecture as a source of design inspiration. The commander series corresponds to the Eiffel Tower, the helmsman series corresponds to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Belem Sairee series is the Rennes Opera House, the Emmanuel II arcade, and of course the Great Wall series based on the Great Wall. Looking at the pictures and tables in comparison, you will find the intricate relationship in details, and these reference designs are not immediately obvious. But why integrate architecture into watch design? ‘Because in terms of beauty, the building itself has not only aesthetic value but also practicality. It is both space and time coordinates. For example, if you look at the Colosseum in Rome, you can think of gladiators fighting and spectating here many years ago. Cheers here, there is a wonderful confluence between the ancients and the present. The philosophical value of time is here. ‘The staff of Mido explained.

The relationship between the main commander series and the Eiffel Tower in 2013 lies in the grid design on the minute plate, which is very similar to the steel bar shape in the middle of the Eiffel Tower. In this series, there are simple juniors and multi-function chronograph styles. Generally speaking, the design is 50 years unchanged. The highlight of this year is that this masculine series has finally launched a female model. The mother-of-pearl dial with black strap is very elegant. The multi-function chronograph model shoulders the heavy duty of commemorating the brand’s 95th anniversary. A red hand with red chronograph scales and a watch model certified by the Observatory will be limited to 950 pieces.

双 One of the double-crowned diving watches that has a relatively high degree of beauty this year is in the Helmsman series. The helmsman series is inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which was completed in the 1930s, and there are still many extreme sports enthusiasts to climb the bridge. Mido believes that it represents the spirit of climbing the peak without fear of danger, so the vertical line on the side of the Harbour Bridge is applied to the surface of the Helmsman series, which is reflected in the way of Geneva ripples. The latest dual-crown diving watch puts the diving chronograph ring below the watch glass, so an additional crown is needed for adjustment. This year this series also introduced a rubber bezel and strap style, which fits the wrist very well. The helmsman series was launched by Mido’s second-generation president. He was an Air Force officer. He was often annoyed in the army that the watch would stop moving under the influence of harsh environments. In the peaceful era, he would make his own watch that can withstand harsh environments. Excellent performance of the helmsman series.

The connection between the Belem Celli series and the Rennes Opera House in France lies in ‘practical’ and ‘minimalist’ concepts. When the Opera House was completed in 1836, it was a time of complicated decoration, and it was solemn and simple in design. The Belem Celli 1 used a simple double-dial dial combined with Roman numerals to achieve great success at the launch, while the Belem Celli 2 used stick-shaped hour markers and retro track minute dials. The new Belem Celli 3 this year combines the Roman numerals of 1 and the disk design of 2. It introduces the inspiration brought by the arcade of Emmanuel II. The hemispherical mirror is like the dome of the arcade. Visually magnified. However, Belem Celli 2 still launched a classic style, which currently seems to be more popular than 3.

In addition to the integration of architecture into the design, Mido’s high price-performance ratio can also be called a ‘killer’. It is currently the only mid-range brand among the top 10 certified by the Observatory. Observatory-certified models can be bought at prices of around 8,000 or nine thousand, of which Many women’s watches are also certified by the observatory, which shows certain advantages in the environment where the women’s watch market is gradually rising.

The Original Heart Makes Extraordinary Schaffhausen Iwc Launches A New Pilot Heritage Watch Series

December 11, 2017, Schaffhausen, Switzerland-Schaffhausen IWC Pilot’s Heritage Watches has always been a favorite of collectors and pilot watch enthusiasts, and now two more This new product showcases the classic pilot’s timepiece style, and its striking retro design makes it uniquely charming. The new IWC Large Pilot’s Heritage Watch is inspired by the long history of the large pilot’s watch (52 T.S.C.), with a new titanium and bronze case. The new IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s Heritage Watch has a very retro style, with a black dial with beige digital hour markers and blue hands with luminous coating.

IWC Pilot’s Heritage Watch Titanium Case (Model: IW501004)

   IWC’s new large pilot heritage watch models are inspired by the historical models of the 1940s-large pilot watches (52 T.S.C.), with a striking retro style design. Two new models are available: one with a titanium case (model: IW501004); the other with a bronze case (model: IW501005), with a limited edition of 1500 pieces. Both watches have black dials with beige digital hour markers and blue hands with luminous coating, and are driven by the IWC 52110 homemade movement, equipped with a Pellaton winding system, which provides seven days Long power reserve. The wearer can easily read the remaining energy of the watch through the power reserve display at the ‘3 o’clock’ position.

IWC Large Pilot’s Watch Heritage Bronze Case (Model: IW501005)

   IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s Heritage Watch (Model: IW327006) is the first Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch with a titanium case. The lightweight and sturdy titanium case with a black dial and blue hands with a luminous coating .

IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s Heritage Watch (Model: IW327006)

   Both new models are equipped with brown calfskin straps and are equipped with the proven IWC Pilot’s Watch craftsmanship: a soft iron inner case protects the movement from magnetic field effects and is firmly assembled to withstand the sudden pressure drop in the cabin. Glass table mirror.

Hublot Hublot Pre-basel Ferrari’s Red Fantasy Song

Hublot HUBLOT and FERRARI, Italy’s top racing and sports car manufacturer, have worked together for the past three years, and the fantastic perfect combination will once again reach its peak. Following the debut of Big Bang Titanium and Big Bang Magic Gold in 2012, HUBLOT launched the world’s only MP-05 LaFerrari with a power reserve of up to 50 days and three other Big Bang watches in 2013, and 2014 In addition to the amazing work of three Big Bang watches, two new Big Bang Ferrari racing edition watches are ready to be launched.

The new Big Bang Ferrari watch successfully displays the spirit of the automotive world. The black ceramic model is numbered, limited to 250 pieces.

Pay tribute to marvelous motor sports with an extraordinary sports watch! In 2015, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the birth of the Big Bang series, HUBLOT and FERRARI proudly presented two new watches-the Big Bang Ferrari Black Ceramic embellished with Ferrari’s most iconic red and the legendary North American racing team (North America Racing Team) ‘s color palette is inspired by the Big Bang Ferrari Grey Ceramic.
The new Big Bang Ferrari black or gray ceramic case watch has a diameter of 45 mm and its dial has a unique aerodynamic design. The crisscrossed black hollow grid dial reproduces FERRARI’s classic monolithic grille water tank cover, highlighting the speed aesthetics of sports watches. The UNICO movement developed by Hublot developed by the watch is also clearly visible on its motherboard and bridge. The most legendary Prancing Horse logo is carefully carved at 9 o’clock, and the minute timer is at 3 o’clock. Its yellow date window is a little more visual. The scales and hands of the Big Bang Ferrari Grey Ceramic and Black Ceramic are treated with rhodium-plated and red cutouts, respectively. The main color of the strap highlights the three-dimensional beauty of the dial. The automatic disk design is cleverly borrowed from the wheel structure of Ferrari, and is clearly visible under the transparent sapphire mirror back.

 New Big Bang Ferrari watch with self-winding column wheel flyback chronograph UNICO HUB1241 developed and produced by HUBLOT, grey ceramic with serial number, limited to 250 pieces

The case is extended with a titanium and rubber extension button fixed to a wheel axle, just like a car’s throttle; the leather strap is focused on the iconic red and gray stripe patterns commonly used in racing; the innovative ‘one-click’ strap switch The function is inspired by the car seat belt design, making it easy for the wearer to change the strap. The latest Big Bang Ferrari is available in black and grey ceramics, each limited to 250 pieces. This watch has a 72-hour power reserve.