2017 Sihh New Real Shot Lange This Time Came A Gorgeous ‘owl’

Lange’s ‘Owl’ has always been a very special model of Lange, because in any other series, except for that Grand Complication, there is no longer a chime model. Also launched for the first time in 2009, Lange’s ‘Owl’ uses a word-jumping digital display method to show table friends the unique time display method of Lange. After introducing the self-sounding ‘owl’ and three questions ‘owl’, Lange brought a gorgeous ‘owl’ this year. For the first time in this series, Lange’s original honey-colored gold case material was used, and Lange’s representative ‘Tramblage’ process, of course, has a very big change, I will tell you later.

   This new watch, Zeitwerk Decimal Strike is limited to 100 pieces, 44.2 mm in diameter, and is made of 18K honey-colored gold. Honey gold is an innovative material launched by Lange in recent years. It has patents. Currently only a few Lange watches are equipped with this material. This year, this is a honey gold watch.

   In addition to the first use of honey-colored gold in the series on the case material, Lange’s ‘Owl’ watch especially uses the ‘Tramblage’ hand-carving process. This process is generally used in Lange A special craft watch series ‘Handwerkskunst’, before this, Lange introduced a platinum version of the Handwerkskunst ‘owl’ watch. This time, it is a light luxury version of the Handwerkskunst ‘owl’. The characteristic of this craft is that it shows the effect of grain by engraving by hand, which is hard to imagine in the traditional carving art, because its carving technique is really special. In this watch, the process is used in two places, one is the ‘owl’ ‘s iconic time bridge, and the other is a self-sounding hammer and a hammer-fixed bridge.

   Technically, there is a big change in the ‘owl’ self-timer this time. It no longer uses the timekeeping rules of the previous self-timer, that is, every hour and every quarter hour, this time it uses ‘ The Owl three-question watch is very tailored. Every ten minutes, this ‘owl’ will hit a treble, and at the full point, it will hit the bass, and then the three numbers will jump together instantly. Of course, from a personal point of view, the tense self-talking is a little too frequent. After all, it sounds every ten minutes, which is quite disruptive to your attention. Of course, you can also turn it off by the button at 4 o’clock This function. So people who need to remind time in particular may be more suitable for this watch.

   Similarly, this watch has the characteristics of the movement of all ‘Owl’ series watches, including a patented constant power system, as well as the hour plate jump protection.

   The carefully modified L043.7 manual winding movement has a power reserve of up to 36 hours. Other Lange classic quality marks include 3/4 plywood with Glashütte diamonds, hand-engraved balance splint, made from untreated German silver, and cam-fixed balance with free-swinging self-made hairspring.

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