Luxury Game At The Million Watch Club

Why do some watches need the pearly jewels of the whole body to shock people, while some watches can face the sky but still win the worship of everyone? Maybe it was doomed when this watch was produced.
    Worth ten million, driving a top class RV, entering and exiting a high-end private club, wearing a master-class high-end custom-made clothing, sitting in his own sun room and drinking afternoon tea … even from the back can be judged by his experience, wealth or life. Perhaps you are already rich, and you are not disdainful of such extravagance and extreme waste. You may not like it, but your wealth is destined for you to have them. Therefore, this is no longer a symbol of strength, but the control of the realm among luxury goods.
    The mechanical watch, which has inherited the essence of the handicraft industry for 5 centuries, also has such a state and luxury. Ronghua is wealthy, famous, glorious, and has a family heritage. Of course, these members who have been awarded the ‘Millions Club’ all have the noble reason of being worth one million yuan.
Honorable reasons:
1. Lange, the highest tribute to the German watchmaking industry. This is not so much the cost of its production, but because Lange represents the indomitable spirit of the Germanic people. Therefore, Lange could resume trading in the last century and strengthen the momentum after inheriting the glorious history.
2. CABARET TOURBILLON embodies the profound skills of the Lange Manufacture, and it has solved the problem that many watchmakers have been at a loss for more than 200 years-the tourbillon stop seconds.
Blancpain 2008 Diamond Tourbillon
Honorable reasons:
1. When the traditional mechanical watch revived the tourbillon, Blancpain did the opposite, changing the traditional coaxial tourbillon to an eccentric tourbillon, just like Carrousel in pocket watches, bringing fresh ideas to the traditional watchmaking industry. More than ten years later, Blancpain attacked again, changing the traditional Carrousel to coaxial rotation-things in this world really don’t seem to be understood by textbooks.
2. Through the master craftsmanship of watchmakers, this watch with an unprecedented diamond setting has the Blancpain Caliber 25A movement, automatic winding and 7-day power reserve. It can be regarded as a high-end custom jewelry and high-end custom A true match made in heaven.
Harry Winston OPUS
Honorable reasons:
1. Harry Winston is located in the ultra-luxury Beverly Hills in the United States. The region has given this American brand the most luxurious inspiration in the world. After the diamond-studded art and Cartier’s success, the brand has also upgraded its watchmaking technology to the highest level.
2. OPUS is a great plan, it only cares about watchmakers who have reached the top level of creativity, craftsmanship and technology. In the eighth year of OPUS, OPUS 8 integrated traditional mechanical devices with digital displays to develop a new way of interpreting time.
Breguet 1808 Tourbillon
Honorable reasons:
1. As the proudest successor of the handmade mechanical button pattern, Breguet has always maintained the demeanor of the king.
2. The 1808 Tourbillon watch uses the concept of ‘half hunting watch’ of the Napoleon period, and hand-carved the sky pattern on the inner surface. So elegant rose gold plate looks as bright as diamond inlaid, eye-catching. The blank area below the surface of the plate proudly houses the tourbillon adjuster invented by Mr. Bao Di, the originator.
Patek Philippe 5207 watch
Honorable reasons:
1. The Patek Philippe 5207 watch pioneered the abandonment of the traditional perpetual calendar display and changed it to a window display. Not only can you avoid the tedious display of the disk, clear the various instructions, and you can enjoy the change of the instant jump when the date is changed, which increases the playability.
2. The 5207 uses the brand’s classic GONDOLO-style disk layout, with a tourbillon device embedded in the back, and a three-minute ticker on the left.
Royal Oak Carbon Concept Tourbillon Chronograph
Honorable reasons:
1. Adhering to the technology of forged carbon made by Audemars Piguet last year, the world’s first forged carbon and carbon movement watch, the Royal Oak Carbon Concept Tourbillon Chronograph, was launched in 2008.
2. It has both lightness and toughness, mainly due to the high-tech material of the whole body. Forged carbon, carbon fiber, amorphous carbon coating, ceramics, titanium alloys, anodized aluminum oxide, etc. Regardless of its tourbillon (9 o’clock) and linear timer (3 o’clock), these high-tech games alone are worth 1.8 million. After all, these are materials that are not needed on the ground.
Cartier Ballon Blue
Honorable reasons:
1. Cartier proved his worth with his philosophy of operating luxury goods for many years, and finally got the sacred mark of Geneva. With a strong sense of modernity, it has entered the ranks of top watches. Whether it is precision, reliability, or the fineness of the movement decoration, it all meets the highest standards of the ‘Geneva Quality Mark’.
2. Inheriting traditional watchmaking technology, compatible with bold, elegant and pleasing modern design. It perfectly embodies the fine watchmaking craftsmanship, from the hollow opening to the unique convex round gemstone crown, as well as the elegant and chic appearance, which fully reveals Cartier’s unique characteristics.
Zenith Defy Xtreme & Classic Zero-G Troubillon
Honorable reasons:
1. With the true technological revolution, Zenith has developed a zero gravity system-ZERO-G! It contains an escapement mechanism mounted on a universal joint, similar to the process of a marine gyro instrument. This type of instrument is very sensitive to position changes, like a tumbler, hugs the tourbillon, so that it always maintains a horizontal position. No matter how bad the changes in gravity are, nothing is wrong.
2. The most stringent standard design and manufacturing, its design is very advanced, the technology is even more breakthrough, and it has become a unique value brand in the world
Limelight Paris
Honorable reasons:
1. Since 1889, the Eiffel Tower has become the urban symbol of the ancient city of Paris, giving it a distinctive urban identity and strong style. As a result, the Eiffel Tower became the source of inspiration for Piaget’s new generation of diamond-encrusted watches.
2. The Limelight Paris architectural collection has a double case. The upper floor is engraved with an hourglass in the form of an Eiffel Tower. 600 grains of golden sand can flow between the hourglasses. The lower case presents a dark-colored dial created by a 830P hand-wound movement.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Gyrotourbillon2
Honorable reasons:
1. At the beginning of the new century, in order to resist gravity, Jaeger-LeCoultre lifted the tourbillon out of the shackles of the plane and provided it with a three-dimensional stage. Thus, a tourbillon adjuster covering 360 degrees of arbitrary angle rotation was born. This innovation gave modern watchmaking a boost.
2. In 2008, the mysterious spherical tourbillon launched the second generation-the square movement tourbillon. This historical task was removed from the Master and carried by Reverso. Le Méridien Maurice Lacroix Memoire 1
Honorable reasons:
1. The world’s first mechanical watch with memory function, the timing and time display can be arbitrarily switched on the same dial, and controlled by the button on the crown. When you finish the time conversion back, the watch seems to have life, smartly return to the current time, and inside it is a purely mechanical movement.
2. Amy commemorates her 35th birthday with this creative watch. The innovation made Le Méridien praise and exultation. High-end watches do not necessarily have a long history of hundreds of years. The key lies in the enthusiasm of research and development skills. This is one of the biggest highlights in the 2008 Basel Watch Exhibition, which shocked the entire watch industry.
Chanel J12 High Jewelry Version
Honorable reasons:
1. Every year, when I walk to the Chanel Pavilion in Basel, I can’t help asking myself, is it for diamonds or watches? Faced with the top cut and inlay diamond watches, people cannot extricate themselves, let alone simply classify them into diamond watches.
2. It has long gone beyond the realm of ordinary diamond versions, and has reached a fusion of history, tradition, inspiration and top quality. J12 high jewellery version with a total of 43 carats and 713 diamonds.
Harry Winston Lady Z
Honorable reasons:
1. Like the men’s Z series, the material from space-Zelium. Lady is inspired by the moon god, whose design can evoke people’s unique duality and feminine impression.
2. Radial sunbursts connect each scale on the dial, and the moon inlaid with diamonds at 6 o’clock reflects the theme of the watch. Because it is a limited edition of 100 pieces, the price is very expensive.