Fiyta Once Again Gives Users A Surprise When They Join Hands With Vipshop To ‘7. 7 Watch Festival’

On July 7, Vipshop, the world’s largest e-commerce store, joined hands with Athens, Tissot, Casio, DW, Fiyta, Rossini, Eber, and Swatch (SWATCH). Watch brand, carefully created a watch sale carnival for nearly 200 million registered members-‘7.7 Watch Festival’. It is understood that the ‘7.7 Watch Festival’ of the Vipshop will start on time on July 6 at 8 pm. The discount and the gameplay of this special sale will also be upgraded. In addition to the two great value-for-money discounts of up to 498 yuan and 100 yuan for brand red envelopes, Vipshop also teamed up with major brands to launch 2016 new products, and there were surprises such as the ‘7 yuan purchase watch’ for treasure hunt activities, allowing members to feel at the same time The essence of the world’s watch brands’ timepieces. On the one hand, you can also win watches for 7 yuan, and have fun in the process of buying.

Selected 18 brands 2016 new product release
   The ‘7.7 Watch Festival’ at the Vipshop is another special event following the ‘6.16 Years Promotion’. With the concept of ‘surprise’ to nearly 200 million members, 18 special sales will be held this time. Watch brands have been carefully selected, including Tissot from Switzerland, Daniel Wellington from Sweden, CASIO, the trend watch, and Kenneth Cole, the designer brand, and Domestic brands such as FIYTA, ROSSINI, and EBOHR. Based on in-depth insights into consumer needs, Vipshop will personalize the special sale section of the “7.7 Watch Festival” and subdivide the section into three major venues: high-quality brands, post-90s, and men according to audience preferences. Members can quickly and accurately buy their favorite watch products. It is worth looking forward to that the Seagull Watch, which is known for its original Chinese movement design and craftsmanship, will also debut its 2016 new product at the ‘7.7 Watch Festival’ of this VIP event.
User experience upgrade creates ‘7 yuan watch purchase’ surprise
   In order to surprise the shopping link, Vipshop will launch a “7 yuan purchase watch” treasure hunt during the event, and prepared a surprise gift worth 500,000 for nearly 200 million members. During the sale period, the ‘7.7 Watch Festival’ special session of Vipshop will have a hidden link of ‘7 yuan to buy a watch’, members find the hidden link and click in, you will have the opportunity to buy a top wrist from Cartier at a 7 yuan surprise price table. At the same time, other watch brands in the special session also set up ‘7 yuan watch purchase’ hidden link, members who successfully found the hidden link also have the opportunity to participate in ‘7 yuan purchase watch’. Through the new experience of “7 yuan watch purchase”, VIP members can find surprises everywhere during the shopping process, and enjoy the value experience of 7 million yuan watch purchase.
   As a website specializing in special sales, Vipshop will always surprise nearly 200 million members with the fashion special sales model of ‘selected brands’, ‘deep discounts’ and ‘limited time buying’. After signing the chief surprise officer Jay Chou, it is in line with the user’s flat use needs, and continues to innovate and create shopping surprises. It always brings users a ‘shopping-like’ scene-like shopping experience. And the ‘7.7 Watch Festival’ of the Vipshop will create a ‘looking for surprise’ scene for members through innovative marketing and new games, and will inject a lot of surprises into the user experience based on giving benefits to members.

Basic Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41

If it is not for women’s watches below 34mm, ROLEX Datejust was originally divided into 36mm Datejust and 41mm Datejust II. In 2016, they began to introduce a new generation of 32XX series movements into the Datejust series. At the same time, the relative naming of ‘II’ was also cancelled, and it was changed to be directly referred to by the diameter of the table. Therefore, the entire series of products was integrated into Datejust 41, 36, 34, 31, and 28. Two are the most important main force of men’s watches (or the entire brand).

The standard Oyster case is visually quite thin for a waterproof sports watch. The crown is double waterproof (not triple), and the bar under the crown logo indicates that the case is made of stainless steel

Feature one: the product line is more and more uniform
Rolex released the next-generation basic movement 32XX series in 2015, and has since gradually popularized it into its various product lines; Datejust has been adopted since the next year. In the first year, only eternal rose gold + stainless steel and yellow K gold + There are two types of semi-gold stainless steel. By 2017, white gold and stainless steel semi-gold and all-steel models will be added. Basically, after the all-steel model, the entire product line is even brightly prepared, but this batch of updates is only 41mm, and other sizes still use the original movement.

Rose gold and yellow K semi-gold chain straps also use precious metals in the middle row, but white K semi-gold models are made of stainless steel. The gap between the Flash-fit and the lugs should be the smallest among currently available models. Even watch factories with the same metalworkers outside are still inferior.

Feature two: the evolution of battery life
The new 3235 movement combines the essence of modern Rolex movement technology. The product is superior to the previous generation 3135 in terms of endurance, accuracy and anti-magnetic performance. However, as the 3135 itself has also reached a very high level, so the end The user may not have any dramatic feelings about the improvement of the movement’s performance. The obvious one is only the power reserve. It is indeed a significant improvement from 48 hours to 70 hours. If you do n’t wear it every day, you should have a profound Experience.

Cyclop magnifying glass is a major feature of the watch model. If you don’t like it, I can only choose a simple oyster with no date. The pitted bezel is also an important symbol of Rolex. There are pitted bezels regardless of material.

Feature 3: Basic Kung Fu
Datejust is the basic of Rolex’s basics. Its appearance is unremarkable, but from another perspective, it is also a sword. It can be said that it is the prototype of a contemporary three-needle watch with a chain, and because every element of it has a long history. This also means that these elements have gone through a lot of hard work. Compared with other watches that look similar, Rolex’s work is better. Compared with Flash-fit, links and buckles that connect the lugs and bracelets The attachment is particularly capable of feeling the heights in between.

ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41

Stainless steel, 18K white gold material / 3235 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / Superlative top observatory certification / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 41mm