A Must For Literary Youth! 3 Literary Fan Watches Recommended

Xu Zhimo said, ‘At least once in my life, I forgot about myself for someone, don’t ask for results, don’t seek peers, don’t want to have, or even love you, just be in I met you in my most beautiful years. ‘This classic quotation by Xu Zhimo must have affected a lot of literary youths or ordinary young people. Oh, literary youths must have literary skills. Whether it is extraordinary talking or dress taste, it reflects the cultivation of a person from the side all the time Quality, as a qualified literary youth wearing a literary watch is also essential, today I will recommend several literary watches.
Literary youth debut: IWC’s new Portofino series 3565

 The new Portofino series has undergone some careful modifications to its classic styling. It has replaced the case with a diameter of 40 mm. It has been redesigned to make it look more stylish, and the entire watch is more delicate. It is thin, so that it retains both the classic appearance and some fashionable elements in it.
 The Portofino automatic watch has won the love of many watch lovers for many years with its classic shape and high-quality mechanical movement. The hour hand, minute hand, second hand, and a date window are all made of a solid Self-winding mechanical movement drive: no more, no less, just perfect. For many years, despite its many advantages, it has always been a restrained example, which has made it a modest gentleman today, and it is a watch you are worth buying.
Reference price: 30,000 yuan

Literary Youth Section 2: NOMOS Tangomat Series Automatic 601

 The simple design of the NOMOS Tangomat automatic 601 dial, dotted with blue hands, reveals a literary style no matter what angle you look at. The slightly beige dial has a special taste, which adds to this watch. The elegant atmosphere of the 38 mm dial and leather strap is simple and rich in texture.
The NOMOS Tangomat series is available with or without a date display. The prices are 21800 yuan and 26800 yuan, respectively. This price is about 50% higher than the original classic manual winding Tangente watch. The parts inside the watch to ensure accurate timekeeping have almost doubled: from four original frame parts to seven, with 15 new gears and a new winding mechanism consisting of an automatic disc and ball bearings. As a result, Tangomat watches are as good value for money as other NOMOS watches.
Reference price: 26,000 yuan

Literary Youth Section 3: Zenith flagship happy 03.2080.4021 / 21.C496

 Zenith Happy Watch combines the most rigorous watchmaking tradition with contemporary bold creativity in a fascinating way. The newest watch, which penetrates the mystery of timepieces, presents the legendary movement with a happy dial of 36,000 vibrations per hour. Happy design not only lies in the mysterious charm it radiates, but also the curiosity it inspires. What is certain is that the flagship happy watch is a wonderful workmanship, a timepiece with 100% technology and 100% passion.
Reference price: 57,000 yuan
 Whether it is IWC, NOMOS or Zenith, it is best to be able to choose the one that suits you. This article is just to give you some guidance. I hope that everyone can buy a watch that suits you and pay more attention to our watch home. After you buy the watch, remember to share it at the Watch House Forum.

Rado Send As Soon As You Touch

No matter in technology, innovation, high-tech materials or excellent design, RADO will always have unexpected surprises. In 2013, RADO ceramic touch technology was first introduced. Under the expectation of everyone, the popular RADO HyperChrome Hao Xing family added new members in 2014.

 RADO maintains its outstanding shape design as always, but in addition to the stylish appearance of men’s watches, it also has dazzling functions. The five new watches are the first in the Haoxing series to have touch technology, and the materials are also inherited. RADO unique technical elements. Slender and simple, the new RADO HyperChrome ceramic touch dual time zone watch adopts the famous RADO monolithic case structure, which provides perfect equipment for RADO’s breakthrough touch technology. Complex technology, but it is very simple to use and does not Crown.

Dual time zone watch: masculine touch function

 The two hands on the main dial show the time in your area, and the small dial at 6 o’clock shows the time in the second time zone. The time in the main time zone can be set by the sensor above the case. After activating the time setting mode, slide your finger along the left side of the case to set the hour hand, and slide your finger along the right side of the case to set the minute hand. To ensure accurate time, the minute hands of the two time zones are synchronized. If you set the minute hand of the main dial, both minute hands will move at the same time.

 The small dial is set by a sensor below the case. After starting the time setting mode, slide your finger along the left side of the case to set the hour hand, and slide it along the right side of the case to adjust the minute hand in quarter clocks. 15 minutes is the smallest time difference between the world’s time zones. The quartz movement of this new watch makes the setting of this time difference simple and fast. Technology makes the function that mechanical watches cannot achieve become a reality. Turn it forward or backward by a quarter of an hour. Time in the time zone. When you reach the second time zone and want to switch the time from the second time zone to the main dial display, just press the ceramic case at 9 and 3 o’clock at the same time, and the time between the two dials will be converted to each other like magic.

 Ideal for men who love to travel, this watch is lightweight, hypoallergenic and scratch-resistant, making it suitable for any type of travel plan. Because the watch is made of high-tech ceramics overall, you do n’t even need to take it off when passing security. Matte black models are embellished with rose gold details and stylish leather straps, bright white models exude a stylish and dazzling style, polished black models with ceramic straps, and bright gray models embellished with rose gold details or breakthrough matte The grey accents of rhodium detail perfectly complement any style.

RADO HyperChrome ceramic touch dual time zone watch body made of high-tech ceramics, even without passing the security check

 Polished white high-tech ceramic case with white dial, the consistent white line shows a simple and elegant style.

 The matte gray has a masculine scent and is intellectual in a handsome manner.

 The unique combination of gray case and rose gold recreates the historical classic of RADO

Vacheron Constantin Launches 2009 New Series

The Patrimony heritage series combines Vacheron Constantin’s unique DNA accumulated over 254 years, a tradition of excellence and superb craftsmanship. This series is a symbol of Vacheron Constantin’s ultimate elegance, and it also represents the brand identity established by Vacheron Constantin for a long time. The unique round case and classic design that transcends time and space reflect its roots in the purest tradition of fine watchmaking.
     Patrimony Traditionnelle’s heritage collection was launched in 2007, and its design inspiration is drawn from the most classic aesthetic features of Vacheron Constantin’s historical models. The new series retains the brand’s pure and precise characteristics, and adheres to the basic values ​​cherished by true connoisseurs, and it is these values ​​that mark Vacheron Constantin’s outstanding watch works with a unique and distinctive mark. Sophisticated bezel, screw-in sapphire crystal case back, faceted trapezoidal hour hand, Dauphine sword-shaped hands and multi-level classical silver-toned dial, as well as a clear-cut case and a clean and smooth crown. These are the hallmarks of the Patrimony Traditionnelle series, but they are presented in a modern style, showing Vacheron Constantin’s loyalty to the tradition, but no lack of modernity.
     All new models in the Patrimony Traditionnelle range meet the well-defined aesthetic requirements described above. Therefore, this well-known watch series is not only equipped with ordinary mechanical movements with small seconds, but also with highly complex movements. Through the Patrimony Traditionnelle collection, Vacheron Constantin’s designers, watchmakers and engineering professionals can carry forward the most traditional essence of Vacheron Constantin. This momentum is even more vivid in several new models introduced in the Patrimony Traditionnelle series in 2009 this year, not only demonstrating Vacheron Constantin’s superb watchmaking technology, but also conveying the brand’s commitment and determination to build this classic series. In 2009, the Patrimony Traditionnelle series launched a series of remarkable new models: from the new manual winding movement models to the most representative chronographs, skeleton watches and jewelry models.
     Watch collectors and enthusiasts often pay special attention to some symbolic models in the top watch brand product series. However, only a handful of well-known chronograph watches can be ranked as top masterpieces. Its sophisticated movement construction and simple dial design are highly regarded. Two new chronographs from Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle series are outstanding masterpieces belonging to this collection level, and they will surely become the iconic watch of this Geneva professional watchmaker. The two new watches stand out like top wines. They are precious and low-key, rare and memorable. The models are perfectly conceived and exquisitely designed. Only passionate connoisseurs can understand the secrets. This delicate craftsmanship, like alchemy, demonstrates the superior quality of the new chronograph and perpetual calendar chronographs of the Patrimony Traditionnelle series. Vacheron Constantin’s 1141 manual-winding chronograph mechanical movement adds the finishing touch to both watches. This unique movement has been used in many well-known chronograph watches and has been praised by many professionals as the most exquisitely crafted chronograph watch movement.
Patrimony Traditionnelle Perpetual Calendar Chronograph
Material: 18K rose gold
Movement: 1141 QP manual winding movement
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds display / perpetual calendar function / chronograph function / moon phase display
Mirror: sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover
Water resistance: 30 meters deep
Table diameter: 43mm
     The design of the watch is also unique with the movement. The 18K rose gold case inherits the style of the Patrimony Traditionnelle series, which is elegant, simple and classic. The large 43 mm case makes all scales on the dial extremely legible. The silver opal dial with snailed chronograph scale and black lacquered minute scale shows the characteristics of the multi-level texture decoration process of the original Vacheron Constantin chronograph watch. Watch enthusiasts will definitely feel the same as the 1940s chronograph. Similarities. The 1141 QP manual-winding mechanical movement has a vibration frequency of 18,000 times per hour and has a power reserve of approximately 48 hours. In addition to the small seconds at hours, minutes and nine o’clock, the central chronograph seconds hand and the 30-minute counter at three o’clock also show the features of the chronograph.
     The perpetual calendar has date, day of the week, month display, leap year display, moon phase profit and loss display, and a date hand at six o’clock. The moon’s profit and loss on the dial is hand-engraved on gold flakes. Like all Vacheron Constantin movements, the 1141 QP movement is known for its finely-crafted Côtes de Genève Geneva ripples, chamfering and ring-polished details. Both are made by meticulous hand. The water-resistant depth of the watch is about 30 meters; the 18K rose gold case with a transparent sapphire crystal caseback makes the 1141 QP movement’s ingenious complex design and extraordinary mechanical structure clearly visible.
Patrimony Traditionnelle Heritage Chronograph
18K Rose Gold
1141 manual winding movement
Hours, minutes, small seconds display / chronograph function
Mirror: sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover
Water resistance: 30 meters
Table diameter: 42mm
     Watch enthusiasts will understand that all the details of this contemporary watch masterpiece are paying tribute to the finest watchmaking traditions, first of all the legendary 1141 column-wheel chronograph movement, this famous movement Has long been among the classics of Vacheron Constantin. The 1141 manual winding movement is not only one of the most watchmaking craftsmanship and classic aesthetic movements recognized by experts, but also imparts an excellent sense of balance, reminiscent of the nostalgic style of the 1940s. This precious new watch in the Patrimony Traditionnelle series, with the most classic case design of the series, is extremely elegant and unpretentious.
     Another distinguishing feature of this new Vacheron Constantin chronograph is its silver opal dial with two chronograph sub dials that are very 1940s (the golden age of chronograph). The 30-minute chronograph is at three o’clock The clock position and the small second hand at 9 o’clock give the dial a perfect balance. Vacheron Constantin’s designers take advantage of the impressive 42 mm case to the fullest extent, guaranteeing that all hands and scales have The best reading effect, the tachometer scale included on the outer edge of the dial is clearly visible. The 18K rose gold case is water-resistant and water-resistant to approximately 30 meters and has a 48-hour power reserve. Like the other models in this collection, it has a transparent sapphire crystal case back, which allows you to directly appreciate the unique geometric structure of this manually wound 1141 chronograph movement and its exemplary details.