Radar Rado Elegant Tang Wei ‘touches’ Touching People

For a long time, the famous Chinese actress Tang Wei has been deeply rooted in the people with her outstanding talents, quiet and restrained elegance, beautiful and moving images, and the extraordinary quality of meeting challenges and continuously pursuing breakthrough. The award-winning Miss Tang Wei coincides with the brand spirit of RADO Swiss Radar. Recently, RADO Swiss Radar has officially announced the official launch of a three-year endorsement cooperation with Miss Tang Wei.

Tang Wei, one of China’s most watched actresses, perfectly reflects the RADO brand

RADO officially announced that Tang Wei has become a global brand spokesperson at the launch of the Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches held in Shanghai. On the day, Miss Wan Wei, who was gentle and beautiful, wore the latest high-tech ceramic watch of Swiss Rado to take a series of exquisite photos, which perfectly interpreted the ultimate design and extreme craftsmanship of Swiss Rado’s Isa series, Haoxing series and Diamond Pa series. Tang Wei will also participate in the shooting of RADO’s global print ads. His extraordinary and charming image will appear in the brand’s new advertisements and in-store promotional images.

Tang Wei is recognized for his outstanding creative talents, deep acting skills and rich character

Mr. Matthias Breschan, President of RADO, announced the honorable joining of Tang Wei on the night of the event: ‘Today, we are very proud to announce that Miss Tang Wei has officially joined the RADO spokesperson family. Pursue the excellent quality of success. We appreciate her very much and believe that this precious quality can perfectly explain the spirit of the brand passed by Swiss Rado. We are very happy that she can be a member of the Swiss Rado family. ‘

Wearing a white dress with a RADO Isa series high-tech ceramic touch watch, Tang Wei reveals his unique personal style under the feminine female shape.

Brand spokesperson Tang Wei said, ‘I am very impressed with this Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches released today. She is not only beautifully designed, you can adjust the time with a touch, but it is also very comfortable to wear. All along, RADO Switzerland I am admired by the brand’s spirit of challenging, forging ahead, surpassing itself, and looking to the future. I am very happy to join the Swiss radar family. ‘

A lazy and confident Tang Wei perfectly presented the design image of the Isa watch