Richard Miller Oscillator Rm030 Can Be Automatically Separated From The Automatic Model

Cask-shaped case, available in titanium, platinum or rose gold, size 50 × 42.70 × 13.95 mm, titanium alloy torque-limited crown, dual barrel movement, rotor Automatically disengaged, stored for 50 hours
RICHARD MILLE RM030 (Rotor can be automatically disengaged)
This year, there are not a few brands that make articles on the pendulum. Perhaps because of the popularity of ultra-thin and comfortable wind, Piaget, Roger Dolby, Parmigiani and RICHARD MILLE have all introduced the style of the pearl tourbillon movement, and Audemars Piguet also has a patented ring-shaped rotor. However, watches like RM030 which are purely oscillating on the performance of the rotor can be said to be unique.
As we all know, the pendulum, also known as the automatic rotor, is powered by the movement of the wrist. Once the energy is saturated and the wrist is still in motion, it can cause overwinding. This is traditionally avoided by a raised spring device. But the spring keeps springing, which will also cause a certain degree of damage to the barrel, especially when the wearer is engaged in intense sports-this is exactly the characteristics of RM watches.
In view of this, Richard Mille spent four years developing and designing a self-detaching pendulum system: When the power reserve reaches 50 hours, the pendulum will automatically disengage with the help of a special mechanical structure. The barrel is wound; when the power reserve drops to 40 hours, the oscillating weight automatically engages again and resumes work until the power reserve reaches 50 hours.