Extraordinary Christmas Wrist Wrist

Intertwined with red and white, brisk music around, and greetings from the snow elk; white snowflakes fell, and a well-decorated Christmas tree has quietly appeared around you, all this The atmosphere of Christmas is getting stronger and stronger. Breguet is aware of this quiet and graceful warmth, engraving the eternal memory with pure and elegant timepieces, and constantly tells the festive feelings brought by time, making the square inch of time lingering on the wrist a touch of Christmas.
The atmosphere is magnificent
   For a long time, mechanical watches seem to have become a must-have pronoun for men. However, in 2016, Breguet launched the Tradition Dame 7038 three-time repeater tourbillon watch at the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show This is Breguet’s first timepiece series specially created for female fans who love high-end mechanical watches. The appearance of the machine, the exposed movement, all clearly show the atmosphere of the watch, with the red strap and the red gem inlaid on the crown, adding a touch of affinity to the cold appearance. It is a perfect wrist decoration for the cold white Christmas.

Breguet Tradition Dame 7038
   The Breguet 7038 combines elegant style with superb technology. The ultra-modern dial design gives you a complete view of the original precision movement. The watch is equipped with a central barrel, a small dial that can be read directly at 12 o’clock, the continuously rotating hands are directly transmitted by the barrel, and the balance wheel and middle wheel are displayed on the dial 4 with an elegant arc. Hours to 8 o’clock. The small retrograde second hand at 10 o’clock is engraved on the movement. It is worth mentioning that the bridge equipped with the escapement system is equipped with a parachute suspension device that is manually chamfered. This is one of Breguet’s unique major inventions. Its main function is to protect the balance wheel system and reduce external and Internal shock. The dial of the watch is made of Tahiti mother-of-pearl, and is decorated with engraved engraved engraved flowers, which stands out against the hour and minute scales. The 7038 uses the 505SR movement. The decoration on the movement is specially made for women. The white frosted movement is used instead of the gray, coal gray or rose gold that is usually used in the matt NAC process. All the details are reflected. Respect and consideration for women. Set around 68 bezel-cut diamonds around the bezel, it stands out from many timepieces.
Concise and elegant, the ultimate connotation
   The inspiration for the creation of the Naples series of watches originates from Breguet’s first watch created for Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples. Its goose-shaped case and exquisite and elegant style are its unique features. And the Naples series is also one of the outstanding representatives of Breguet’s watches, which are loved by female customers. In order to meet the spirit of independence and modernity of modern women, Breguet’s Queen of Naples Reine de Naples 8967 watch is presented in a more concise and elegant style, which is also rich in elegant charm and suitable for daily wear.

Breguet Queen Naples Reine de Naples 8967
   The Breguet 8967 still continues the classic goose-shaped case of the Naples series. Unlike the previous watches, it is made of stainless steel to make it look more capable. The dial hour symbol discards the specific scale, and is replaced by the Breguet digital relief at 6 and 12 o’clock. The reading is still clear at the same time, which adds a bit of soft design to the model. The mother-of-pearl dial, Breguet’s independent number and invisible signature are all missing. With Breguet’s unique cutout ‘moon’ pointed blue steel hands, the charm is endless, and it highlights the delicateness of the watch. Render. The crown is set with an oval-cut diamond, which illuminates the entire model. The 8967 is inherently better, hand-carved a 22-carat gold automatic tourbillon, a silicon balance spring, fork and escapement wheel, all highlighting Breguet’s meticulous spirit of meticulous watchmaking. In addition to the gray alligator strap, this model also has a stainless steel folding buckle to choose from. The dial is also available in blue and white mother-of-pearl.
Zhu Yulinlang wonderful
   The Breguet Marine 5829 watch is definitely the best choice for Breguet’s dazzling watch, with up to 186 diamonds enough to show its decent weight. The chronograph that conveys the spirit of movement and the luxury of the embellished diamonds are perfectly combined in an unexpected way, and finally make this wonderful watch. The crystals of diamonds are like shining decorations for Christmas. .

Breguet Marine 5829
   When Breguet 5829 appeared, it could catch the movement of people who loved diamonds. 186 precious stones were dotted on the bezel, lugs, frame, buttons and crown, and the diamonds that cut into long square shapes were dazzling. 55 square rubies on the 15-minute scale are particularly eye-catching. In fact, the setting of diamonds is not easy. In addition to the exquisite craftsmanship and expertise of professional watchmakers, the gems themselves need to be carefully selected. Breguet selects pure and thorough gemstones. The color, size and cut are all perfect To ensure that every detail is perfected to form an impeccable masterpiece. The 18K silver-plated gold dial presents a unique flash, the dial is made of mother-of-pearl, and a large calendar display window is located at 6 o’clock, and the chronograph minute and second hands are positioned to accurately display the time. The engraved wave pattern of the dial adds rich visual effects to the dial. Through the sapphire crystal caseback of the watch, you can see the precision devices in the watch at a glance, and the charm of the watch can be seen.
Bright white, pure and flawless
   At Christmas time, white watches are the most moving. The Breguet marine series is a tribute to the Marine timepiece designed by Breguet for the French Royal Navy, with a more sporty and modern design, and the Breguet Marine series 8828 watch is an ingenious timepiece for women. Weakened the temperament of sports, strengthened the feminine attributes of the watch, soft and elegant.

Breguet Marine 8828 Watch
   Breguet 8828 is like a crystal virginity sleeping in a snow lotus. Pure and flawless, carefully polished natural mother-of-pearl sees through the dial engraved numbers. The 18K white gold case and lugs are uniquely set with 74 diamonds weighing approximately 1.16 carats. The most fascinating part is the details on the dial. The dial is engraved with wavy hand-crafted engraved flowers, echoing the origin of the Marine series from the ocean. At 6 o’clock, in addition to the large clear window, the upper part of the calendar The diamonds are also quite eye-catching, with 7 bright diamonds arranged in a wavy pattern, brilliantly winding on the dial. In order to facilitate clear readings in the dark, the dial is dotted with luminous dots at 5-minute intervals, and the beautiful diamond logo is used. The elegant time sign is a unique logo created by the founder of Baodi, Mr. Baodi. In order to meet the diverse needs of reading accuracy, the watch deliberately set small seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours totalizer. In addition, Breguet gives the buttons, oscillating weight and folding buckle a wavy shape to maintain harmony with the overall temperament of the watch, and the blue diamond inlaid on the crown has become the finishing touch of the watch. The white gold case is dazzling.

China’s Luxury Watch Demand Surpasses The United States For The First Time

Reuters reported on March 7 that China’s demand for luxury watches has surpassed the United States to become the world’s first, and the Chinese market has also helped Swatch Group’s Omega and Omega, which are mainly in the Asian market. Brands such as Longines have supported the economic downturn in Europe.

According to the World Watch Report, an online survey by the market research company Digital Luxury Group, ‘Since the study was launched in 2004, China has surpassed the United States for the first time to become the country with the greatest demand for luxury watches, according to Kepler Research China is the biggest driver of the watch industry. The company expects that by 2016, the market share of Asian luxury watches will rise from just over 50% last year to two-thirds.
The World Watch Report said that Omega is closing the gap with the global leading Rolex brand for online consumers’ willingness to buy. One third of Omega sales are in China. Rolex, which has a large share in the Western market, lags behind Omega and Longines in the Chinese market.
American consulting firm Bain Capital said that the US luxury market is still ahead of Japan and China and is the world’s largest, but its growth rate was only one-third of China’s last year.

Flowers Blooming On The Dial Blancpain Flower Dial Watch

We have seen many floral arts in life. The floral arts we wear are also wonderful. Let our hands bloom together!
As far as traditional mechanical watches are concerned, in addition to the movement technology, the design and manufacturing process of the models is also a major attraction. ‘Flowers’ is an extremely passionate topic in fine watchmaking. At this point, Blancpain has made great efforts. The following watch homes will take everyone to enjoy these beautiful ‘flowers’ of Blancpain!
Blancpain Women’s Collection 2015 Valentine’s Day Limited Watch

   Blancpain presents a delicate rose on the dial of the new 2015 Women’s Collection Valentine’s Day Limited Watch with a superb embossing technique comparable to the stunning painting of the ‘Master Rose’. The white mother-of-pearl dial is inlaid. A magnificent rose. The entire production is extremely meticulous. First, each petal is carefully carved on white mother-of-pearl, and then the embossed rose pattern is cut into pieces. After dyeing, it is installed on the dial. The mother-of-pearl is rich in layers, the coloring of the rose can penetrate the layer, the petals are gorgeous and dripping, creating a delicate pink hue, full of romantic flavor, like an amazing plant in the ‘Rose Bible’. The watch has a white gold case with a diameter of 36.8 mm and dazzles with 121 diamonds. Diamonds of different sizes are intertwined into two circles, echoing the brand’s iconic double bezel case design; the tapered lugs and crown also complement each other, injecting a harmonious and inseparable beauty into the overall design .
Blancpain ‘The Unique’ haute couture watch

   The master watchmaker knows the texture and characteristics of hundreds of different colors of glazes. Through a high-power magnifying glass and a high-quality brush, he first painted the pattern on the flawless white enamel surface, and reproduced the picture with delicate strokes. Delicate lines. In order to give the picture a freehand color like traditional Chinese ink painting, the process of grading only needs to undergo repeated experiments to ensure that the color does not fade and distort with the firing. In addition, the glaze used for micro-painting is also very sophisticated, carefully ground to a fine powder, and then mixed with oil before it can be used. Only in this way can the traditional Chinese elegant and subtle poetic pictures be presented on the dial. At the same time, Blancpain’s senior gold carving masters, with rich imagination and aesthetic accomplishments, sketched dancing butterflies on the back of the dial, using unique and unique art carvings, which is a unique ‘The
‘Unique’ haute couture gives the icing beauty of icing on the cake.
Blancpain Women’s Painted Watch

   This Blancpain women’s series painted watch brings the freshness of iris to life like the famous painting ‘Iris’. Two dazzling blue-violet gemstones on the shiny mother-of-pearl dial perfectly present the rich blue-purple petals in the shape of an iris butterfly. On the dial of the beautiful and beautiful painting, a large area of ​​green pointed leaves and long leaves rush upward, swaying. It intersects with the broken diamonds, highlighting the beautiful appearance. The watch body is thin and smart, with a thickness of only 8.7m. The whole watch is subtle and elegant, showing the charming charm of contemporary women.
Blancpain Women’s Lotus Watch

   Blancpain’s women’s watch series of lotus watches surprisingly displays the convincing light and shadow of ‘Water Lily’ on the dial. The original design of the irregular mother-of-pearl dial expresses vividly the multi-layered petals of the lotus, which are interrelated with the elusive natural characteristics of the lotus, and at the same time creates a strange visual effect, making it more eye-catching. Two rows of delicately set diamonds make the classic double-layer bezel more vibrant, natural and gorgeous.