Two Canvas Strap Watches Recommended For Winter

Of course. Canvas can be said to be an all-round material that can be found throughout our clothing, food and shelter. Who doesn’t have a pair of canvas shoes, a canvas environmental protection bag, and a canvas hat? When canvas is used to make straps, its advantages are easy to show: it is not only wear-resistant, but also breathable, which explains why many military watches or those handsome and cool men’s watches Why I love canvas. What’s more, canvas has a unique feature: as the frequency of use increases, the long-lasting wear effect makes it look cooler and more manly. So if you are a young man or have a lot of energy, you have no choice in choosing it.

● Cartier Santos
If you use a canvas strap with Santos, it will be more British and bold, and this canvas strap, the more you wash it over time, the more leisurely it will show, it is most suitable for classic watch brands like Cartier .

Hamilton Khaki Field Watch
Here comes the military watch! This watch is not only involved in many military-themed Hollywood blockbusters, but even the average consumer wears it effortlessly. It uses a military green canvas strap, which is wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, and 100 meters waterproof makes you completely comfortable to wear.