Victorinox Pre-basel Antique Leather Luxury Military Style

VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY launched in 2015. I.N.O.X. REMADE IN SWITZERLAND watches reclaimed for military leather recycling, limited to 250 pieces worldwide. This watch is inspired by VICTORINOX’s creative director and British cutting-edge designer Christopher Raeburn. In 2011, VICTORINOX designed a unique and re-created clothing series ‘REMADE IN SWITZERLAND’ for VICTORINOX.

 I.N.O.X. REMADE IN SWITZERLAND limited edition watch, using re-engineered high-quality leather, presents timeless classic aesthetic design and practical functions

In 2011, Victorinox launched the ‘REMADE IN SWITZERLAND’ clothing series, which shined in New York Fashion Week. Designed by talented Christopher Raeburn, the collection recreates Swiss military blankets, sleeping bags, and parachutes into a series of clothing with creative ingenuity. This collaboration further contributed to the brand’s appointment in February 2013 of Christopher Raeburn as the director of apparel creation. In order to continue the series representing the original concept of ‘Victorinox Swiss’ for environmental protection, military and other concepts ‘REMADE IN SWITZERLAND’, the brand launched the extremely durable and limited edition I.N.O.X. watches. This watch can withstand the most severe tests, and can stand up to the tide of time. Instead of deliberately shortening product life to increase sales, the brand is committed to the toughness of I.N.O.X.

 The leather strap of the I.N.O.X. REMADE IN SWITZERLAND Limited Edition watch is made of antique leather, showing a high-quality military style

This watch is produced in a limited number of 250 pieces worldwide. The leather strap is made of leather from a batch of Swiss military bags from 1911 to 1970. This vintage, vegetable-tanned leather has an outstanding texture, full of the beautiful luster and unique feel of antique leather, and is worth cherishing. Although leather has a long history, it is still extremely durable and its life span can even exceed 100 years. The case is equipped with a removable anti-collision pad, which uses the same leather material as the strap and is cut according to the classic dial and bezel shape of I.N.O.X. Each set of straps and bumper pads uses leather from different military bags or bullet bands, so 250 watches have a unique color and gloss. Therefore, each watch is numbered to highlight the unique style of the watch.

I.N.O.X. REMADE IN SWITZERLAND limited edition watch, limited to 250 pieces worldwide

As Christopher Raeburn puts it, ‘I am very honored to have inspired VICTORINOX’s clothing collection to inspire other brands. In terms of product quality and value added, the brand’s performance in the Swiss watch industry is also quite comparable Excellent. In addition, the brand’s INOX watch can withstand 130 rigorous tests and achieve great results. INOX watches are stylish, well-made, and rugged, reflecting the spirit of environmentally remanufacturing of the Remade series. For the brand to launch this watch , I am heartily pleased. ‘