Exploration Of Hublot Factory (1) Start With Magic Gold

At the end of this year’s Basel Watch Fair, the Watch House was fortunate to have received an invitation from the cutting-edge watchmaking brand Hublot, and visited Hublot, which was built less than 4 years ago. High-tech watch factory, although this watch factory is not long after its completion, the scale is not very large, but we can see all the latest and top Swiss watchmaking technology here, rather than a watch factory, it is better to say A high-tech factory, where high-tech and traditional handicrafts live in harmony, let us walk into this factory full of science and technology …

 Of course, everything has to start with eating. Since the previous week, all my media colleagues fought at the Basel Table Fair, known as the Triathlon Triathlon. It is no exaggeration to say that everyone did not sleep during the show. A sense of stability, never had a comfortable meal, so at the end of the show, this shrimp banquet the day before visiting the watch factory can be said to be the most relaxing and happiest dinner for everyone in these days, 10 minutes Right or left, only shrimp heads are left on the table!

 After a meal, wander around the street, can’t you close this store later? Even if my country doesn’t allow me to take it home, you can open the door and let me double-click.

This Hublot watch factory is located in Nyon, on the shores of Lake Léman. From Geneva, you can drive north along Lake Geneva for less than half an hour.

 From Geneva, I naturally met this long-lost 100-meter fountain again. It can be said to be the symbol of Geneva. Since I first saw it, I thought, why can it shoot so high?

On the way to the watch factory, I saw elementary school students in Switzerland playing in class, which reminded me of my youth.

In May 2004, Mr. Jean-Claude Biver became the chief administrative officer of Hublot. Under his leadership, Hublot developed rapidly. By the end of 2007, the brand had a turnover of 150 million Swiss francs and almost doubled its number of employees. In order to meet the development needs, a new watch factory was started. In October 2009, this new 6,000-square-meter high-tech watchmaking factory was completed and put into use.

Before entering the watch factory, everyone was attracted by this oversized Hublot watch at the factory door.

Opposite the watch factory is the endless rapeseed flower, which made us held in the exhibition hall for a week, and the mood suddenly opened up.

Unlike the solemn feeling of the hall of other watch factories, the hall of Hublot watch factory is as warm as home.

 I strongly suggest that Hublot must get involved in the field of home furnishings. This table will sell very well, and it will be more perfect if it can still watch the time.

This handsome guy who doesn’t look very young is our guide today. He will lead us through every production link of the watch factory.
 In order to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop, certain clothes must be changed before the visit.

 The Hublot factory has four floors. The first floor is used to make the movement parts, starting from the original brass cutting. The second floor is the polishing and grinding of parts and repairs. The third floor and the fourth floor are assembly workshops. There is a highly complex table studio.

 Our first visit was one of the most interesting departments in the watch factory, the ‘Magic Gold’ studio. Magic Gold is a patented Hublot material that shocked the watch when it was launched in 2012. It is a completely scratch-resistant 18k gold. At present, only diamonds can leave marks on it.

 18K gold is easily scratched, which has always been a big problem for precious metal watches. So two years ago, Mr. Beaver found the Lausanne Institute of Technology, one of the best engineering schools in the world, and asked if he could go there. Make a scratch-resistant 18K gold, and then the Lausanne Institute of Technology set up a research team to specifically develop this so-called magic gold production.

 The handsome guy who explained to us was the former teacher of the Lausanne Institute of Technology and a member of this scientific research group. In the end, the group spent two and a half years to find the formula and method of magic gold. After that, Hublot took this The teacher invited to work in the watch factory. Now he is responsible for the production of Hublot Magic Gold.

 The method of magic gold is roughly divided into five parts. First, the ceramic powder is introduced into the mold, and then the ceramic powder is made into a ceramic cylinder through cold pressing of 2000 bar (equivalent to 2000 atmospheres). Its size and shape are similar to those of the surface mirror. The shape is similar, so the size will be similar to that of the watch.

 The third part is to put the cold-pressed ceramic cylinder into this machine. Through the high temperature of 2200 degrees and the pressure of 100 bar, the ceramic particles are connected into a hard whole.

 In the fourth part, 24K pure gold is melted into a liquid at a temperature of 1100 degrees, and then poured into the embryo body. Because there are gaps between the molecules of the ceramic cylinder, the gold molecules can fuse with the molecules of the ceramic. The last step is to continue to apply high temperature and pressure until the gold molecules completely penetrate and fill each gap of the ceramic cylinder. The right side is the cylinder after the gold is injected. The weight is different from the left side.

 After the molecules are dissolved, Hublot will strictly control the proportion of gold so that it accounts for 75%, so the magic gold case is an authentic 18K gold case, and the Saint Bernard dog head and balance stamp that symbolize the 18k gold will also Printed on it.

 Previously, the heavy gold cylinder was cut into pieces, just the shape of the bezel, then polished, throwing the color of gold out, and then it showed the bronze color unique to magic gold.

 Finally, in order to prove that the magic gold never wears out, we specially conducted a destructive test, and found a bit of crazy fringing on the drill, and it turned out to be well-deserved.

 After that, the Hublot staff told us that these magic gold parts have been placed here for a year. I do n’t know how many people have scratched on it. So far, no scratches have appeared, but the drill bits are broken. Already. I don’t think anyone who buys this watch will be so uncomfortable with it. As for the next more exciting, please follow up the follow-up report of our watch home.