Extreme Christmas Gifts Romantic Wrist Love Oris Oris Diamond Calendar

All important memories in life are memorable. Whether it is a festival, anniversary, wedding or any romantic and joyful moment, you will be moved by special intentions and exquisite gifts. Swiss watchmaker Oris Oris especially recommends the most romantic Christmas gifts-Oris Rectangular diamond calendar and Oris Artelier diamond calendar. On this snowy Christmas day, presenting the eternal Oris diamond watch will make you love her forever remembering this happy moment.
Oris Rectangular Calendar with Diamonds

The Rectangular calendar combines superb watch craftsmanship with the taste of works of art. It has a compact size of 25.9 x 37.00mm, and the dial is very simple, clean and legible. The mirror is made of anti-refractive sapphire crystal, which is dotted with 42 brilliant diamonds at 3 and 9 o’clock. The automatic movement relies on a vibration system. When the arm is swung, the automatic disc rotates under the force of gravity, which provides power for the mainspring of the watch located in the barrel. The mainspring controls the release of power from the source to the mechanical device through the escapement structure, releasing the power to the gear train of the watch, thereby controlling the movement of the hands, the sun wheel, and so on. The geometric modern shape is unique but not overly sharp. Just like the modern metropolitan women’s weight lifting in a neat and easy manner, it is still difficult to hide their style. The sexy white satin strap not only reveals the modern feminine charm, but also fits the ladies’ fiber wrist, and ensures the perfect comfort when wearing. It is suitable for wearing on any occasion, and it is your mature and elegant wrist art The only choice.
Oris Artelier Diamond Calendar

Artelier diamond-set calendar, which has a small size of 31.00mm dial, the bezel is set with 56 high-quality Veselton diamonds, showing the smooth feeling of lines. In order to match the anti-refractive visual effect, Oris engineers cut the huge sapphire crystal glass into a spherical shape, making the overall outline three-dimensional and agile. The designer uses white mother-of-pearl as the dial. The white color gives a pure and flawless feeling, which can better reflect the feminine demure and mature. Whether it is a black leather strap or a multi-piece stainless steel strap, with a bezel set with diamonds, it brings an inherent noble style. Elegant and moving, it is not only comfortable to wear on any occasion, but also the most suitable accessory for the confident woman who travels the city.
   Oris Oris diamond-set calendar shows us the ultimate beauty of design and art. There is no doubt that it is the ultimate gift choice for lovers when Christmas comes. With this true love, romance is tied to your wrist, making this year’s Christmas the most memorable happy moment.

Introduction Of The Treasure Series ‘fifty Fatties’

The ‘Fifty Fifties’ series is the most rugged watch among the platinum watches. In order to further expand the ‘Fifty Fifty’ series in sports watches, Blancpain has created an amazingly sophisticated watch, which will fly back the traditional column wheel of the traditional sports watch to the chronograph stopwatch and moon phase profit and loss full calendar display. Make a vivid interpretation.
 The Fifty Fathoms series is the most sturdy and durable watch among the platinum watches. The design is also diverse and rich. It continues the Ocean Blue deep sea idea of ​​’09. The full-calendar moon phase returns to the chronograph stopwatch. The dial uses the same cobalt The blue tone is more evolved internally. Unlike the ordinary watch, it is only a combination of perpetual calendar and moon phase function. Its 66BF8 automatic winding movement, perfectly combines the column wheel flyback timing and moon phase profit and loss to create a sports wrist Elegant style of the table.

 The chronograph function is controlled by the column wheel structure of the classic platinum watch. The column wheel controls the operation of the chronograph function. The vertical clutch mechanism is used to make the start and stop of the chronograph more smooth. At the same time, it also has the flyback timing function, as long as a single push of the handle, you can instantly stop the timing, reset to zero, and restart the timing.
Inheriting the innovative and superior movement of the platinum watch, the new force military movement newly added to the ‘Fifties’ family, the 66BF8 automatic winding movement, consists of a total of 448 parts. In the past, the full-calendar moon phase mechanism introduced by the watch factory could not adjust the pointer display to avoid damaging the precision components of the calendar mechanism. The moon phase profit and loss full-calendar mechanism released this time came from the F185 movement, a breakthrough revolutionary technology that allows Players can easily adjust the calendar display without worrying about damaging the movement.

 Another unique design of Bao Bao watch is ‘hidden adjustment’. This not only prevents the side of the watch from having any hidden push-buttons to damage the completeness of the watch body, but also means that users do not need any special tools, just use Quickly adjust at your fingertips.
 A white steel case with a diameter of 45mm, with a blue unidirectional rotating bezel and a blue-tone dial, it outlines an extraordinary masterpiece. The recommended price is 787,000 yuan.
Technical specifications 5066F-1140-52B
Fifty Fathoms Series / Full Calendar Flyback Chronograph Stopwatch / Moon Phase Display / Hidden Tuning Function / Unidirectional Rotating Bezel / Automatic Winding / Using 66BF8
66BF8 movement
Thickness: 7.50mm Diameter: 32.00mm Power Reserve Hours: 40 Gems: 37 Parts: 448 Case Information
5066F-1140-52B white steel
Thickness: 17.40mm Diameter: 45.00mm Waterproof: 30 atmospheres (meaning 300 meters) * (Water resistance values ​​will be overpressure when expressed in meters compared to air pressure. Each air pressure is equivalent to 10 meters of water column.)
With sapphire crystal case back Lug distance: 23.00mm