Ten Tips To Make Your Wife Happy

‘Every holiday season, I think of pros, I will be scolded every holiday season’ is probably a problem for many married men. How to please his wife becomes a ‘sweet trouble’ for men. No, the upcoming Tanabata Festival is about to please the wife again. Three words for the male compatriots-buy buy buy! On this Chinese Valentine’s Day, what gift can you give your beloved wife to make her happy?

Vacheron Constantin historical masterpiece series 1100S / 000R-B430

Product model: 1100S / 000R-B430
Domestic public price: 223,000
Watch diameter: 36.5 mm
Case thickness: 7.25 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Movement model: Cal.4400AS
Case material: 18K 5N pink gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: Bleu de Cartier’s new blue balloon jewelry watch

Watch diameter: 33 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: 18K rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Domestic price: RMB 141,000
Recommended reason: the new Cartier Blue Balloon watch will be launched in China before Qixi Festival. Friends who like the classic and timeless blue balloon, but also pursue the fresh pleasure, have more choices. Rose gold with diamonds and sapphires creates a noble and graceful women’s watch for us. The three sizes are 33, 36 and 42 mm in diameter, which can meet the different needs of consumers.

Glashütte’s original new ‘Heart’ eccentric moon phase ladies watch

Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Domestic price: RMB 154,000
Recommended reason: To love you is to be ‘biased’ toward you, unconsciously toward you, for you, thinking of you. Glashütte’s original eccentric dial design has always been one of the brand’s most iconic genes. This brand new ‘Easy Heart’ eccentric moon phase ladies watch uses a mother-of-pearl dial, and the eccentric dial uses the gemstones that echo the red strap. The bezel is also inlaid with diamonds, a combination of mother-of-pearl and diamonds, and a red leather strap makes the whole look more elegant and soft.

Summary: The above three items are just three of the ‘Top Ten Tips for Happy Wife’ given to you by the Watch House. Please keep in mind the other seven items:
1. You must only hurt her alone, you must pet her to love her and not deceive her;
2. Promise everything she has to do, and be true to everything she says;
3. Do not bully her and scold her to believe her;
4. She is happy, you have to be happy with her, she is not happy, you have to coax her happy;
5. Believe that she will always be the most beautiful;
6. I will also see her in my dreams;
7. There is only her in your heart.

 To achieve the above ten, your woman must be the second happiest in the world. Why isn’t it the ‘most’? Because you own her, you are the happiest person in the world! I wish all the lovers in this world can be happy and happy for having each other. In addition, the Watch House also prepared a Qixi Festival gift for the lovers of the world. Scan the QR code at the end of the article or click the following link: ‘Qixi, all husbands have to learn from cowboys’, and you can get it!

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Blancpain Reinterprets Villeret Moon Phase Watch

coincides with the 275th anniversary of the Blancpain brand. At the 2010 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, BLANCPAIN’s Villeret series watches will make a new appearance again. The first watch in this series is an automatic watch with full-calendar moon phases. In the case of this rose gold semi-hunting watch, it is equipped with a safe and reliable date protection system (making it adjusted at any time. Will not damage the movement) and Blancpain’s original hidden adjustment system.

LANBLANCPAIN reinterprets Villeret moon phase table
The new BLANCPAIN Villeret series watch combines the essence of BLANCPAIN’s 1980s design and complex craftsmanship. Over the years, BLANCPAIN has invested heavily in research and development of the movement. With the advanced technology thus obtained, Blancpain interprets the timeless qualities of Villeret series in a new way.

LANBLANCPAIN reinterprets Villeret moon phase table
Full calendar moon phase technology is always the best expression of the Villeret series characteristic process. BLANCPAIN special built-in automatic movement (balance vibration frequency: 28800 times / hour) special anti-magnetic scale and 2 mainsprings to ensure a 72-hour power reserve. The Villeret series is complex and precise, just like a perpetual calendar watch. The adjustment method is novel, and there is no need to worry about the movement of the movement. In order to facilitate adjustment, Blancpain also equipped it with a new patented adjustment device located under the lugs. As a result, the sides of the watch are more simple and refreshing. At the same time, the wearer does not need professional tools, and only needs to lightly touch the fingertip to complete the adjustment process.

LANBLANCPAIN reinterprets Villeret moon phase table

全新 This brand new Villeret series rose gold semi-hunting watch with a diameter of 40mm, the dial is decorated with protein color, with a crocodile leather strap.