Breitling Supports ‘flying Man’ Rossi’s First Flight In Asia Successfully

‘Flying Man’ Yves supported by Breitling. Rossi successfully completed its Asian first flight. As a symbol of Japan, Mount Fuji has witnessed the flying feat of ‘Flying Man’. ‘Flying Man’ Yves. Yves ‘Jetman’ Rossy successfully flew over Mount Fuji with a speed of up to 300 km / h with a homemade flying wing equipped with four jet engines. Compared to most people who can only see this famous landmark from the ground or photos and videos, Rossi overlooks the sky from a high altitude and sees more unique and spectacular natural beauty.

 Breitling’s fully supported flying man Ivrossi made his first flight in Asia-flying over Fuji, Japan.

 Mount Fuji is soaring into the clouds, with snow-capped peaks, and is one of the largest active volcanoes in the world. Its last eruption was in 1707, and has since become a dormant volcano. Organizing the World Heritage List. With the full support of Breitling, Switzerland’s top independent watchmaking brand, Yves. Rosie successfully flew over Mount Fuji, and he was very honored to have the opportunity to show the avant-garde and unique human flight show over such a magnificent natural beauty.

 Yves. Rossi said, ‘It’s always been my dream to fly over Mount Fuji. Compared to flying an airliner in a cabin as an airline pilot, flying on the back with jet-powered flying wings is so free. It can successfully challenge this time. I feel very lucky to fly, and I also hope that this move can inspire more daring and avant-garde generations to do something different. Even if those goals seem out of reach, we must fight for them. ‘

 Yves. Rossi completed a series of flight challenges with its carbon-Kevlar® wing with four jet engines, each of which can produce 22 kg of thrust. The highly gifted Swiss flying pioneer only controlled himself with a fuel lever to fly into the skies. The flying process was entirely performed by the human body ‘Yves’. Rossi himself controls: the flying wings are wings, the eyes are navigators, and the body and legs are joysticks that control the flight height and direction. With strong will and determination to challenge constantly, Rossi set a number of breathtaking flight records, including flying over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, crossing the English Channel, and Breitling Orbiter, and several legendary Breitling flying teams, military aircraft Fly with civil airliner formations.

‘Flying Man’ Yves. Rossi’s first flight in Asia is another flight feat supported by Breitling after the Breitling Jet Team performed in Japan not long ago. As an expert in precision chronograph watches and a close partner of the world’s aviation industry, Breitling supports the elites who dream of flying and encourages them to constantly challenge the limits of flying.

Tag Heuer’s Wonderful Challenge With Jeremy Lin

Warmly welcome Lin Shuhao to be one of the ambassadors of TAG Heuer!

   With an innocent smile, a childlike face, a burly figure, and skilled skills, Jeremy Lin easily passed the TAG Heuer Dream Team-Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7), who won three Golden Globes, WTA’s No. 2 Maria Sharapova, the CEO of TAG Heuer, and Jean-Claude Beaver, President of the Watch & Clock Division at Lowell, three challenges.

1. Shoot the ball with tennis!
2. Show football skills!
3. Pair the TAG Heuer movement with the parts!

   Jeremy Lin wore a special Aquaracer watch with yellow stripes on his wrist. Jeremy Lin said: ‘It is a great honour to launch my first watch with TAG Heuer. It perfectly reflects my personality. It also engraved my personal logo, including the initials JL and There is my lucky number 7. The 17-minute yellow sign represents my uniform number. ‘

   Yellow stripes accentuate the twelve-sided bezel, six studs and ceramic bezel; except for the minute and second hands, the strap stitching and leather trim are also yellow. This is the perfect work for sports enthusiasts, combining precision and reliability with modern leisure. The black and yellow straps, the dark gray sun engraving makes the dial even deeper.
Technical Parameters
Number: WAY211F.FC6362
Case: 316L-stainless steel case (alternative polishing and frosted effect), 41 mm diameter, unidirectional rotating black ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal, case back engraved with Jeremy Lin ‘JL7’ logo, screw-in crown, waterproof depth 300 Meter
Movement: Calibre 5-automatic movement with calendar window
Dial: Dark gray sun engraved effect, calendar window at 3 o’clock, black gold hand-embedded logo and time marker, Superluminova ™ white fluorescent paint, yellow minute hand, superluminova ™ white fluorescent paint, yellow second hand, Superluminova ™ white end Fluorescent paint with yellow logo at 17 minutes, pays tribute to Jeremy Lin’s uniform number, enlarged calendar window at 3 o’clock
Strap: black nylon strap, yellow stitching and yellow leather trim, TAG Heuer logo on the folding clasp

Mature Charm Tasting Zenith Commander Watch

Zenith launched a new Commander Series Windsor Almanac Chronograph Store in 2013. This watch is designed by Zenith Watch Factory in cooperation with the International Watch Museum and carries the famous brand. EL PRIMERO chronograph movement, with practical and perfect annual calendar function, simple design has a mature charm. Official model: 18.2071.4054-01.C711

   The watch is the result of the full cooperation of the International Clock Museum and Zenith Watchmaking Factory, combining the most accurate series of production movements and the device that places equal emphasis on practicality and innovation: the annual calendar. The idea behind the watch comes from Ludwig Oeschlin, director of the International Watch Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Detailed explanation of Zenith Commander series watches

   The watch has a white matte dial with an 18K rose gold case. The dial design is simple and reasonable, and it is easy to read various display information. Expressing innate complexity with a captivatingly simple method, it is the successful collaboration of two true watchmakers, the perfect fusion of professionalism and creativity.

   The annual calendar function only needs to be adjusted once a year to display the day of the week, date and month. This watch’s annual calendar display is set on 3 concentric disks, the outer disk displays the date, the middle displays the month, and the inner disk displays the day of the week.

   The annual calendar device seems simple but complicated: for the month with 31 days, the date disk will directly push the month disk forward; for the month with only 30 days, the date disk will ‘skip’ the 31 day, only every year Manually adjusted to March in February. The device is sensitive and sophisticated, and requires only nine motorized components compared to most calendars requiring 30 to 40 components.

  Thanks to the streamlined motorized components, the thickness of the watch is not very large, 13.85 mm, which is rare for a watch with complex functions of chronograph and annual calendar.

   Through the sapphire crystal caseback, you can clearly appreciate the internally equipped El Primero 4054 automatic movement. The vibration frequency is 36,000 times / hour, that is, it vibrates every 1/10 second and the power reserve reaches 50 hours.

Summary: This Zenith Commander Windsor Calendar 18.2071.4054-01.C711 watch is a new watch launched by Zenith 2013 Baselworld. Equipped with highly accurate El Primero movement, fully embodies the watchmaking craftsmanship of Zenith. The appearance adheres to the exquisite and elegant characteristics of historic models, and has a mature charm. It is a boutique watch that has accumulated and tempered over time.
More watch details: zenith / 29401 /

Tag Heuer Touring Antique Watches Celebrating The 55th Anniversary Of The Carrera Carrera Series

[April 26, 2018, Beijing] TAG Heuer embarked on a two-week journey in its boutique in Oriental Plaza, Oriental Plaza, Beijing-Museum in Motion exhibition . The precious collections for display include not only the timepieces hidden in the Tag Heuer La Chaux-de-Fonds Museum, but also the personal treasures of collectors. These timepieces left the La Chaux-de-Fonds Museum for the first time as a group of works for public exhibition. The tour will begin in Beijing, pass through Xi’an, and finally land in Shanghai. Among them, April 26 to May 10, Beijing Station, waiting for tasting.

   The timepieces presented in the exhibition reflect the rich history of TAG Heuer’s watchmaking, and they also highlight the pioneering spirit of TAG Heuer’s continuous innovation, especially in motorsport events. Important models include: Carrera, born in 1969; Autavia, commemorating the Tag Heuer brand ambassador and Swiss racer Joe Seefeldt; equipped with the world’s first self-winding chronograph movement with a mini rotor The Calibre 11 Monaco watch is also the first chronograph with a square case and many other antique timepieces.

   Mr. Yu Xiaoliang, General Manager of Tag Heuer Greater China, said: We are very pleased to be able to bring the history of Tag Heuer and the Museum in Motion exhibition to China. This year is also the 55th anniversary of TAG Heuer’s iconic Calera collection, and we are honored to take this opportunity to share our most iconic timepieces with consumers and watch lovers in China.

   The two-week exhibition not only allows consumers and watch enthusiasts to enjoy unique antique watches, but also understands the history of brand watchmaking, and also allows consumers to recognize the importance of Tag Heuer in the field of motor racing.

The exhibition information is as follows:
Time: 4.26-5.10
Address: No. AA18A, first floor of Oriental Xintiandi Shopping Center, Beijing Oriental Plaza, No. 1 East Changan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Time: 5.10-5.27
Address: B1031, SKP Building B, No. 261 Chang’an North Road, Beilin District, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province
Time: 5.30-6.17
Address: No. 1033-1037, Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai

The New ‘black Sea’ Nautical Diving Watch Will Accompany You To Break The Wind (Official Website On July 13th)

Designed specifically for water sports enthusiasts, the new black and yellow ‘Black Sea’ nautical diving watch is launched, paying special tribute to the past high-end nautical watches of Athens Watch. The avant-garde ‘Black Sea’ is a powerful, all-weather sports diving timepiece. It is equipped with an automatic movement, equipped with a 42-hour power reserve display, an oversized second hand and a large date window.

   ‘Black Sea’ is the latest watch to join the nautical diving watch series, showing the development of watchmaking technology in Athens. The specially treated stainless steel case, after a complex Vulcanization Process, is covered with a matte black rubber coating on the surface, showing sports beauty and comfort. See-through case back design, you can admire the beauty of the automatic movement.

   The strap and dial are decorated with a black wave pattern, adding a calm elegance to the watch’s strong shape. The hour markers, hour and minute hands are made of yellow luminous material, and the time is clear and easy to read. At 12 o’clock, there is a power reserve indicator; at 6 o’clock, there is an oversized second hand and a circular date window display, set against a yellow indicator hand, which is particularly refreshing. Paired with a unidirectional reverse chronograph diving bezel and screw-in crown, it exudes the typical charm of a marine diving watch. Each watch is engraved with a unique number, which shows its unique and distinguished symbol. Water resistant to 200 meters. ‘Black Sea’ rubber strap, with black ceramic components and unique black ceramic folding buckle, close to the wrist of the wearer, improving the reliability of the watch. Since 1846, professional nautical observatory timepieces in Athens have led countless captains and crew members to sail at sea accurately.
Technical Information
Model 263-92-3C / 924 stainless steel
Movement UN-26, 11 ½ inches
28 gems
Power reserve approx. 42 hours
Winding method Automatic winding
Function Power reserve display at twelve o’clock
Oversized seconds at 6 o’clock and round date window
Case Stainless steel case treated with Vulcanization Process, watch
Covered with a matte rubber coating
One-way reverse diving chronograph bezel
Bezel with wave pattern and diving scale
Crown Screw-in crown
Diameter 45.8 mm
Water resistant to 200 meters
Dial Ripple pattern, black and yellow
Surface Wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Case back See-through case back design, wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Chain strap rubber strap with two black ceramic components with folding buckle