Historical History Of Oris 1932 International Tourism Challenge Limited Table

Galloping in the clear sky at the moment, he also looked back at the precious moment in history. Oris ‘1932 International Tourism Challenge Limited Edition’ is a special watch that ORIS pays tribute to the Polish team that won the championship in 1932. The International Tourism Challenge is the third FAI (French: Challenge de Tourisme) airliner competition, which was held in Berlin, Germany from August 12th to 28th, 1932. This thrilling race rigorously tested three parts: technical skills, the Rally Euro Challenge and carrying at least 2 passengers on board at full speed limits.
     This glorious victory ultimately belongs to pilot Franciszek Zwirko and his mechanic Stanislaw Wigura. This victory was not only due to their excellent flying skills, but also to the sophisticated design of the RWD-6 aircraft. This extraordinary achievement made them a hero in Polish history.
     The Oris 1932 International Tourism Challenge limited edition model uses the classic large crown case in the ORIS flight series, with a delicate coin pattern on the circle. In commemoration of the starting number No. 6 of the Polish aircraft, it is specially decorated at the rear end of the central second hand. Limited worldwide 1932.
     The Oris1932 International Tourism Challenge limited edition watch is perfectly presented in a distinguished watch box. Includes warranty and classic Zippo lighter, founded in 1932.
Oris1932 International Tourism Challenge Limited Table
Model: 733 7669 4084 Case diameter: 44mm
Limited edition worldwide 1932
• Automatic winding movement
• Stainless steel case with anti-refractive spherical cut sapphire crystal glass, waterproof function 10 times atmospheric pressure / waterproof depth 100 meters
• Coin pattern bezel
• Limited number engraved on the case back (0001/1932 to 1932/1932), the appearance of the aircraft and special polishing on the engine and running gear
• Black dial with fluorescent-coated graduations and nickel-plated hands, with the start numeral 6 at the end of the center seconds hand
• Dark brown leather strap and stainless steel buckle
• Presented in a unique watch case with Zippo lighter and warranty
• Recommended price NT45,800
• 1932 pieces worldwide, 120 pieces in Taiwan

High Quality Blue Steel Hardcover Dial Tag Heuer Carrera 1887 Chronograph Men’s Watch Tasting

Heuer watches have long been synonymous with superb technology and extraordinary design. A chic Heuer watch is a must-have for many celebrities. As a representative of high-end technology, TAG Heuer also has a very high level of expertise in chronograph watches that pay attention to technology. Today, Xiaobian brings you a TAG Heuer Carrera series chronograph watch.
 TAG Heuer Carrera heritage CAR2114.FC6292 chronograph

 The watch has a stylish and retro feel, which is derived from the characteristics of the heritage watch. The time scales are selected from elegant italic Arabic numerals, and the hands are selected from blue steel. The white dial and blue strap are stable and cool. A sporty choice for elegant men. The lugs are rough, oblique and right-angled, reflecting a strong sense of modern technology.

 Seen from the side, the watch as a whole has a more weighty type, mainly because it is equipped with an automatic movement, colleagues have timekeeping functions, the movement is not thin, plus the mirror and the case back, the thickness is Obviously, but it also brings a heavy and calm feeling to it. The back cover design fully displays the internal movement. The model is equipped with the brand’s own patented 1887 automatic chronograph movement. It is a classic movement of Carrera, and it is also a handful of high-performance watches that are relatively affordable. One of the chronograph movements.

 Summary: This TAG Heuer Carrera heritage Calibre 1887 watch is a large-diameter watch style with a full 41 mm, which is the best choice for successful men. The watch design advocates fashion and movement. The characteristics of the blue-steel hands and hour-markers continue the heritage of the watch and Carrera’s series of DNA. The black crocodile leather strap is elegant and dynamic. Equipped with an excellent 1887 automatic chronograph movement, it has excellent performance and is a wrist weapon for enthusiastic fashion sportsmen.
 Watch details reference: heuer / 31045 /