Royal Oak Concept Series Super Timekeeping Watch

In 2016, Audemars Piguet brought a touch of color to the development of the fine watchmaking industry with a breakthrough thinking, independent spirit and superb skills. Audemars Piguet’s unique innovative thinking is perfectly reflected in a series of designs that break through the tradition of watchmaking.

 Unique concept
   In 2015, Audemars Piguet unveiled today’s most minute repeater minute repeater watch, the Royal Oak Series Concept Watch RD # 1, pushing the acoustic performance of the timepiece to an unparalleled level. The production process of this watch lasted eight years. With the dedicated input of the watchmaker, the breakthrough of technical fields such as the waterproof performance of the minute repeater watch was achieved with the spirit of innovation.
Breakthrough progress
   A year later, the Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 became a reality. The new Royal Oak Concept Series Super Chronograph features high treble strength and precise tonality, applying three Audemars Piguet patented innovative timekeeping technologies. This watch features a lightweight titanium case that sounds perfectly the same, and meets the highest standards of watchmaking with unparalleled acoustic performance, sophisticated sound quality and precise tonality.
Wake-up sound
   Since the brand was founded, Audemars Piguet watchmakers will inherit the complex watchmaking tradition from Brassus for generations. After breakthrough development in the 20th to 21st centuries, it has always led the cutting-edge technology of Swiss fine watchmaking.
   In 2006, Audemars Piguet collaborated with the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) to launch a groundbreaking timepiece acoustic research program. Today, this sound measurement device is installed in the Audemars Piguet factory, which includes a variety of professional equipment such as a muffler room and microphone recording. The team worked together to complete this collaborative project. Restrictions on sound transmission, including factors such as the waterproof performance of the watch, are easily resolved. The timekeeping performance of the watch has made innovative progress through scientific research methods.

Dial face view

Bottom view
Three innovation patents
   Extreme harmony-The purpose of this collaborative project is to design a stainless steel gong structure through a new method to create a unique minute repeater sound. In addition, according to the material’s cross section, length and hardness, this cooperation project also needs to set up a scientific performance evaluation system. Today, this performance evaluation system can help watchmakers determine the correct tones and tones to help watchmakers achieve unique sound effects when making gongs.
   Exclusive sound quality-Royal Oak concept series super chronograph watch with a newly developed case, unique structure can prevent sound loss, to achieve the effect of sound reinforcement. According to the traditional manufacturing process, the gong of the minute repeater mechanism is directly fixed on the main plate of the movement. In the Royal Oak Concept Supertimer, the gong is mounted on a device made of a special material below the movement. The gong directly transmits the vibration generated by the hammer to the device made of special materials, instead of the traditional main plate of the movement. This technological innovation is like the case of a guitar. Through precise resonance, the sound intensity, tonality and timbre are improved.
   Bright tone-the adjustment device for controlling the time, time and minute rhythm is also newly designed. The gong bolt is more flexible and can absorb noise generated when the time signal device is operating. As a result, the brighter and clearer timekeeping sounds created by Audemars Piguet’s watchmakers are perfectly presented.
   The Royal Oak Concept Series Super Timekeeping Watch is more than just a timepiece. Its design concept is derived from the principle of making stringed instruments. This ‘acoustic instrument’ achieves extreme acoustic performance with specially designed sound templates:
‘Acoustic Instruments’
   The acoustic strings are tightly fixed on the bridge. Flick the string, it will vibrate at a specific frequency, producing a beautiful sound that suppresses the frustration. The sound is emitted through the bridge on the soundboard in the main body. When sound travels in the space around the subject, its sound reinforcement effect will be further enhanced. In a space not controlled by the outside world, the bright and clear timekeeping sound is perfectly presented.

 Royal Oak Concept Series Super Chronograph

• Gongs work like guitar strings
• The hammer is similar to the fingers of a guitar player
• Gong studs resemble guitar bridges
• The internal resonance box below the movement resembles the body of a guitar
• The time signal is louder and the tone is more accurate
Clearer rhythm
   In the traditional timekeeping system, if no time is required, such as 10:08, the pause between timekeeping and timekeeping will be significantly longer. In this case, the time interval of the Royal Oak Concept Super Timekeeping Watch can be reduced by up to 50%. In addition, a specially designed protection function can prevent the wearer from causing damage to the movement by adjusting the time display when the alarm is activated, and can effectively improve the accuracy of the watch.
Distinctive design
   The Royal Oak Concept Series Super Chronograph is undoubtedly a futuristic fantasy timepiece. The watch case is made of lightweight titanium with a rich architectural beauty, and the black splint becomes the background of the stainless steel time adjustment structure. The hollow dial presents the modern technology contained in the watch, and the precise design of the new movement is clear at a glance. The sanding, polishing and decoration of this movement is entirely done by hand to achieve the perfect quality followed by fine watchmaking.

Royal Oak Concept Super Chronograph 44 mm
Calibre 2937 manual winding self-produced movement
Overall diameter 29.90 mm (13¼ francs)
Total thickness 8.28 mm
Number of rubies 43
Part 478
Guaranteed power reserve of at least 42 hours
Balance frequency 3 Hz (= 21,600 times / hour)
Titanium case, anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, titanium bezel, black ceramic screw-in crown, titanium and black ceramic buttons, titanium button protection, water resistance to 20 meters.
Black dial, cutout decoration, satin finish, black sub-dial, fluorescent white gold hands, black inner bezel.
Black rubber strap with titanium AP folding clasp.
Double gong
Minute Repeater Tourbillon
Chronograph, central chronograph second hand
30-minute time display