Also From Germany, Berlin Film Festival And Glashütte’s Original Wonderful Fate

On the evening of February 25th local time, the 68th Berlin International Film Festival was closed and all major awards were awarded. The Berlin Film Festival Golden Bear Award was won by a Romanian female director Adina Pintilie for her debut ‘Don’t Touch Me’ and at the same time she won another award-best debut Award; Wes Anderson won the best director award for the animated film ‘Island of Dogs’; in addition, film director and producer Ruth Beckermann won the 68th Berlin Film Festival Glashütte Original Documentary Award for his work ‘The Waldheim Waltz’.

The 68th Berlin Film Festival

Adina Pintilie wins Golden Bear Award for her debut ‘Don’t Touch Me’

Wes Anderson wins best director award for animated film ‘Island of Dogs’, led by Bill Murray

Ruth Beckermann wins documentary award for “ The Waldheim Waltz ”

 When it comes to Germany, in addition to the Berlin Film Festival, when we talk about German watchmaking brands, we first think of such a brand-Glashütte Original.

At this film festival, Glashütte originally launched a new council big date chronograph metropolitan limited edition
 As an official partner of the film festival, Glashütte Original has been working with the Berlin Film Festival for eight years. At the same time, it also witnessed the growth of the Berlin Film Festival and the world film. Not only that, the Glashütte documentary award at the Berlin Film Festival (Glashütte Original)
 (Original Documentary Award) will also provide 50,000 euros to the winners, which is also the original respect of Glashütte Original for the documentary art.

 Original Documentary Award) Ruth Beckermann

Golden Bear VIP Room Real Shot
 The Golden Bear VIP Room set up for the film festival also hosted filmmakers and guests from all over the world. Among them, we saw many familiar figures. Including Dieter, Chairman of the Berlin Film Festival
Kosslick, actor Ben Blaskovic, Florian David Fitz, Hannes
Jaenicke and Daniel who has starred in ‘Captain America: Civil War’
Bruhl and other filmmakers who are very important in world movies. At this film festival, Glashütte originally introduced a new Metropolitan Chronograph Chronograph Limited Edition, which defines the gentleman’s style with the ‘Bourbon Grey’ hue. The dial is highlighted by three dark blue display windows to highlight the details. And the stars also took the lead in showing us its charm.

Dieter Kosslick, chairman of the jury for the Berlin Film Festival

Berlin Film Festival Chairman Dieter Kosslick visits Glashütte’s original Golden Bear VIP Room and commemorates it

Actor Ben Blaskovic wears Glashütte’s original new MP MP Chronograph Metropolitan Limited Edition

Actor Elias M’Barek visits Glashütte’s original Golden Bear VIP room

Actor Florian David Fitz

Actor Hannes Jaenicke wears new Congressman Grand Calendar Chronograph Met limited edition visits Glashütte’s original Golden Bear VIP Room

Daniel who has appeared in ‘Captain America: Civil War’
 It is the same as the Berlin Film Festival witnessing the growth of world cinema. Throughout 170 years of German watchmaking history, Glashütte original
Original) is the true inheritor of high-end German watchmaking. Each watch produced by the brand is equipped with 100% original research and development of the original movement, and the independent creation of parts also reaches 95%. In order to ensure the inheritance of German traditional watchmaking technology, Glashütte Original also has a brand watchmaking museum and a watchmaking school, which also contributed to the protection and development of German watchmaking history and technology.

 As an important watchmaking gathering place in Germany, Glashütte’s status and importance in the history of German watchmaking is equivalent to the Swiss Jura Valley. Here, Germany has a long history of watchmaking brands, and Glashütte Original is one of them.

Glashütte Original Brand Watchmaking Museum

Inside the Glashütte Original Brand Watch Museum

Glashütte Original Watch School Students Studying
 The students enrolled in the established watchmaking school must undergo rigorous and systematic learning before they can become qualified watchmakers. Not only that, every qualified watchmaker needs a long time to study and all his passion Focusing on watchmaking is not an easy task.

 In addition to continuous technical research, in order to open up the international market, more people are familiar with it, Glashütte Original is also making a lot of efforts. A pink ‘heart-wrapping’ eccentric moon phase female watch exclusively designed by the brand for China is believed to be well known by many people. And when it is worn on Zhou Dongyu’s hand after the ghostly Golden Horse Awards, it interprets the girl’s unique pink and soft feeling.

Zhou Dongyu wears Glashütte’s original ‘heart pals’ eccentric moon phase female watch

 Zhou Dongyu, who is petite and cute, wears a pink watch more in line with her smart temperament. Every girl who dreams of becoming a princess has fantasies about pink. This ‘heart-wrapping’ eccentric moon phase female watch has a pink mother-of-pearl dial, with diamond-set technology, and a crocodile leather strap of the same color , The overall match is harmonious, and the girl feels amazing. Bold innovation in design has also become synonymous with Glashütte’s original innovation.


Wang Qianyuan wears Glashütte original retro series large calendar chronograph watch
 As an original brand friend of Glashütte, the international film king Qianyuan also wears Glashütte original watches on different occasions, and this big calendar chronograph watch is particularly consistent with his temperament.

Actor Sheng Yilun wears Glashütte original retro watch

Summary: Also from Germany, it is also bold innovation based on the rigorous spirit of Germany. The Berlin Film Festival has witnessed the development and progress of world films for more than half a century. Glashütte Original also continues to introduce new ideas in traditional watchmaking techniques. What a wonderful fate this is, the original art of compassion hits the artistic spark.